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aborto thefetus avatar 12:27 PM on 07.07.2009  (server time)
Aborto's going to Comic Con/PAX in style.

Last year when I organized the Dtoid meetup at Comic Con I had forgotten one important thing, a sign or something that people can identify me with. That was quickly remedied with a pen and paper but I missed out on a chance to do something truly epic. So I decided to do something different this Comic-Con and seeing as Pax is soon after I decided to make something awesome for both of those conventions. So I went to work for a week and created something special.

You ready for this?


I decided to make my own Destructoid helmet. I made some changes to the original design as you will see.

It is mostly made out of cardboard but there was also felt used for the mouth and the eyes are a pair of welder's goggles which are removable. And now for a little close up:

Also as you can see I added some computer chips to it just for the hell of it. one in the back here and one small one on the forehead. It was a real pain getting those and cutting them down to the size I wanted. But we haven't even gotten to the best part.

IT LIGHTS UP! I have 10 LEDs in each of the ears. They have ten different settings. The can just be on or they can flicker on and off. To turn them on you push the button in the middle of the ear.

So me and my version of Mr. Destructoid will see you all at either Comic-Con at PAX.

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