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acidtechnologic avatar 10:55 AM on 05.05.2013
Hidden Satire in Far Cry Blood Dragon?

Far Cry Blood Dragon starts off hilarious with its spoof on the tutorial, poking fun on a common annoyance in games today.  We've all experienced the obnoxious hand-holding, and that is why the joke landed so perfectly.  Anyone who's played Blood Dragon has been enjoying all of the comedy the title has to offer.  It makes me wonder if THIS particular annoyance I encounter nearly every time I pause the game is also a spoof on our modern day, always-online gaming culture: 

Thanks to always-on DRM and always online singleplayer (Diablo III), PC gamers in particular understand how frustrating it gets when connectivity issues bring the pace of a game to a screeching hault.  Now we have Blood Dragon, which, nearly every time I pause the game to check how I leveled up, or to tweak the video options, it gives me this bullshit stop sign as the game tries (for a solid 30 seconds), and fails, to access the Far Cry Blood Dragon servers.  And for what do we need to "access the servers for", exactly, Ubisoft? And it wouldn't be so bad if it happened one time for each time I started up the game, but it happens often. 

I WISH that this was another joke, another "let's laugh at modern games together" moment.  I truly do.  It would've worked SO well.  In fact, sometimes I think it is a joke, considering how often it happens.  But unfortunately, it may just be a little teaspoon of irony, or a "pot calling the kettle black" scenario.  Those who throw stones shouldn't live in glass houses.


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