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well where do i start hmmmm ile start with the basics.
Im drew Fisher (abritish=justin.tv)
Well to start off i was born in northamptonshire United Kingdom, But Now live in Milton Keynes. I left school with no grades and nothing but after a month of looking I found a job so when i finished school in 2006 I got a job at a garden store and ever since 2006 ive been working in retail my whole life, until 2008 then I worked as a childrens entertainer. In 2008 when i moved to Milton Keynes, I loved this job so much i got paid to have fun. I was a childrens entertainer at Gullivers Land (childrens theme park) I had soo much fun their and learnt alot about myself, before anything I was a loner, always kept myself to myself but Gullivers land gave me HUGE confidence boost as I had to go on a mic and do live shows for the guests, and danced to get the crowd energetic and to join in, I was a childrens entertainer for 2 years and now I work in a boring call center wooo :-(

My goals and future achievements in life are to open up a skate shop but My ultimate goal is to become a succesful ENTREPRENEUR and also too open up a brand new skateboard brand as i HAVE a Huge Passion For longboarding aswell as skateboarding but prefer the adrenalione filled action of down hill speeds and sliding around and taking in the amazing sights with friends and to socialise with new people who have the same passion as me.

I have been into gaming since technology took over my life my first console was a sega mega drive, then a ps1, then a ps2 now an xbox360, Im looking into getting a ps3 aswell I dont know why but I do, ever since 2006 I was on my games console 24/7 and very rarely went out to socialise but now I have other goals to pursue like i said opening a business so i very rarely play them but I use them too socialise aswell, Im a HUGE FAN of the Sims series on pc only those games are soo fun i can waste my whole life on them LOL,Also i love all the Fallout Series and finally the Skate series I enjoy creative games such as Rockband, Band Hero, Guitar hero and so on.

As i am a creative type of person now my main hobbies are Photography, Art, Acoustic Guitar and the other hobbies i have are Longboarding, skateboarding, Volunteer work, working for the community and helping other and the less fortunate people, I have so many people looking to me for wisdom in life as i am a great listener and frineds mainly ask me too help them with the career life, and also i have strangers asking me for help when needed i will do soo.

My life Mottos are:


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"Xbox Live: drewfisher1990" or "pinkystarfish3d "
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8:29 PM on 08.11.2011

I very rarely to blog because i do not know what to blog about and i dont want too bore you guys or get hate from people. So today im gonna give it a try.So im blogging on new vegas as i have been playing it so many times and it never gets boring,

Ever since i picked up new vegas on its release date I have completed the storyline of YES Man first.,But when i was told ther is alternative endings I just had to see them all, so now my new goal is too be the one gamer who has seen all the endings soo far i have seen the NCR ending, YES MAN, Caesars Legion.

i was not impressed with the Caesars legion ending because all it is is slavery and thats boring. im like please is that all u want too do put everyone in slavery, what have you got too show for this accept, power and greed. I admit they caesars legion are a tough bunch of little F***#rs so when i decided too complete new vegas with the caesars legion storyline i made a berserker class character, skills: UNARMED, MELEE, SURVIVAL and REPAIR, this is by far the best class i made although i was doing it on harcore mode (great new feature) it makes the game so more interesting and a little bit more realistsic, I was doing this all on very hard difficulty but it was to unrealistic and too hard so i gave up and changed it to hard difficulty But still manged to get the Hardcore Acheivment.

My favourite unarmed weapon i found was from a bunch of viper gang members this Viper had some spiked knuckles (love & Hate) these were far the best unarmed weapon i could find at my level, To Me Tgese are better than the iron fist because the Love & Hate knuckles were far more quicker in melee speed although less powerful but the VATS with the unarmed skill at 85+ gave me the upper cuts and hook punches and they are really awsome to watch especially with the bloody mess perk I once did an uppercut on a deathclaw and its head blew off :-D yes i manged to take on an elder blind deathclaw on hard difficulty using bare hands with the Love & Hate. Once this happend it made my day so me being full of determination I decided to go to theLimestone quarry full of deathclaw on hard and EPIC FAIL I was jumped by the HUGE alpha female and she made me crap myself as i was playing at night all i herd was the Deathclaw scream and I was scared, I was in the zone that day and when i got jumped i couldnt sleep let alone carry on. Lol :-)

So after finally completing the legions storyline i had all the unarmed unique skill moves from The ranger in Novac, The Great Khans Unique Skill, The Caesars Legion Unique Skill and once i achieved this I was ready for my next task what im working on now. The brotherhood of steel and NCR co-op storyline i heard was a good one to pursue so i made a new character Jessie. I found a Character walkthrough On the internet what gave me the recommended skills through out the game, it really is worth it so i started of with REPAIR, SCIENCE and SURVIVAL skills with A TAG perk of MEDICINE. she is the average character not too over powered but has the skills needed to complete the storyline with no back tracking but as i now have downloaded the DLC Happy Trails and New blue World I have not had a chance to complete the main storyline but th good side of an averag joe character is that i am idolized by, Goodsprings, Ncr, Boomers, brotherhood of steel, freeside, the strip, the folllowers of the appocalyps and villified by the bad guys powder and caesars legion, what is now a bitch to complete because caesars legions assasins are the hardest enemies to kill on hard or very hard and still they have wiped out all my companions by assulting me randomly in the most inappropriate areas :-( i enjoy exploring thats what fallout is all about So i went to explore the crashed vertibird site South East Of The Map for the tesla cannon (fallout 3) and i had to fight against caesar assasins aswell as some hardened sentry bots and hardened mister gutsys roughly x2 Hardened Sentry Bots x4 Hardened Mister Gutsy's and they are fully kitted out with gatling lasers, missile launchers, flamers,Plasma Rifles and Laser Rifles aswell as x5-6 Caesars assasins as my energy weapon skill is only 25 i had no chance against the Robot Outlaws.But I had Boone, and Ed-e as my companions cus they are the best team mates to have with you at all time as ed-e's insane perception and Boones ( highly recomended ) incredible accuracy headshots and still Caesars Assasins Killed me instantly as i had my hands full with the Hardened robots what drained my health and i had no chance to stimpack because im on hardcore and it takes time too heal me.