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ZombieNinja avatar 6:48 AM on 04.11.2012  (server time)
My relationship with EB Games (AKA Game Stop)

My relationship with EB games has sort of been a love/ hate relationship, the love part being that they will always have what I want most of the time and the hate part being everything else. The last time I was at my local EB Games store was on the 5TH of March, it was my 21st birthday and so instead of an actual present my parents decided to give me money, which naturally would be spent on games.

That same day I went to my local EB Games store, I started to look around and being as though I can never just browse and find what I want for myself, a very happy sounding clerk comes up to me and says, “Do you need any help?” I then look at him and say “No I am fine I am just browsing” he replies with a “Okay” I then continue looking and I can’t find what I want so I go to the clerk and ask him “Have you got any copies of Saints Row 3?” he then starts tapping away on his computer and then while he is trying to find it on the computer he asks “Are you sure you don’t want Call of Duty instead?”

At this point I get really confused and two things come to mind, the first thing is that he can’t find a copy of it and is to scared to say no because he might loose a sale even though I have a copy of SSX in my hand. The second thing that comes to mind is that he is too lazy to find it and just asks me if I want Call of Duty instead.

I reply with a “no” and he keeps on looking, he then proceeds to ask me “what platform do you want it on?” I then say “Xbox 360” he then goes to the back of the store and then comes out and goes to the front of the store and then goes back and comes out again, and this happens for a few minutes and I start to think that I should just go somewhere else.

He eventually finds it but it’s for the wrong platform so I say to him “this is the Playstation 3 Version I need it for Xbox 360” he then says to me “Oh we have got no copies for Xbox 360”. I then just put back SSX and leave with a bad taste in my mouth.

Why is it that EB Games or Game Stop as it is known in America is the only place where I hear of these sorts of stories happening? I have never heard a bad story about someone trying to buy a game at a general electronics store, I am pretty sure there are stories like that but those stories are just weighed down by the amount of bad stories against EB Games.

I mean even on my way out he was trying to tell me to sing up to Game Informer and it just makes you think that you can’t go into a game store anymore and just buy a game you always have to have them try and shove something else down your throat and if they continue to do that more and more people with just not go to a EB Games or a Game Stop.

So here is my plea to all of those people who work in game stores, please just let us buy games, please just let us look for ourselves and not be hounded by you guys every 10 minutes and if we need your help we will ask and also please stop being stupid and trying to sell me a game that I don’t want.

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