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Somewhere between poser and legit, I began gaming when I was four years old. I began by playing Berserk and Pitfall on the Atari. When I played, I would hold the joystick upside down, presumably because I was some sort of a savant. Ironically, these days I don't invert my controls...

My favourite games are any that contain A.I. that surprises me. Same goes for physics engines. FarCry (PC version) comes to mind.
I love games that offer something incredibly fun, and then shovel more incredibly fun things on top of it (Dark Cloud 2, Dragon Quest VIII, other games that are not necessarily made by Level-5). I appreciate games that excite me.

The game I am best at is likely GTA IV. The game I am worst at is likely Rock Band. Particularly while drumming.

I play games because I love them.

4:33 PM on 02.27.2012
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