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Zulkyr's blog

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Zulkyr avatar 5:34 PM on 03.28.2010  (server time)
I'm tired of shooting people

This is a blog about a great deal of disappointment.

When I bought my new gaming rig, I was anxious, no, ecstatic to play games again. For the past two years I've been living with mostly not playing anything because of the lack of a platform that could handle the latest gen.

So, here I was, thrilled to finally be able to play everything that's been on hold so far. I played the first Mass Effect and didn't really like it, I played the second Mass Effect and loved it, I played Call of Duty 4 and loved it, I played some League of LEgends with friends and it was mild fun with bad moments, I played a lot of Team Fortress 2 and Day of Defeat Source which were okay, but with the sad multiplayer holdups, but that's another blog's worth.

Scene it?

So I've been living the dream right? Finally playing everything I want, with the gaming rig I wanted, enjoying myself all I can? Not so much. My currently feeling is saturation. I've always been a fan of shooters, I've played pretty much every well-spoken shooter of the last 10 years, even the half-life of fame, which I own and original copy from 1999. So why am I depressed at the prospect of playing games? Is it just me or are we delving into repetition territory?

Dėja vu?

I feel that shooter games are dying in their current model, they're good, they've nailed many aspects of gameplay like no other genre did. The way shooting a weapon feels is unmatched in recent years, some narrative aspects of first person are also very fine tuned. Everything about them seems to fall into place. Almost too much into place. And therein lies the problem. They have become predictable in every aspect, you can change the way Sniper Rifles control a little, you can change the amount of bullets it takes to kill a man, you can tweak and tune the recoil and aiming of weapons, you can bring in a trend of using Iron Sight for aiming, but in the end, you're still having the same experience.

OMG, it's gonna blow up if you don't stop... something

Even in the narrative field, you can bet your ass on russians enemies at some point in pretty much any shooter. Believe me, if they're not Russian they're an alien russian depiction. You can imagine some groundbreaking event unleashed by a crazy and powerful enemy who is a complete douchebag with no political tate and yet controls a very large army who follows him blindly. My god, even Hitler had to mass some wits to take the country down the drain with him. You can also bet on an unnamed, unknown WMD threat that you must stop before the end of the world.

I feel really sad because to me, being in First Person always allowed such an intimacy in the scenarios and emotions that a shooter can create, and everytime I put on a shooter game these days I get these increasingly larger scenarios and stakes that seem to depress the world or the galaxy or the universe and I just can't take anymore of the same. I think I'll go play some rpg or strategy game and get bored of them in 5 games again.

Worthy nominations go to Bioshock, for it's intimate, atmospheric gameplay, with all it's problems, it was fun like the System Shock 2 in so many good ways and for some levels in Modern Warfare 2, where they explored this intimate revenge thing that really made me happy.

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