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3:45 PM on 11.30.2013

Beyond: Two souls

I know that these kind of games are not really everyone's cup of tea but in all honesty heavy rain is one of my all time favourite games. After playing beyond i have to say thatQuantic Dream are up there with my top three developers.
I remember the E3 trailers for both heavy rain and beyond and all the after comments along the lines of "interactive movie" blah blah blah.
They are both beautiful looking games smooth and easy to play in my opinion. The story is brilliant and even though the game is played cut up and plays out In random parts it all fits in a weird kind of way. Your freedom of choice is well given throughout and all in all I loved playing it and will happily play it again and again and plan to do so to see all the endings for myself (and because I want to 100% it).
But in all honesty there isn't a single thing I didn't love about this game even though I have read some and some bad reviews on it in the past. So want is your opinion on beyond and or heavy rain? Is it not your kind of game or did you love it or quite possible hate it ?

Thank you!

Amy :)   read

3:00 AM on 10.31.2013

AC - III. Opinions ?

Well hello there,

Long time no see, how are all your lovely faces ? Good ? Fantastic.
On topic now...

Over the past year or so i have developed a rather large hidden blade, apple of Eden shaped hole in my heart for a certain game series. I originally, rather stupidly, had reservations on the game due to a personal reason. I gave up rather quickly on those feelings when i saw a clip from a youtubers let's play of one of the games. In the space of a few months i had played through the first three assassins creed games and i have to admit i fell in love with them as soon as i started ezios story.
I stared playing III yesterday and usually i can tell from the offset if i am playing a game that i am going to really get my teeth into and enjoy. I have to admit .... I am not getting that feeling with this game. So far this is the only game i have played this year that i have been a bit off with.
So the purpose of this blog was to ask opinions from some of you lovely and honest people. If you have played assassins creed III what were your honest opinions on it. Did it tale a while for you to get into it ?.
Please, no spoilers and thank you

Amy x   read

1:09 PM on 06.16.2013

Nintendo 3DS XL Animal Crossing:New Leaf

After tossing and turning all night over trying to justify spending over 200 on anything in one go i have just ordered this beautiful thing, and it should be in my greedy little hands by Wednesday.

I currently own a DSI and i have wanted the 3DS since it came out but i never had cause to but as soon as i heard that animal crossing had came out i couldn't help myself. At first i was just going to buy a bog standard 3DS (pfft bog standard -_-) and buy the game.
Then it all went wrong from there. I saw this on game and i fell in love with it. The only reservation i had was the fact that the game comes pre loaded with out a hard copy. But i got over that as quickly as the thought came into my head. Then there was the price and that fact it was an XL i had never really gave the Xl any thought as i did think it was just a bigger screen.

So me being stupid i googled the size difference and found this,

I then saw that scribblenauts unlimited is going to be available on the console.
And that ladies and gentlemen was the final nail in the coffin. The whole point of this blog is to gather opinions and a few facts on what i can expect from this console.
Also if anyone can please help a sister out and tell me where i can find a good case for the 3DS XL i did order a kit that included a charger, case, memory SD card, car charger, headphones and styluses but it was down as a 3DS XL case but i re read the specs after buying it and is says 3DS so that will be going back. If any one knows where in the uk i can order near enough the same thing with the same accessories with it but the bigger case for the bigger console that would help me greatly.


- Amy x   read

2:01 PM on 06.12.2013

Broken pixels

Hello there...
My name is Amy i am twenty years old and from England. Currently having a minor panic attack over trying to make sure this does not turn into a failblog, But this is my introduction. So what will be will be.

Last year i had planned to create a gaming blog following the end of E3. However work had other plans and i never got that chance. What i want to do here is simply post my honest and frank reviews on the games i have played from the end of E3 to the start of the 2014 E3 so for a whole year, as well as reviews on some of my favorite games i can't help but re play constantly. So this year i have started, i want to see how my taste changed and what kind of games i do end up playing, loving, hating, loosing touch with, become obsessed with and want to throw into a pool of lava and never hear tell of its name again.

So i hope you enjoy having me here

- Amy   read

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