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abritish avatar 4:13 PM on 07.06.2012  (server time)
Video Games Journalism Pointers and tips. Rezzed Gameshow 2012

To each and everyone of great community of Destructoid. Abritish is back again, But this time looking for something new. I am off to my first ever gaming convention Rezzed Gameshow the rocking Indie and pc gaming show, As Ive never really paid much attention to gaming I think the time is now, i do have my opinions on some games but i never really have the chance to talk about it as I myself don't know how to get my point through, as you guys and girls have way more better knowledge than me. This is a leap of faith for me as some of you may not know how hard it is to find a job now here in the U.K as we are going though a double recession 2 years in a row, because of banks and politics being stupid and not knowing what is needed right here.

So this is why Ive decided to start video game journalism as a past time hobby before taking it to the real world and possibly a job, I really think journalism will be my way to get more involved with the forever growing successful gaming industry.

I really have thought long and hard about what I'm about to Indulge my life in. I don't have the knowledge but I sure know how to sell myself out. well I think so, and use my past history of a children's entertainer to give me that extra confidence boost in speaking with as many of the gaming developers while at rezzed indie/pc gaming show on Saturday Ile have to face people like..... Scroll down for what's going on at rezzed. If this Url works. [url] I will have numerous encounters with theses amazing people I Just Hope that my nerves wont get the best of me because these opportunities wont come again.

Well if anybody else on the dtoid site is going to be interested in rezzed gameshow I'm sure one of your top bloggers/journalist will have a better cover story of all these new games and features coming to us this year better than I can. But hey ho I don't mind if someone has better coverage than myself for rezzed. But this will be my first ever actual full cover story for the dtoid website and I hope to get some positive and negative feedback from my Blog. There is always going to be room for improvement.


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