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Zyk's blog

1:34 AM on 02.25.2015

Zyk's 9 Favourite DToiders

Well this seems to be the new trend with the community blogs, so I guess it’s my turn to tell you weird fucks who I like/masturbate to the most. Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon One day I will earn your coveted stamp of...   read

10:21 PM on 01.15.2015

Why the Refused Classification of Hotline Miami 2 is Censorship.

Recently Hotline Miami 2 was refused classification in Australia (where I live) due to a “graphic” rape scene. Destructoid reported on this with this little article.   read

11:41 PM on 01.10.2015

Zombie Movies For You To Chew On Pt. 2

Well it’s been a while; and I for one think it’s about time for me to recommend five more zombie movies for you guys. First up is the British film Cockneys vs Zombies.  Directed by Matthias Hoene and rel...   read

4:16 PM on 12.24.2014

Zombie Movies For You To Chew On

So my last series of blogs about horror movies from down under was a lot more successful than I imagined it would be. It’s been a couple of months since my last one and I for one think it’s time to do another...   read

12:20 PM on 12.24.2014

Happy Holidays Destructoid

It's 5am Christmas morning here in Australia as I'm writing this, so don't expect anything good or witty. Hey DToid, I want to wish you guys a very happy and safe Holidays. Over the past year and a bit I have started to...   read

8:41 PM on 10.29.2014

Horror Movies From OZ For Halloween Part III

Ok, part 3 lets do this another 5 Australian horror movies to get in you.  First up, check out the 2003 zombie film Undead. Directed by Michael and Peter Spierig, Undead follows the inhabitants of an Austalian town ...   read

12:39 PM on 10.29.2014

Horror Movies From OZ For Halloween Part 2

So yesterday I gave you guys some suggestions for some horror movies to watch this Halloween. Not content on just telling you about 5 films, I have decided to give you guys another 5 Australian horror movies to sink your...   read

12:23 AM on 10.29.2014

Horror Movies From OZ For Halloween

Ah, Halloween. A time for candy, slutty costumes and all things scary, if you're from North America. No here in the land of OZ, halloween is a very recent thing. I never went trick or treating as a kid, but I do use it a...   read

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