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I used to wheel myself around in a Little Tike bicycle until my mom told me, "Go forth and become a pterodactyl" so ever since then I've tried flying-- and I mean that more metaphorically and just a tad bit literally.

Right now, I am just "gliding" and not necessarily "soaring" in terms of what I want to achieve, which is essentially to design video games for language development and learning, and I am hoping to educate children who are raised in unfortunate circumstances with said video games. Yeah, that's a chockablock of what I want out of life.

In the mean time, I am writing video game articles and occasionally channeling Neruda and Bukowski. Yeah, I love reading and writing poetry, and I am a sucker for French poetry. So why channel a communist Chilean and a neurotic German-American? Beats me.
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I was having an ADHD phase in Steam's store and clicking all the possible recommendations they have strategically placed at the end of the scroll bar. A brief summary of how I interact with information in the internet naturally equates to a dog lackadaisically staring at an object, sniffing it maybe, and wags its tail to another suitable fancy. Before I have haphazardly moved on and disappeared into another store page, a game that goes by the name "Routine" had struck my eyes and left my trigger finger locked at its content.

The immediate feel of EA Redwood Shore's Dead Space crept behind my neck like little tiny ants and my mind whispered, "I just pooped my pants..." Immediately, as my pupils focused on one screenshot, I saw a contemporary looking astronaut. Eh? What's up with that? It was not some fancy-schmancy engineering suit Isaac Clarke donned or some sleek tight-ass-fitting Mass Effect space suit. Nope, it looked like this:

His rad motorcycle helmet and crimson knee pads instantly gives off a charming vibe from the 80's--because it's supposed to! The game is set in an 80's vision of the future, in an abandoned moon base called "The Lunar Research Station". Man, I would love to study moon rocks contaminated by alien piss. Wait, what the heck was that movie called? Oh yeah Apollo 18... And now everything is a full circle. A circle filled with space horror and film noir accolades. I am truly a sucker for subtle space horror. Once I heard that EA geared up and adjusted their manly pants for Dead Space's sequel, I slightly twitched  and my eyes quickly rolled backwards--well we all know what happened to Dead Space 2 and 3. They pumped it up with steroids and frills. And I am not saying that I do not like it, I loved Dead Space 2, but the atmosphere of 2 and 3 is not comparable to what 1 brought on the table--yep, I smelled the bacon on that one (haha).

"The Lunar Research Station" is not far off from reality because Routine's developer is LunarSoftware. They are a 3 human (2 men, 1 woman) team, which I highly applaud; glimpsing at Routine's progress with only a pinch worth of information made me appreciate these developers even more. If you have not melted your face yet, then I suggest you go do that now and visit their website: http://www.lunar-software.com/category/games/

Good Tidings!

11:29 PM on 05.19.2013

I feel like blessing my first blog with a haiku:

The light lifts the lids

in articles of lush words:

Only Destructoid.

Meg Ryan and Tom Hank's restless yearning or should I say sleepless yearning demonstrates my relationship with Destructoid-- I am so damn sleepy, but you are keeping me awake, gosh darn it. Why, oh why?