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2:33 AM on 12.05.2011

Real Gamer?

So today I was told that I was not a “Real Gamer” I then asked the customer why and then he said “Because you don’t play Call of Duty” I mean he is right I don’t play Call of Duty but that is due to the fact that Call of Duty does nothing for me I don’t see the appeal of it but then it does beg the question of what makes you a “Real Gamer”?

I have always come to the assumption that if you have a true love for Video Games and care about the game industry you yourself are a “Real Gamer”, and it kind of bugs me that we have these PC elitists who think that their “Real Gamers” because they do all their gaming on a PC, and it’s the same for the people who play Call of Duty and they think that they are “Real Gamers”, but in fact we are all “Real Gamers” it just that those people who play all their games on a PC and those who play Call of Duty don’t realize one thing and that’s that we all have our own opinions and likes.

But the PC elitists don’t see that all they see is people who play games like Metal Slug and start thinking “what is that piece of shit he’s not a Real Gamer” and that sickens me to think that those people actually exists and then I read somewhere someone saying that Jim Sterling was not a “Real Gamer” because he liked MW3, it boggles my mind that everyone has this opinion of what a gamer is but never really looked up the definition.

It just makes you think that if we want to be called a “Real Gamer” we are going to have to sell our consoles spend thousands of dollars to build a PC and then only use it for Call of Duty and nothing else and that just does not sit well with me, I mean I like having a mass variety of games to pick from, if I had to sell my consoles and buy a PC just so people would say that I am a “Real Gamer” I wouldn’t want it because I would miss playing Super Mario to much.

So to the guy who said that I was not a “Real Gamer” because I was playing Metal Slug 2 and not Call of Duty, you sir are wrong because I am still playing video games and I am having fun with it and that is what makes you a “Real Gamer” as long as you have a huge passion for Video Games you are at least in my mind considered a “Real Gamer”.   read

1:39 PM on 11.15.2011

Hey PETA, leave video games alone

So I was amazed to hear today that PETA are attacking video games once again, this time it’s Super Mario 3D Land for the Nintendo 3DS. The reason that they are attacking Mario is because of his Tanooki suit, they are saying that Mario must have had to skin a Tanooki to be able to get that suit.

Okay PETA I get what you’re about you know, I mean I am all for the Ethical Treatment of animals but you guys need to remember that your thinking about this is fucking insane and not to mention that you forget that it is a video game, it’s not real I mean for god sake the man throws fireballs from his hands and grows when he eats mushrooms, it’s not real.

So they did what they always do when they attack a video game, they make a crap flash game and slap it up on their website and then try and tell you to go vegan. So in the game you play as a skinned Tanooki trying to get you fur back from Mario and that’s all you do, I mean it would have been nice to have some facts about the matter but sadly no, it’s just another attempt for PETA to be PETA.

So I am thinking why now? I mean the Tanooki suit as been around since Super Mario Bros. 3, why is PETA only being outraged by this now and not when it first came up? And also if there going to complain Mario skinning something they also need to complain about John Marsden as well for skinning horses in Red Dead Redemption they can’t complain about one thing and not the other.

But this has not been the first time PETA as done this sort of thing, remember Super Tofu Boy and how they tried to make us all go vegan by trying to make Tofu Boy the hero that saves the day and making Meat Boy out to be a complete schmuck? And how they tried to make Cooking Mama a sadistic animal killer who has no feelings.

They way I see PETA is that they are terrorists, which after some quick searching I found out that they are classed as a terrorist group by the USDA. Which then got me thinking that since they will most certainly know that the USDA has classed them as this, wouldn’t that make them want to change their strategy for what they do so they aren’t put in that box? It seems to me that PETA just like to hate on things and that they don’t think before they act.

So in assumption PETA really need to get the act straight and remember what than stand for and to get away from what people think they are, they also need to stop taking aspects of video games and turning them in to animal rights protests and making a whole bunch of us just scream at the top of our lungs in anger and also on a final note, PETA need to leave my childhood hero the hell alone.   read

3:14 AM on 11.07.2011

Music: a key element to gaming

Music sets the tone in video games and movies, that’s the idea anyway music is supposed to hint at what is coming next, it draws on your emotions and keeps you thinking, it’s a vital part of any form of media and it’s what is necessary to make that movie or video game a lot more enjoyable.

