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How much will "Today I die" be worth when Daniel Benmergui dies?
How much will Need For Speed Hot Pursuit be worth when EA burns to the ground?

This was not originally a blog post, it was going to be an angry comment... but I have been far too negative on this site already.

I'm sick of this indie games rubbish! Don't ruin games like you ruined music! Just because a game is unheard of and not doing things mainstream doesn't automatically make it good!

[RANT]Fuck your quirky art style, fuck your new control scheme, fuck your hero/villain role reversal, fuck your 'unique' physics based puzzles, fuck your average guy protagonist, fuck your little girl protagonist, fuck garageband for providing the ambient music, fuck your questionable ending, fuck your mac compatibility, fuck your environmental message, fuck your 4th wall breakage, fuck your insane fanbase and most of all, fuck your ingame spelling mistakes.[/RANT]

See these games for what they are: A gimmick, in it's simplest form. All games are art, no matter how corrupt or evil a publisher gets there will still be one artist pouring his (or her) heart and soul into a game before it is released. Calling these indie ones artier than more popular titles doesn't make you clever or in the know, it makes you a wanker..

A wanker who is unaware that countless other games do possess the same level of ingenuity as these 30 minute self-lovefests. They just don't base the entire game on it.

Geez that was negative, see why I didn't comment on that 18 year old guys blog? http://www.destructoid.com/nothing-is-sacred-videogames-150764.phtml

Maybe It should be condensed thus:
Sure some of them are fun, but they are not worth the praise that people pile on them.