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1:19 AM on 07.01.2012

elder scrolls skyrim: dawnguard dlc review

In Skyrim's "Dawnguard" DLC, I became a vampire. I feasted on the blood of the living. I propelled myself forward at super vampire speed with my leathery grey vampire lord wings. I sapped the energy of my enemies with one boney claw while raising the dead to fight for me with the other, growing my powers ever stronger. I even turned into a swarm of bats and flitted across a room.It's not as fun as it sounds.It's telling that I played through most of Skyrim's fang-ridden DLC using my regular character, rather than transforming into the vampire lord ... creature available in Dawnguard. Playing as the vamp isn't enjoyable at all. He's locked to a third-person view, and the camera seems unable to get over the hulking beast's shoulders. When "shooting" one of his two powers (sap energy or raise the dead), I found it nearly impossible to hit my targets consistently.Using his two claws for melee worked even less effectively, and transforming between the creature and my normal self caused the game to shudder. The screen often froze or glitched out in a way that worried me. I only mention this because the time it takes to transform, combined with the possible bugs, makes transforming in the middle of combat problematic at best, effectively forcing me to use the vamp's limited selection of powers, or not use him at all.The content kicks off innocuously enough. After meeting the vampire hunters that give the DLC its name, a series of jumbled events (aren't they all?) led me to a choice: continue to hunt the vampires that are regrouping in secret, or choose to become one. In terms of gameplay, this means a crossbow for hunters or the ability to transform into a freakin' vampire lord (the dude below). You also get a crossbow either way right from the jump   read

11:30 PM on 06.30.2012

first blog post

okay guys this is my first blog post i am goign to try to get into this i want to talk about how if you want to play with me on any game that i have i am always open. i prefer to play with someone but everyone in awhile you need that alone time. i play league of legends allot my summoner name is accurization. you can also catch me on xbox earning them M.O.A.B. on cod and other Xbox games. i did own a PS3 but i didn't enjoy so i sent it back. i used the money plus the extra money i had to make a new PC to play more PC games i will play allot of steam games so add me please xxsgtchaneyxx this all i can think of hopefully as i start posting more it will come to and i hope to be able to play with other dtoid's
peace   read

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