But what if the music was not there? What if all we heard whenever we played a game were just the sound effects? Or when we watched a movie and all we heard was the sound of gunfire or even the sound silence? It would make for a pretty boring experience and it would not be enjoyable.

Music is one of those key elements that make a game great; some games thrive on music alone like Bit. Trip Runner all those little bleeps and bloops help you and tell you when to jump, duck or kick, the music is there to aid you on your way and then there is games like AudioSurf or Beat Hazard, those two games there change your whole gaming experience depending on what music you choose.

Music is very distinctive especially when it’s well known franchises, take Super Mario for instance everyone I know knows where those songs came from whither they play video games or not, once either the theme song or any other track, they know that it’s from Super Mario and once that song is played it brings back a nostalgic feeling of when you first played Super Mario or Mega Man it brings back those feelings of how good that game was.

So in my mind music is one of those key elements to making a game it draws a player in and keeps them playing for a long time and it also may make things more memorable and may make them want to play that game one more time.   read

11:39 PM on 11.03.2011

Skyrim can go and suck it.

So today I watched Jonathan Holems latest episode of talking to women about video games, were he talked to a women about what game she would buy out off Skyrim, Spyro Skylanders and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

At the end of the video she picked Spyro and I was like okay fair play she had her own opinion I personally would have gone with Zelda but whatever. Then later today I listened the latest Podtoid were Holmes was saying that people thought the episode was fake because the women he talked to did not go for Skyrim and that she should go back to the kitchen.

The blood in my body immediately boiled as soon as I heard this and it made me sick to me freaking stomach that there are still people out there who cannot just take an opinion that is different to theirs, it’s just so stupid and to then make a sexist commit on top of that just makes me extremely angry, I mean why are people like this?

I have always been told if I can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all and I somewhat have lived buy that for that past 20 years of my life and I know it’s the internet and people are going to say this sort of stuff but if this is what Skyrim is going to do to people I might just go pick up Sonic Generations instead and actually give my money to a company that does not breed sexist males.   read

2:18 PM on 11.01.2011

Adventure Time with Tessa and Sam

So even though Halloween is not really a holiday that is celebrated here in New Zealand I thought that the 12 people that read my C-blog would be interested in the Halloween adventure that happened to Tessa and me. And I know it is past Halloween now but I have now only had a chance to write this up.

So every year the local Hamilton arcade holds a big Halloween event that Tessa always says we should go to, but then every year the same thing happens on the 31st of October, we drink, play old Nintendo games and think of horror movies that would work a lot better as comedies for example, imagine if you will that the movie Paranormal Activity was a movie about a ghost who instead of haunting the residents of the home instead made there lives really inconvenient by just doing small things like opening draws or putting object in their way so that they trip on them and just doing every day inconvenient stuff.

But anyway I am getting off topic, so this year Tessa and me decide to go so she went has a Nyan Cat and I went as Scott Pilgrim I don’t why I choose that but I am starting to think it is because that I wanted to try and wear normal clothes but still try and make people think that I was in costume so all in all I think it worked out great.

So basically what this event is that they have tournaments for every big game that they have at the arcade like Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6, Dance Dance Revolution and a whole bunch of others, you sign up for what you want to play and the winner of each game gets a prize and there is also a costume contest as well.

We got there and then we signed up, Tessa signed up for Tekken 6 I also signed up for Tekken6 but I signed up for Point Blank as well. So the results were that Tess won the Tekken 6 tournament while I came in 3rd and 2nd in Point Blank so Tessa went a away with a new Xbox while I went away with a 3DS so I think that I came away with the better deal.

After we dropped off our winnings at Tessa’s house we went to my sister’s place who was having a Halloween party which was really funny especially when you are Tessa and you’re trying to explain your costume to people who don’t know what a Nyan Cat is that I found really funny.

So me and Tessa started drinking which then turned in to shots which then turned in to me and Tessa singing the theme song to Star Wars which then turned in to us staggering into Burger King and getting Bacon Cheese Burgers and water and then I can’t really remember what happens after that I think I may have tried to hit on my best friend I don’t know, what I do remember though is waking up at Tessa’s house walking down the stairs and seeing that she looked just as bad as I did which kind of made me smile for some unknown reason.

