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Somewhere between poser and legit, I began gaming when I was four years old. I began by playing Berserk and Pitfall on the Atari. When I played, I would hold the joystick upside down, presumably because I was some sort of a savant. Ironically, these days I don't invert my controls...

My favourite games are any that contain A.I. that surprises me. Same goes for physics engines. FarCry (PC version) comes to mind.
I love games that offer something incredibly fun, and then shovel more incredibly fun things on top of it (Dark Cloud 2, Dragon Quest VIII, other games that are not necessarily made by Level-5). I appreciate games that excite me.

The game I am best at is likely GTA IV. The game I am worst at is likely Rock Band. Particularly while drumming.

I play games because I love them.

4:33 PM on 02.27.2012

Sometimes a game can sell itself.
Sometimes it's best just to leave the ol' carcass at the butcher shop.
Anyone remember this debacle?
When Sony chose (intentionally) to promo God of War II with a pagan sort of Greek party.
And they utilized a recently-dead goat as the centrepiece for the refreshments.
I believe they were also serving offal out of the goat's hollowed-out stomach cavity.
Encouraging various societies of whiners to accept video games as a legitimate medium is tough as it is.
The slope is slippery enough without dousing it with animal blood.
The only thing that Sony managed to sacrifice on this one was positive PR and their own dignity.

Picture the marketing guys, milling about while the event is being set up.
That's my favourite way to do it.
"Wenches with grapes? Check.
Personal trainer dressed to look like Kratos? Check.
Almost decapitated goat's body? ...
Hey...wait a second!
Seriously, this is ridiculous.
Where's the goat, guys?
Everybody stop what you're doing!
No one leaves here until I have a dead goat in front of me.
A llama. Something.
Someone bring me a dead animal that Greek people may have butchered."
Two teamsters in plaid unload it off of the truck, cart it up the ramp.
"Where do ya want yer goat?"
"Umm, okay, great.
Let me just move these plastic cups out of the way.
Alright fellas."
They plonk the body down on the table and leave.
"Almost decapitated goat's body. Check.
Okay, good. Party's ready."
Sometimes you'll encounter less red tape if you just serve food out of bowls.

Also, I'm aware that this photo contains exactly one nipple.
You're welcome.