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aborto thefetus avatar 10:24 AM on 08.07.2009  (server time)
Aborto's Ultimate Tag Team Contest: Finalists and part 2

Alright people, I got an awful lot of contestants and it was a hard decision coming up with the top three but after much consideration I have come up with the top 3 finalists and they are....

Drumroll please.....

Naim Master
Zodiac Eclipse

Congratulations to you three and good job everybody else. Now for Part 2.

So what is it you 3 finalists have to do? It's easy really, you have to figure out what my Ultimate Tag team is. I have been on Destructoid for over 2 years and I have mentioned these characters over and over again. What you have to do is figure out who they are through Destructoid. I will give you a hint to each of their identities:

Character 1: He was the subject of one of my blogs that were promoted to the frontpage.

Character 2: He is one of the characters in one of the 3 finalists tag teams. Alan Moore wrote a couple of stories about him.

Character 3: This will be the hardest one: He is my favorite fighting game character. To make it easier, the forums would be an ideal place to search.

This first person to figure out who all they are and post their names in the comments of this blog wins it. I must make it perfectly clear that only the top 3 listed here are eligible to do this. If somebody posts the answers that isn't one of the finalists I will be very angry with you.

You have a week to figure it out. Now go do my bidding!

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