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aborto thefetus avatar 8:23 AM on 09.25.2009  (server time)
10 Things I learned this week: the Goddamn Batman Edition

I'm back bitches. I didn't make a post last week because of a lack of things I learned. Which is Ironic seeing as last week was my first week of classes. I guess I could have pulled something together but I was too busy playing Arkham Asylum so fuck all of you.

Oh and thanks for the birthday post last week Blehman. Luv you meng.

1. I must have Blazblue Continuum shift. I don't care if they decide to make it into an entirely new game I need it. The promise of new ways to curse people with Arakune and two new characters is enough for me. I can't wait until they announce the other character. Here's hoping that it's Jubei.

2. Batman: Arkham Asylum is outstanding. Yeah, I know that I am a little late to the party but due to certain circumstances I wasn't able to get it until a little over a week ago. I finally have a Batman game that's good.

3. The boss battles in Batman Arkham Asylum are really dissapointing. Especially since all of them are copies of the bane Boss battle, with the exception of Ivy that is.

4. I have just been sold on Dante's Inferno. The demo at Pax was great but the promise of demon babies that come out of giant breasts is so awesome I must have it.

5. Samit is getting alot of abuse in podtoid as of late, even more than usual. And I love it.

6. The addition of Frank West in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is the best thing ever. I thought him being added to the game was cool when it was leaked but you don't really appreciate how cool it is until you see it in action. I think I am going to have a new main. Sorry Karas, but you can't beat that servebot helmet super.

7. I need to check the resolution of images before I upload stuff to Destructoid. The artwork I uploaded looked awfully fuzzy after I published the blog.

8. Crackdown looks interesting, although the whole freaks things seems an awful lot like Prototype.

9. The second Atom bomb dropped on Japan was a conspiracy so Samit couldn't get any asian poontang.

10. Adam dork can never have enough chicken nuggets.

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