Now for the record I never normally drink but when I do I never know what the word moderation means and that is why Tessa and I stay in every Halloween. So please don’t take this post as a thing were I spout off about how I drunk I got and just take it as a story that I thought would be fun to share, also I would of added Pictures but they are on Tessa’s very unorganized Mac and trying to find anything on that is like trying to find Dane Cook’s comedy funny, it’s just impossible.   read

5:16 AM on 10.28.2011

My own Paradise

I love New Zealand where I live is such a beautiful place and I encourage anybody reading this to came and visit, hey maybe I will even come and pick you up from the Airport.

But I got inspired to write this after reading a C-Blog post form a girl called Catlin Cooke, who talks about her love for Boston and it made me start to appreciate where I live and where I was born and really trying to find out what my home town of Te Aroha means to me.

My Mum and Dad own a farm and being as though I still live with my parents I get to wake up every morning and be surrounded by lush green paddocks and the soothing tones of nothing but my own two feet walking and it’s really great, it’s even better when the cows are in a paddock closer to the house and I can just sit out side with a glass of coke and just watch them eat grass it sort of becomes soothing.

Now Te Aroha is not a big town, I am not sure how many people actually live here but it’s always pleasant and most people are extremely nice and considerate and that is always a great thing to see, I do though get kind of creeped out though when someone does say hello to me and I don’t know them, I guess there just being friendly and most likely they know me threw my mum who is the Head Teacher at the Kindergarten.

Also the main thing about Te Aroha is that it’s a great spot for tourist which makes it a more diverse town and it also makes me interested to met the different people and in fact I actually played golf a few weeks back with a really nice couple from Canada who told me that if I was ever in Toronto to come and stay with them. Which I think I may just do that, as Tessa and me are planning to take an overseas vacation after Christmas this year so my hopes are that Tessa says yes.

Te Aroha also has great views of the entire countryside, you will even get a better view if you take a two and a half hour hike up Te Aroha mountain, which personally I did do once and even though you do get to see an amazing beautiful view of what we call the Coromandel make sure you are fit ‘cause I now I am not but if you do decide to go have yourself a nice Spa at the Mineral Pools afterwards you will be glad you did and also fun fact the water for the Pools comes from the mountain it’s self.

So in a nutshell, Te Aroha is a small town filled with nice people and awesome things to do and that’s really what I like about it, is that how simple this town actually but knowing there is always something to do is great. So I just want to thank Catlin Cooke once again for inspiring this blog post and making me think about just how much this town and my country means to me.

So all in all if you do come to New Zealand stop my hometown of Te Aroha, go in the video store called United Video and ask for Sam and I will show you what there really is to offer in my neck of the woods.   read

10:34 PM on 10.26.2011

A Gril Named Tessa

It seemed strange to my parents and it may seem strange to you but my best friend and gaming pal is a girl and her name is Tessa. She has giving me permission to talk about her and our gaming experiences but has not giving me permission to post a photo of her I have no idea why but I will respect her wishes and go forth, I am also all ready pre pared for a comment from someone that says “pics or it didn’t happen”.

Tessa and I knew each other from the young ages of 13 and 14, the first time I met her I was really awkward and really did not know what to say, to be honest the only reason me and her were hanging out at that time is so my friend Jared could go on a date with Tessa’s friend Nikita.

Tessa and me really hit it off when I saw her and Nikita playing Tekken 4, I asked her if she wanted to battle me? With a slowly growing smirk growing across her face I could tell that she wanted to, so I picked up the controller and I picked my character.

Now remember I was 14 at this time so I had this mentality of thinking that all girls suck at video games, well I am very proud to say that my 14 year old way of think was completely destroyed that day as she whipped my ass six way to Sunday. My mouth dropped and my eyes became sore as I sat there in awe of this girl who just whipped my ass in a game that no one had beaten me in ‘till that day.

