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ZombieNinja avatar 10:34 PM on 10.26.2011  (server time)
A Gril Named Tessa

It seemed strange to my parents and it may seem strange to you but my best friend and gaming pal is a girl and her name is Tessa. She has giving me permission to talk about her and our gaming experiences but has not giving me permission to post a photo of her I have no idea why but I will respect her wishes and go forth, I am also all ready pre pared for a comment from someone that says “pics or it didn’t happen”.

Tessa and I knew each other from the young ages of 13 and 14, the first time I met her I was really awkward and really did not know what to say, to be honest the only reason me and her were hanging out at that time is so my friend Jared could go on a date with Tessa’s friend Nikita.

Tessa and me really hit it off when I saw her and Nikita playing Tekken 4, I asked her if she wanted to battle me? With a slowly growing smirk growing across her face I could tell that she wanted to, so I picked up the controller and I picked my character.

Now remember I was 14 at this time so I had this mentality of thinking that all girls suck at video games, well I am very proud to say that my 14 year old way of think was completely destroyed that day as she whipped my ass six way to Sunday. My mouth dropped and my eyes became sore as I sat there in awe of this girl who just whipped my ass in a game that no one had beaten me in ‘till that day.

She turned her head looked at me saw my dropped jaw and just simply said, “If you don’t close your mouth flies may get in”. I then turned to her and said, “Again”, this went on for a good 3 hours, 3 hours of her beating me ass like I was some sort whipping boy, every thing I tried to do never worked of course back then all I knew how to do was tap random buttons and just see what happens but even if I didn’t do that I still think she would of won.

She then looked at me and said “Hey I’m Tessa” I then got a bit confused, this was not the first time me and her and met and know she is giving me a formal introduction to herself why? She then continued to say that she apologizes for being anti-social when we first met and making and awkward situation even worse. I told her it was fine and that I hope we can do this again sometime.

That weekend I got a phone call from her asking if I wanted to come over, I humbly accepted and started walking to her house. Once I got there a big 6’5 man who looked at me with a very angry look greeted me, he then proceeded to say in a thick Irish accent “Are you the one that my daughter called?” I reply with a very scared “yes”.

That day all me and Tessa did was drink glass upon glass of coke and Play and talk about videos games, we talked about what we liked and didn’t like, we talked about what aspects of games were the best and we also talked about what we wanted to see in the future.

After many talks likes this about various other things me and Tessa became really close friends and then shortly after I felt like I was one of the family, as did she feel with mine and to this day even I go out with Tessa’s dad once a week to play Golf and drink Beer with him.

So Tessa an I still continue to talk about our lives and video games, movies and other things and it’s really great, I always find it nice to know that she will be there for me when I need her to be even when I am bored at work she will always come and hangout and drink coke.

So I just want to say thank you to Tessa, you have been the best friend a guy could have and that I hope I am still friends with you for the next seven years of our lives.

Happy Anniversary Tessa, like I said before, I hope we are friends for another seven years.

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