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Hello there, my name is Sam.

Scott Pilgrim could kick your ass any day. I watch to many movies that any person with a sane mind should. I have a massive attraction to Nathan Fillion And Stephen Fry. I eat pancakes when ever I get a chance to and my best friend is a girl and I also have a Twitter. Enjoy!!!
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I probably should have thought this through, I fell like this should have been my re-introductory post instead of the one where I give my opinion my Phil Fish, but anyway I thought I would re-introduce myself to the Destructoid blogging community by telling you three things about me, you may find these interesting or not but hey you click on this post you might as well read it.

3. I can solve a Rubikís cube

Yes that annoying cube puzzle that makes you look smart if you can do it but in reality itís you just learned a set of moves that make the cube go back to itís original form, I still find it fun to do and my friends are always impressed but sadly girls donít find you more attractive if you can do it.

2. My best friend is a girl.

Her name is Tessa OíLeary, she is 22 and pretty awesome like Ramona Flowers awesome, I had seen her around my High School but it wasnít until I saw her at an arcade playing Street Fighter 2 that I actually went up and talked to her.

We started talking about video games, what we liked and what we didnít like and that sort of thing, it wasnít until I went to her house to find out that she really liked Fighting Games, in fact when she was 16 her speech for her English class what about the complexity Fighting Games.

She is a pretty cool chick she changes her hair color way to often though.

1. I donít like most Triple A games

As I have grown up I have started to think more critically about video games and a couple of years ago I came to the conclusion of that most games that come out these days really donít get me excited , the only two games that I am looking forward to this year a Killer is Dead and Saints Row 4, everything else I am really not interested in and still to this day I have not come up with a definitive as to why.

So three those things about me hope some of you find it interesting.

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