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Hey I'm Zyk. I live in a small town near Melbourne in Australia and I love video games, film and music. And have been playing games since I was 4 playing Jill of the Jungle, Doom and Wolfenstein 3D on my dad's old computer.

When it comes to art I believe in keeping an open mind and will try anything.

My favorite genres of games being Survival Horror, Shooters, WRPGS, Action and Platformers. My favorite series are Silent Hill, Halo and Ratchet and Clank

My favorite films are Pulp Fiction and the 1982 version of The Thing. I also love watching any horror movie I can get my hands on.

And when it comes to music I like it fast and heavy but especially love Melodic Death Metal. The fusion of melody and brutality gives me a tingly feeling in my pants.

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Ok, part 3 lets do this another 5 Australian horror movies to get in you. 

First up, check out the 2003 zombie film Undead. Directed by Michael and Peter Spierig, Undead follows the inhabitants of an Austalian town overrun by zombies casued by aliens. It's funny with some good gore effects and both a tri and a quad shotgun. It's a hell of a lot of fun a definitely worth a watch for all you zombie lovers. 

Fun Fact: Steven O'Donnell, host of Austalian show Good Game has a bit part as a zombie. 

After Undead, the brothers made Daybreakers. Comming out in 2009, Daybreakers is set in a world where most of the population are vampires. Daybreakers as about what happens when they begin to run out of food, our blood. Short awnser, they turn into freaky bat monsters that feed on regular vampires. I wont really add much to this besides just a few things you should know. The film stars Ethan Hawke, Sam Neil and Willem Dafoe, there is a human resistance group that fights vampires with muscle cars and crossbows and that this film has one of the craziest/ bloodiest final acts of any movie ever. If that dosen't sound awesome to you, than you are obviously the worst person ever.

 Fun Fact: This was filmed in Nekrosys' home town of Brisbane.

If you enjoyed The Tunnel you should also check out Lake Mungo. Directed by Joel Anderson and released in 2008. Lake Mungo is another Found-Footage Mokumentary concerning the family of 16 year old Alice Palmer after she drowns while swimming with her family at a dam. Weird things begin to happen around the house and there are numerous reported sightings of Alice. Like The Tunnel, Lake Mungo relies less on jump-scares and is more of a psychological horror.

I always like to add an older movie to these lists, and this one is no different. Like Patrick, this is another classic Ozploitation film loved by Quentin Tarantino. 1978's Long Weekend directed by Colin Eggleston is about a couple Peter and Marcia as they go camping over a long weekend. While camping they act like complete pieces of shit by littering and killing animals for fun. Soon however nature fights back and because we side with the animals and hate the people it's fun watching them get what's comming. The remake however is pretty bad so maybe avoid it and stay to the original.

The final film for this part is going to have to be another classic, 1984's Razorback. Directed by Russell Mulcahy, Razorback is about a gaint razorback pig messing up an Australian town and slobbering all over everything. It's really dated and the pig looks pretty bad but I can't deny it's a fun little film. Just get some mates together, crack open a few beers, smoke some weed and behold the majesty that is Razorback you wont regret it.

Well that's another five films to watch for Halloween and I can still give you more. And I most likely will as I'm really enjoying making these lists and going through my back catalogue of Horror movies. As always feedback is greatly appreciated.

Happy Halloween - Zyk

So yesterday I gave you guys some suggestions for some horror movies to watch this Halloween. Not content on just telling you about 5 films, I have decided to give you guys another 5 Australian horror movies to sink your teeth into. First up Wolf Creek director Greg McLean's 2007 film Rogue

Rogue is one of those killer animal films. Set in the Australian outback, a tour boat is attacked by a gargantuan salt water crocodile. Our heroes are Pete, an American travel writer and Kate, the woman who runs the boat tour. A fairly simple film, it's still a fun watch with some fun kills and Sam Worthington pre-Avatar. A must watch for any fans of films like Jaws and Piranha.

Next up we have Howling III: The Marsupials. What happens when an Australian tries to make a warewolf movie, it turns into a waremarsupial movie. Directed by Philippe Mora, words really can't describe this film. You have a group of nun/waremarsupials & a scene where the main character giving birth and actually watch her newborn crawl into her pouch. Just watch it if you want to see some weird shit.

(I mean just look at this fucking thing.)

How do you follow up something like that, well how about 2009's The Loved Ones. Directed by Sean Byrne, The Lovend Ones follows teenager Brent. Six months prior to the events of the film, Brent while drivng swerves to avoid hitting a man in the road and ends us causing a crash in which his father is killed. In the present time line he has a best friend and girlfriend but still resorts to smoking pot and cutting himself. Anyway, there is an upcomming dace at his school and the weird chick asks him the go with her. He refuses and lets just say it dosen't end well for him. With some very dark humor reminiscent of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Loved Ones is a pretty good watch unless you are squeamish about torture. It does have some boring subplot about Brent's best friend trying to sleep with some goth chick.

