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ace of knaves avatar 5:41 PM on 08.24.2009  (server time)
Finally! I'm Back!

Is this happening? Am I here? Yes, I am! Oh the glory! Sorry for the confusion Destructoid, but oh God I've missed you so very much. Way back in February of this year my home internet inexplicably prevented me from accessing this glorious website, leaving me unable to interact with one of the greatest communities the internet has ever known, relegating my Dtoid exposure to podcasts and cached images of articles. It's been a sad six months.

But now I'm back! Just as inexplicably, I can now access this site normally and resume...yeah, okay, snide comments and relatively minimal community involvement. But that's all I want, and damn it feels good to look at links on this site and know I'm free to access them at my leisure. Yeah, sad six months.

And I knew this place looked different, but damn, so sleek. This will take a bit of acclimating. So, if you by any chance remember me from days of old, great to see you again, and if you've joined up since February, it's my pleasure to meet you. Now if you'll excuse me, I have an absurd amount of catching up to do.

Also, if you'd like to direct me towards anything spectacularly amazing I've missed, such as anything rivaling a site event as phenomenal as the fallout of the above image, it would be greatly appreciated.

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