She turned her head looked at me saw my dropped jaw and just simply said, “If you don’t close your mouth flies may get in”. I then turned to her and said, “Again”, this went on for a good 3 hours, 3 hours of her beating me ass like I was some sort whipping boy, every thing I tried to do never worked of course back then all I knew how to do was tap random buttons and just see what happens but even if I didn’t do that I still think she would of won.

She then looked at me and said “Hey I’m Tessa” I then got a bit confused, this was not the first time me and her and met and know she is giving me a formal introduction to herself why? She then continued to say that she apologizes for being anti-social when we first met and making and awkward situation even worse. I told her it was fine and that I hope we can do this again sometime.

That weekend I got a phone call from her asking if I wanted to come over, I humbly accepted and started walking to her house. Once I got there a big 6’5 man who looked at me with a very angry look greeted me, he then proceeded to say in a thick Irish accent “Are you the one that my daughter called?” I reply with a very scared “yes”.

That day all me and Tessa did was drink glass upon glass of coke and Play and talk about videos games, we talked about what we liked and didn’t like, we talked about what aspects of games were the best and we also talked about what we wanted to see in the future.

After many talks likes this about various other things me and Tessa became really close friends and then shortly after I felt like I was one of the family, as did she feel with mine and to this day even I go out with Tessa’s dad once a week to play Golf and drink Beer with him.

So Tessa an I still continue to talk about our lives and video games, movies and other things and it’s really great, I always find it nice to know that she will be there for me when I need her to be even when I am bored at work she will always come and hangout and drink coke.

So I just want to say thank you to Tessa, you have been the best friend a guy could have and that I hope I am still friends with you for the next seven years of our lives.

Happy Anniversary Tessa, like I said before, I hope we are friends for another seven years.   read

7:10 PM on 10.26.2011

Console Fan Boys

Today I went into my local game store to see one of my friends that works there and see if she wanted to grab lunch, while I was in there and waiting for her I started talking to the other worker about what he was playing, a friend of his was there as well and that is when I found out that he only really plays PC games and that he was going to be borrowing a Xbox off a friend, his friend then said that “we are going to try and switch him”.

Now I don’t know if he was just joking or being serious but it still kind of made me cringe and it made me think, why can’t you just leave him alone and let him play PC games? I mean he is still playing video games he is still doing the one thing that we all love but your making fun of him because he is not playing Xbox or a console?

Sometimes I just get sick of gamer culture and they way people think I never really am one of those people who became of a fan of a certain something just because of the games that they have or what they do I really think that every console has it certain strengths and weaknesses, but I can never really see why over people don’t get that.

It makes me sad that we cannot just accept people for what they play and just get along as it were and just have fun with what ever we are playing and just have nice topical discussions about video games?   read

5:46 AM on 10.26.2011

What's with the hate?

So recently I was on the Destructoid chat and I saw some guy say that he had just read Jim Sterling’s review of Battlefield 3, he then complained that Jim only gave it a 7.5 out of 10 which to me I thought was pretty good but apparently not to him, he then continued to say that Jim is a “noob” and does not know what he is talking about.

I read Jim’s review and I liked it, Jim said it was a good game it’s not like he is saying that the game is a huge piece of shit and you should not play it, all he did was give it a 7.5 which is still a good score he even said so in the Final Verdict.

So why are people getting angry over scores like the one Jim gave for BF3? ‘Cause to me I think people are just over reacting and just want something to hate on. A games journalist is supposed to give you their opinion on a game that’s all its just one persons opinion that you don’t have to accept if you don’t want to.

And it gets even worse when game developers like Cliffy B from Epic Games are doing it as well and hating on video game blogs just ‘cause they did not get a 10 out of 10 score. If I had made a game and I got a above a 5 I would feel really good about myself I would not go out and complain that I did not get a perfect score.

So I just really hope that people remember that is it only one man’s opinion and not the opinion of the entire website.   read

5:49 PM on 10.25.2011

Next Generation Gamer

I work at my local towns video store here in New Zealand and between serving customers there really is not a lot to do apart from cleaning and putting returns back on the shelves but I always do that before I open up. So I always hook up a console to the TV that is behind the counter and I always either play a new release of something or go and play something like Super Mario 3.

