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ace of knaves avatar 6:12 PM on 12.08.2009  (server time)
The Two (Worst) Destructoid Disney Villain Lists that LEFT OFF FROLLO WTF!?

Today we've had not one but two lists of the top ten Disney villains ever, the first by Chad and the second by stevenxonward claiming Chad had missed a few key ones. Great job guys. But you both made one little mistake. You left off the most underrated villain in Disney history. Now join me as we discuss the glorious, despicable villainy of Judge Claude Frollo.

In the also underrated 1996 film The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the titular hunchback Quasimodo must overcome his ugliness to win the acceptance of the people of Paris and the heart of the gypsy Esmeralda. He succeeds at one of these. But we're not here to talk about Quasimodo, we're here for his master Frollo, truly one of the most vile, despicable antagonists Disney has ever whipped up.

He's a Judge and a minister on a mission: the dude wants to eradicate the gypsies. Seriously, just weed out and slaughter every last one. He likes power, sure, but really more than anything else he just wants to cleanse Paris of those that he perceives as sinners, doing what he thinks is God's will. As if having the most loathsome, fucked up motive of any Disney villain wasn't enough, he's also got a bit of a problem.

See, this is Esmeralda:

As I mentioned, she's a gypsy, and she's not too bad looking either. Frollo would disagree, as lust is an immortal sin, which he is well above. Or at least he'd like to disagree, but then Esmeralda did this sexy dance of hers at the Feast of Fools, and, well:

He's completely infatuated, and he really can't do a damn thing about it. This makes him possibly the only sexually frustrated villain that's ever been animated, at least by Disney that is. So yes, Frollo's fantastic. He's cruel, perverted, actually believable in his motives, and he gets one of the best, most karmic deaths of any Disney villain. Really the only area he's lacking is the song. If only he had some kickass tune that dealt with all of his complex desires, disturbingly great lyrics, and appropriate religious overtones that oh wait here it is:

Now tell me that isn't the greatest Disney villain song ever? So for all those reasons and more (just watch the movie!), I declare Frollo not only criminally underrated, but very possibly the greatest villain in Disney history. The best male one anyway. Maleficent fucking rocks.

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