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ZombiePlatypus avatar 11:11 AM on 02.02.2009  (server time)
10 things that should've been posted yesterday...

I wasn't at my house for the majority of yesterday, and as such my internet time was greatly limited. Anyways, I figured that I didn't want to be the only one on Dtoid without one of these, so here goes.

1 I was born in a supposedly haunted hospital.
This old hospital at the Navy base in Portsmouth, VA. I remember seeing some shitty TV show about haunted places hosted by Rip Torn, and they talked about the place. I was a baby, so I don’t recall seeing any ghosts during my stay, but it’s still kinda cool nonetheless…
2 I was a boy scout.
From way back being a “Tiger Cub” up to becoming an Eagle Scout, I was in it all the way. It really wasn’t like you see on TV, we actually had fun. It’s where I first learned to camp, cuss and burn stuff real good. Then I moved to Minnesota and every troop I checked out was exactly like you see on TV. A bunch of coddled children in church basements, and thus I pretty much gave up on scouting…
3 I used to be smart.
I started kindergarten a year early, got straight As all throughout elementary school, spent one day each week at the “Gifted and Talented” center, all that jazz. Then I went to a Magnet School for 6th grade while all my friends went to regular one. I hated it. Surrounded by people I didn’t like, taking advanced Math (I always hated math) and mandatory Latin, it just wasn’t for me. The next year I went to the normal Jr High and discovered my love of procrastination and laziness and only briefly dabbled in the gifted program again during my first year of Sr High. I pretty much just kept my head down through the rest of my school days.
4 I love Deadpool.
Okay, so you probably do know that if you checked out my header image, but it bares repeating. Deadpool is the shit. I own every (to my knowledge) comic that he’s been in. He’s the only comic I read anymore, I stuck through various periods of writing I didn’t care for just out of sheer loyalty, and luckily he’s been written well again lately.
5 I’m getting a hedgehog within the next couple weeks.
I’ve wanted one since elementary school, and not because of Sonic either since I never owned a Sega console. I remember doing a report on ‘em for class and I’ve wanted one ever since. They just look so damn cool. One of my science teachers later on had one in the classroom, and that cemented my wanting one even more. They’re not the easiest critters to come by where I live, and animal shelters never have any so I finally decided to go through a local breeder. Cliché names like Sonic or Spike are out, but at the risk of sounding too dorky I’m leaning towards naming him Anguirus.
6 I’m a Packers fan.
VA doesn’t have a team, so I pretty much got to choose who to like. The first Super Bowl I remember actually taking an interest in was the one where the Packers beat the Patriots. I had been going against the Pats mainly because I thought their fans in the stands came across as lamer, then the Packers came away with the win and I’ve been a fan ever since. And as a Packers fan let me tell you that I for one was glad that they didn’t take Favre back when he un-retired before this season. I used to love the guy, but his schtick was getting old at the end of each season, and so long after his big teary goodbye he wanted us to kick Rogers to the curb at his whim? Fuck that.
7 I’m a huge Wild fan.
“What’s the Wild” you ask? They’re MN’s pro hockey team. If there’s a game televised you’d better believe I’m watching it. I remember going to Hampton Roads Admirals minor league games and playing some street hockey with a buddy of mine back in VA, but upon moving to MN the hockey bug really took. The Wild started at the same time I moved up here, so it was kinda perfect. I’ve only been to a handful of games in person, but I love it.
8 I have three younger brothers...
...All of whom have various levels of disabilities, mental and physical. I still get to give them typical ‘big brother” shit though, so it’s all good.
9 In the 9th-10th grade some people who didn’t really know me thought I was Canadian.
I used to watch Kids in the Hall reruns everyday after school, and I watched my VHS of Strange Brew too many times to count, and some of that rubbed off on me. I mainly blame the Strange Brew, because to this day I add “, eh” to the end of many of my sentences, and just generally use the Bob and Doug McKenzie “Canadian stereotype” inflections on certain words. It’s not something I control, it’s just something I do.
10 I saved one of my brothers from being electrocuted.
We were little so the details are sketchy in my memory, but we had been playing in a sprinkler and he went inside via our back porch. Somewhere he got sidetracked from going straight inside and ended up touching an exposed source of electricity on the porch, I can’t remember what since this was a long ass time ago. So anyways, I was heading inside and saw him standing on the back porch getting zapped and I just grabbed him and pulled, also getting a nice shock myself. He went to the hospital and was fine, and I didn’t think much of it, but apparently it could’ve been serious. I ended up getting a plaque presented to me by the mayor at one of those “kids who done good” things that cities do…

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