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acidtechnologic avatar 11:59 AM on 01.13.2012  (server time)
Does the Gears of War 3 community hate its own game?

For anyone who plays the 3rd installment in Epic's shooter franchise, you can probably see where this question is coming from. Before i start, i'd like to say that although i play gears of war pretty often, i'm certainly a middle of the road kind of player. I'm lucky if i can get 3 kills without dying, and i'm only level 60 (after playing on and off since the game's September release). I usually play with the same group of friends each time, and, thanks to the team work, we generally do pretty well together. However, it's no surprise that many players (but not all) on the opposing team will bitch. And it's not the typical bitching that you find in many competitive multiplayer games; it's almost as if these people hate all of the aspects that make gears of war its own game. Here are my favorite, most common examples:

- "only noobs use the chainsaw" - ok, this complaint is almost fair; there's a one shot kill at the end of my lancer. So many players hate when they get chainsawed (myself being one of them). I never truly get mad at the guy who chainsawed me, however. I'm more or less angry at myself for rushing the guy who has the giant power tool at the end of his gun. It's pretty easy to circumvent the chainsaw; just down the player from afar, and don't rush everyone with the gnasher, perhaps?
- "all you do is use rifles. man up and use the shotgun" - come on, gears community. let's be realistic for a second. There are 3 rifles in the game; are we really not supposed to use any of them? it makes me less of a player if i'm not instantly switching to my gnasher and running around like a moron? Ironically enough, i get these hateful messages from the players who rush to the power weapons most often. Getting taken down by a quick hammerburst shot while you have the boomshot in hand must be pretty emasculating.
- "quit sticking together with your team, you pussy" - this one is my favorite. Gears of War's multiplayer is arguably about sticking with your group, watching your flanks, and coordinating your own to gain the upper hand on the opposing team. When someone sends me a rage-filled message full of expletives about how my team and i played too tight, it's really just a message explaining that they really don't understand one of the core mechanics of the game.

There are a few others, such as staying behind cover too much (usually called a pussy for this one too) or tagging grenades to walls and floors. The thing about the Gears complaints is that everything that is complained about is what makes the game not call of duty, and not halo; they all hate what makes Gears of War a unique game. It's frustrating in itself to get these messages, and makes me wonder why these complainers play it in the first place. It's certainly why epic made the gnashers only playlist for that short period of time. It's obvious they were being facetious. That's all for my rant. Thanks for reading.

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