Well now after watching The Loved Ones, there is no reason for not checking out 2007's Storm Warning. Directed by Jamie Blanks, Storm Warning concerns married couple Pia and Rob as they go for a fishing trip. This goes wrong when they get lost and wind up on an island where the only other people happen to be psycotic rapists. With some reallly strong performances, the stand out is Nadia Fares who plays Pia. You get some pretty cool and interesting kills as well as one the best rape prevention devices. Again, it's not the greatest thing ever made but is still worth your time.

Ok last movie recommendation for this time is 2008's Dying Breed, directed Jody Dwyer. Dying Breed follows a young woman Nina who goes deep into Tasmania's woods to find proof that the tasmanian tiger is not actually extinct. Nina brings her boyfriend Matt, who also invites his brother Jack and his girlfriend Rebecca. While searching around the area that several years earlier Nina's sister was mysteriously killed, they come across a very small town. The inhabitants happen to be descendants of Alexander Pearce the pie man and live up to the family legacy. There's not much to this film besides some pretty good kills, but it's still worth a watch if you're into films like Wrong Turn and The Hills Have Eyes.

So there you go, another five Australian horror movies for you to watch this Halloween. As before feedback is greatly appreciated and I will try to get one more done before the end of the month.

Happy Halloween - Zyk

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Ah, Halloween. A time for candy, slutty costumes and all things scary, if you're from North America. No here in the land of OZ, halloween is a very recent thing. I never went trick or treating as a kid, but I do use it as an excuse to watch horrror movies. And I know a lot of you problably do the same thing, so I want to give you guys some suggestions of what to watch. All of these have a common theme of being made here in Australia. First of all is a classic and a favourite of Quentin Tarantino, 1978's Patrick.

Patrick, directed by Richard Franklin is about the titular character Patrick, a man in a coma who also happens to possess psycokinetic powers. Three years prior to the events in the film Patrick kills his mother and her lover while they are in the bath. Patrick falls in love with the new nurse Kathy and uses his powers to communicate with her through an electric typewriter. Patrick also uses his powers to control and kill all of the men in Kathy's life, while also defending himself against Matron Cassidy who wants him dead. It's a little dated by todays standards but is a classic of Australia's golden age of cinema held along side other classics like Gallipoli & Mad Max.

 Fun Fact. When filming Kill Bill Tarantino wanted The Bride to have her eyes open when she was in a coma because that was what happened in Patrick. The scene where she spits is also a reference to Patrick.

Next we have 100 Bloody Acres. A 2012 horror/ comedy driected by brothers Colin and Cameron Cairnes, 100 Bloody Acres concerns the explots of the brothers Reg and Lindsay Morgan who run a small Blood and Bone fertilizer buisness. After younger brother Reg finds a fatal car crash, he decides to take the deceased driver back home but on the way home he also happens to come across 3 city folk on the way to a music festival. Being the nice guy he is, offers to give them a lift while trying to hide the dead body in the back of his truck. Needless to say, they discover the body and the brothers aren't going to let them go. The best horror/ comedy since Shaun of the Dead, it perfectly combines the laughs with some pretty good gore and is perfect for those who find feeding someone into a mulcher humerous.

This next one most of you should have seen before, but just in case check out 2005's Wolf Creek. Directed by Greg McLean and loosely based on Austalian serial killers Ivan Millat and Bradley John Murdoch. Wolf Creek concers English backpackers Liz ans Kristy, as well as their companion Ben from Sydney. After a hike and lunch at Wolf Creek National Park, they come back to the car to find out it wont start. After waiting some time for someone else to show and and possibly help them, Mick Taylor a local pig shooter (a psychopath) shows up and offers them a tow back to his place where he can fix their car. After chatting around the campfire, they do to sleep only to come too tied up to be used as Mick's play things. Not for the faint of heart this film is not recommended for those squeamish about torture. You should also check out the 2013 sequel, it focuses more on Mick and has a quicker pace comparred to the first. But again if you're squeamish about torture, maybe give this one a miss as well.

The last film I want to suggest to you is The Tunnel from 2011 and directed by Carlo Ledesma. A Found-Footage style movie that follows a reporter Natasha, and her crew (Peter, Steven and Tangles), in the abandoned railway tunnels under Sydney. After being refused entry by the security guard, they find another way in. At first they only find abandoned homless squats and shelters used for air raids during the 40s. After a while though, one of them goes missing and while looking for him, the group discovers that they are being stalked by a mysterious figure. With great acting and some pretty great moments. Relying less on jump scares like most others in the genre, the Tunnel deserves to be considered one of the best Found-Footage films alongside REC and Man Bites Dog.

 Fun Fact: This film was crowd-funded and filmed with a budget of $36,000 AUD

So there you go, give 'em a shot this Halloween. This is the first one of these I've done and so I would greatly appreciate some feedback. And hopefully I'll have another one of these done with some more suggestions for you guys before the end of the month.

Happy Halloween - Zyk

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