So I am serving customers and playing my game and then your typical 13 year old kid comes in with his friends looking at all the Xbox games and telling his friends what games suck and what games aren’t thinking that he knows it all, he then looks at me and asks what I was playing so I say to him that I was playing was Super Mario 3, he then gives me this look of disgust and then says to me “Why are you playing that and not Call of Duty” so I say to him “Well ‘cause I don’t like Call of Duty” so he then seems to think that he now has the grounds to mock and make fun of me because I was not playing Call of Duty and instead I was playing what he called “Old Grandpa Games”

So after he leaves I start thinking is that what the next generation of gamers is going to be just some 13 year olds only caring about when the next Call of Duty game comes out and to me if that is the case then that is kind of sad. I want to be able to show my kids one day the games I use to play and for them to have fun with him and not just blow them off ‘cause there not the new and actually have fun and show some respect for them and to show them where games actually started out.

And to be fair I was never really around in the time when Nintendo reigned supreme with the NES I was born in 1991 and my first console was a Super Nintendo but I always loved that thing and as to this day it sits proudly on top of my desk next to my Wii and Xbox.

But it still makes me sick that anytime I play an indie game or an old Nintendo title those typical kids come in and say, “That’s not Call of Duty play Call of Duty” that just makes me sad that the next generation of gamers are being brought up to only like games like Call of Duty and not even having respect for where games started.   read

7:08 PM on 10.10.2011

How Super Meat Boy killed the platforming genre for me .

Super Meat Boy was a game that I played for 3 months or more when it came out in 2010 and I loved every minute. But ever since then I cannot seem to pick up another game from the same genre and it got me to think why is this and why can't Triple A title game makers do the same thing and take a leaf out of Team Meat's book?

So let me just quickly tell you why Super Meat Boy killed this genre for me. Let's start with how hard it was and for me at least it got to the point at some stages in the game that I did the same thing over and over again without even thinking like the messages was not getting to me brain that I need to try something else and try to beat the level some other way and then I also think maybe that is just me being completely stupid, but then in the end me doing that exact same thing over and over again actually paid off.

And then it takes a long time to try and get 100% in that game I mean for what you have to do it get's pretty tough and pretty rewarding from the characters that you unlock when you collect bandages to getting an A+ grade when beating a time on each level doing this stuff really makes you feel a sense of accomplishment and that always made me feel good like even if it took me like 10 tries to get that one bandage it still made me feel really good once I had done it and that to me it what made Super Meat Boy great.

So to any Triple A game makers who plan on making a Platformer take a leaf from Team Meat's book and make a game that does not just appeal to the main consumer but also appeals to the rest of us as well, and I guarantee that you will be better of for it, so don't just make a Platformer that is fun also make it challenging and just remember it worked for and indie company so why can't it work for you to.   read

6:51 AM on 10.10.2011

Generic FPS Shooters.

There are to many FPS games that are all the same and have the exact same features as each other, I mean that's fine and all but why can't Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 be a little more different than the old faithful of just going around shooting up guys and saving the day I feel like there needs to be more than that at least to catch more people attention to draw in new players.

I have kind of grown old of what some have called "Frat Boy Games" for something more attention grabbing but still in the FPS game range. Take Golden Eye 007 for the Wii, yes this game is to some extent a generic FPS as you have to still go around and shoot people but you played as James Bond not just some guy in a war and you also played with stealth in Golden Eye, now i can't speak for everyone else but I felt like kind of a badass sneaking up behind enemies and giving them a swift punch to the head or even putting a silencer on my pistol and shoot enemies in the head with one shot.

Here is a couple of FPS games that i think need to make themselves different. MW3 may look really good but there is more to war than just being a solider how bout throwing in other aspect like being a fighter pilot or how bout a part were you play as a U.S marine, there is more to war than just shooting people and becoming the good guy.

Even though the Gears of War is now no more i think that if it was not full of so much testosterone i think that it would of been a series that I would of looked into more and not to mention that Dom and Marcus to me anyway are kind of douche bags.

So I feel that if games like MW3 and BF3 and any other Generic FPS was to just deviate slightly and try to be more than just a Generic FPS i think that they may bring back old players and also maybe gain a few new ones to.   read

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