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aaronf avatar 11:56 AM on 12.30.2008  (server time)
The real costs of gaming.

The recent round of PS3 bashing by the media has gotten to me a little,
simply because there is so much mis-information going around about
the price comparison between the Xbox 360 and the PS3. So let's
examine the real cost of the Xbox 360 and compare that to the PS3.

Wall Street Journal


Before I begin, I'm going to compare equivalent setups. If you want a bare
bones 360 Arcade with nothing else (no hard drive, no wireless, no XBL gold),
by all means that is the cheapest route, and I am well aware of that. But I'm
going to assume that most Dtoid readers are going to want a fully functional
experience, so that is why I am comparing functionally equivalent systems.

First, let's look at the PS3:

80 GB Hard Drive (user upgradable)
Blu-Ray HiDef
Wireless Internet
Free PSN
TOTAL: $399

Now let's look at a similarly equipped Xbox 360 Arcade:

Arcade Console ($199)
Wireless Adaptor ($99)
120GB Hard Drive ($149)
1 year XBL Gold ($50, required for multiplayer)
TOTAL: $497

You could also choose the standard Xbox 360:

Console ($299)
Wireless Adaptor ($99)
1 year XBL ($50)
TOTAL: $448

Using the examples above, the similarly configured Xbox is always a more
expensive proposition. Even if we remove the wireless adaptor from the equation,
the Arcade system is the same price as the PS3, and the standard system will
incur the same cost as the PS3 if you renew your XBL gold. Of course, we can
tweak these configurations for options you don't need, but the annual XBL Gold
fees will always make the Xbox more expensive over time.

In any case, that's the breakdown. I'm comparing the consoles based SOLELY
on cost, and not subjective issues such as which system has the better online
service or better exclusives. The fact is, the PS3 is cheaper or the same price as
an Xbox setup with similar functionality. And to state otherwise is simply false.

Please limit comments to factual statements and not subjective arguments. I'm not
trying to start another fanboy flamewar here, just make factual statements to counter
the mis-information going around about console costs.

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