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Thas me!

"I learned that aborto had no life, and then i started
laughing because it was so obvious."


dyslexic:I once read a story about this guy who died

dyslexic: and then went to heaven and saw his family

dyslexic: and they told him to go back

aborto: because he was a tool


dyslexic: I love you aborto

Real Name: Sheamus Patrick Roonan
Age: 20
Position: Destructoid's unofficial Pokemaniac and
Official crazy person

I like long walks on the beach and beating up homeless
On saturdays, I play poker with Jesus and Buddha.
Sometimes Satan comes and we play Chutes and

top 20 favorite games

Top 5 favorite comics

1. Watchmen
2. The Dark Knight Returns
3. Spawn
4. Kingdom Come
5. Sandman

Top 5 favorite movies

1. Pulp fiction
2. John Carpenter's The Thing
3. Evil Dead 2
4. Army of Darkness
5. Creepshow

Favorite hobby: Being an asshole

Also, cards

Also also, my birthday present from blehman

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Alright, another Friday Night another Friday Night Fights that I can't participate in because of other stuff I am doing. FUUUUUUUUU! Oh well, that doesn't mean you guys can't have fun. Anyway we have three hosts tonight as well as Power Glove is doing something as well. And as far as disturbing images go I am going to give you a break this week. Not because I am a nice guy but because yesterday I stumbled across a very disturbing image while searching for a new forums avatar. I have no problem searching through disturbing images to gross people out but I have to be prepared for it. I don't like it when after scrolling through several pictures of cute little pokemon and then happen across a Lickitung fucking itself. IT CANNOT BE UNSEEN!

So this week you get.......


Modern Warfare 2

Left4Dead 2 - Versus
9pm EST

Tekken 6
8 pm central

Aaaah, remember the good ol' days when Blehman would make FNF posts with disturbing images in them? Good times, Good times. Well, after a couple of weeks of half assing these posts I have come to the decision to from now on make Grim's job of looking through this as painful and disturbing as possible, along with anybody who has the misfortune to open this post at work. Goddamn I'm a dick aren't I?

Battlefield Bad Company
9 Central

L4D2 Versus

Tekken 6
8 pm central

9 Eastern

And remember to check us out in the forums.

Oh and Grim? It's only going to get worse from here on out. Next week your are getting Digimon porn.

Hello there cockbags, and welcome to another Friday Night Fights, we have a good line up of hosts and stuff for this Friday so if you want to join in us make sure to send a message to one of the hosts to get in on it and make sure to check the FNF forums every once and awhile.

Left 4 Dead 2 - Preferably versus mode, if we can get enough people.
9pm EST

MW2 (ranked)
10:30/11-ish, EST
Jon Bloodspray

Street Fighter HD Remix/Marvel vs. Capcom 2
9pm EST

TMNT 1989 Arcade/Streets of Rage 2/Castle Crashers/Puzzle Fighter HD/Metal Slug 3/Splosion Man
(depending on interest, let me know)
8pm EST
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Alright, it's now an entirely new year folks. Did you have fun last night? Did you get drunk of your ass? Do you know have a tremendous hangover? Well tough shit! Get ready for some ass kicking tonight.

Modern Warfare 2
GT: asbestosSNDWICH
11:00 EST

I was originally going to host around 9:00 but shit happened and I needed to push it back. I will try to get on around 10:00 but if I fail at that I should definitely be back around 11.

Left 4 Dead 2
9pm est.

MvC2 - 5pm PST
Virtua Fighter 5 - 7pm

Nils is bored so do me a favor and kick his pansy ass.

Modern Warfare 2
Blue Ryd3r
12AM (pacific time)
then later at 3PM
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Alright bitches, ready to get your ass kicked before christmas? Because I'm ready to dole out some ass kicking. My christmas present to all you bitches. Tonight, I will be hosting some Left for Dead 2 so to get in the mood I found some images involving two of everybodies favorite infected.

aborto thefetus
Game: L4D2
Time: 9:00 EST
GT: asbestosSNDWICH

depending on how I feel I may switch over to MW2 later on

John Bloodspray
Game: L4D1
Time: ask him
GT: Jon Bloodspray

Game: COD:MW2
Time: 9/10 Central
GT: TroutPhishMan

And if I don't get the chance later I hope you bitches have a Merry Christmas

Hello everybody. Your old pal Aborto is going to be taking control of the FNF posts in the Cblogs now. Why? Because fuck that Blehman guy that's why!

For those of you who are new or have been living in a hole FNF is where all us Dtoiders get together on fridays and play games together. So if you want to join or host a game you can leave your gamertag here or go the thread in the forums. If you want to host just remember to leave what time you are going to be on.

GT: Zombutler
9:00 PM EST

Zombutler will be hosting a big 18 player lobby to make sure everybody can get in on the action.

KD Alpha
1 vs. 100 live, Street Fighter 4
GT: MichelleMata85
9:00 PM Central, 11:00 PM Central

Unfortunately that is all we have this week. A little disappointing but what are you going to do?
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