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Jim Sterling wanted people to tell him why he shouldn't like Sonic 4 which I think will suck because it's a 2D Sonic game and 2D Sonic games suck.

This is my personal opinion and I don't mind if you disagree but if you're going to comment instead of calling me names and being rude please tell what you think I got wrong and why.

So I'll start out with full disclosure I grew up with a SNES and Super Mario World and I was a Nintendo guy until the GameCube. I didn't get a Genesis until about a year and a half ago. I didn't grow up with these games and they don't hold any sentimental value to me. I started gaming in the mid 1990s and got my SNES about a year before the N64 came out. I, unfortunately, missed out on most of the good classic games. I've been trying to play these oldies but I have a very low tolerance for some of the cheap bulls*it they pull.

That leads me right into the first sh*tty thing about 2D Sonic games. The movement system. As you push left or right on the d-pad Sonic slowly gains speed. This would be great if you didn't have to deal with obstacles and enemies but you end up moving either too fast to see what's coming up in front of you or too slow to make it up a ramp or loop (this only applies to Sonic 1). In Sonic 2 and above they give you a charge dash which fixes the above issue but after using this it makes the first game infuriating. The spin dash still doesn't however fix the parts where you need to hit tiny platforms. These sections require precise control that sonic doesn't have. This control scheme would be work if you didn't have ultra precise platforming sections. I marvel at how people seem to think Sonic is about speed when it's that speed, or lack of it, that often kills you.

Now this is the biggest problem with 2D Sonic games. The level design. Knowing that in many instances you will be moving very fast the games give little warning that you're about to come up on a death trap. Some may call this challenging, I call it cheap. The controls make it so that you're usually going very fast or very slow with little hope of changing that on the fly. The levels expect you to know with out them telling you what parts to go slow in and what parts to go fast in. There are some parts where you are getting off a very fast section and you crash into a bounce pad that is on the wall sending you back the way you came. This punishes you for going fast in a section that the game tells you to go fast in.

Looking at the above image what I jumped off that platform because I had too much momentum going and would have fallen off but in doing so I jumped over the spinner thing. So I moved left to ran into it and got shot right while I was still holding left on my d-pad thus slowing down and not having enough momentum to get through the next part of the level. This could have been fixed by putting an extra bit of platform between where the platform lands and the spinner so I could jump on it.

The way these levels should have been built is so that you can get through them with out running and so that they slow you down if you're going to fast. If they let you know with signs that say speed up or slow down that would also be appreciated. They would be built however so that with practice a player could learn how to navigate sections fast and would reward them for doing so with extra lives or bonus stages or something. This would make it more forgiving to new players but give it depth and reward players who put the time in.

Now I'm going to complain about the graphics. Not that there ugly, to the contrary there gorgeous, but there's too much clutter on the screen and when you're moving super fast it makes it really hard to tell what you can interact with and what's just part of the decoration. Is that an enemy or is it a weird building in the background? Is that a spring board or is it just part of the wall? It gets hard to tell when you're moving fast and that's a big no no when it comes to games design. Look at Super Mario World. You know what everything in the environment is and what it does after barely a glance (I'm not comparing gameplay just ease of use). I've seen bounce pads that are obscured by moss. In a platformer it's essential that the player knows what everything is without even thinking about it.

Well that about sums up my grips with the 2D Sonic Games. Jim I hope this gives you insight on what people don't like about these games.

If anyone leaves a comment please make it constructive criticism. I'm OK if you disagree in fact I'd love to see why you think I'm wrong but please don't just say something stupid like "your wrong because sonic games are awesome" Give reasons.
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