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Thas me!

"I learned that aborto had no life, and then i started
laughing because it was so obvious."


dyslexic:I once read a story about this guy who died

dyslexic: and then went to heaven and saw his family

dyslexic: and they told him to go back

aborto: because he was a tool


dyslexic: I love you aborto

Real Name: Sheamus Patrick Roonan
Age: 20
Position: Destructoid's unofficial Pokemaniac and
Official crazy person

I like long walks on the beach and beating up homeless
On saturdays, I play poker with Jesus and Buddha.
Sometimes Satan comes and we play Chutes and

top 20 favorite games

Top 5 favorite comics

1. Watchmen
2. The Dark Knight Returns
3. Spawn
4. Kingdom Come
5. Sandman

Top 5 favorite movies

1. Pulp fiction
2. John Carpenter's The Thing
3. Evil Dead 2
4. Army of Darkness
5. Creepshow

Favorite hobby: Being an asshole

Also, cards

Also also, my birthday present from blehman

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That's right folks, all this can be yours.

Last week was Comic Con and I got a shit ton of free swag from the event. The problem? I have come to the realization that there is such a thing as too much swag which is why I am giving it away. One lucky person can walk away with all this free junk. If you can't make out what is there here is a brief list of the stuff in the collection:

-Darkstalkers Dee bust
-Blow up pokeball beach Ball
- Limited Edition Street Fighter 2 comic
- Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 magnets. It has Deadpool and the Juggernaut on it bitches.
- Posters including Aliens, Pokemon, Teken, and Transformers
- Free comics from Marvel, DC and some others
- Free PC games.
- 40th anniversary SD Comic-Con booklet promo
- Some booklet detailing the backstory for Bioshock 2


So what must you do to get all this? Well, I had several ideas but I decided to go with the least demeaning. There will be two parts. The first part is this:

As everybody knows Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 is out on XBL and PSN and anybody who even remotely pays attention to my blog will know I love this game. So to celebrate it's rerelease here is what you have to do: you must write a blog detailing your ideal Comic/Videogame 3 man Tag Team. They don't have to be from Marvel or Capcom they can be whoever you want, however there must be at least one videogame or comic character on the list so no teams of just videogame or comic characters. Keep in mind you must describe why you think they are the best, you can't just write their names and post pictures. If you do post a blog that is just names and pictures with no content I will just ignore it. Other then that you can do whatever you want with it. When you are done writing it put Aborto's Ultimate Tag Team Contest (or AUTTC) in the title so I can find it. I will choose my 3 favorites out of them a week from now and then those people will be Eligible for part 2.

Alright, now go out and do my bidding.

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