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ZombieePanda avatar 1:09 PM on 06.16.2013  (server time)
Nintendo 3DS XL Animal Crossing:New Leaf

After tossing and turning all night over trying to justify spending over 200 on anything in one go i have just ordered this beautiful thing, and it should be in my greedy little hands by Wednesday.

I currently own a DSI and i have wanted the 3DS since it came out but i never had cause to but as soon as i heard that animal crossing had came out i couldn't help myself. At first i was just going to buy a bog standard 3DS (pfft bog standard -_-) and buy the game.
Then it all went wrong from there. I saw this on game and i fell in love with it. The only reservation i had was the fact that the game comes pre loaded with out a hard copy. But i got over that as quickly as the thought came into my head. Then there was the price and that fact it was an XL i had never really gave the Xl any thought as i did think it was just a bigger screen.

So me being stupid i googled the size difference and found this,

I then saw that scribblenauts unlimited is going to be available on the console.
And that ladies and gentlemen was the final nail in the coffin. The whole point of this blog is to gather opinions and a few facts on what i can expect from this console.
Also if anyone can please help a sister out and tell me where i can find a good case for the 3DS XL i did order a kit that included a charger, case, memory SD card, car charger, headphones and styluses but it was down as a 3DS XL case but i re read the specs after buying it and is says 3DS so that will be going back. If any one knows where in the uk i can order near enough the same thing with the same accessories with it but the bigger case for the bigger console that would help me greatly.


- Amy x

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