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abritish avatar 8:35 AM on 08.13.2011  (server time)
Jessie my Character Guide walkthrough.

Ok My fellow Chill Bros and dtoid users, My blog I did On New Vegas Has Been corrected and spell checked, so now you can have a read of it hopefully without no downfalls but if ther is let me know :-)

So here is my average Character who is idolized by every one persides the powder gangers, caesar's Legion so this is straight from my word documents.

First Priority * Secound Priority = ** Third Priority = *** Main Quest after retreiving the platinum chip! End of game!!

so if you follow these priorties You may be able to fo through the game with no back tracking so when you level up follow my priorities and see if your happy with it or not.

Jessie New Vegas

Skill level requirements:

Barter-25*, 90***, 60!
Energy Weapons-
Explosives-25* 45***, 50!
Lock pick-100***
Medicine-30*, 75***, 65!
Melee Weapons-
Repair-25*, 80***
Science-100***, 75!
Speech-25*, 65**, 95***, 100!!


First priority*
Second priority**
Third priority***
Main quest line after retrieving platinum chip!
End Mission!!

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