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Hello there, my name is Sam.

Scott Pilgrim could kick your ass any day. I watch to many movies that any person with a sane mind should. I have a massive attraction to Nathan Fillion And Stephen Fry. I eat pancakes when ever I get a chance to and my best friend is a girl and I also have a Twitter. Enjoy!!!
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I probably should have thought this through, I fell like this should have been my re-introductory post instead of the one where I give my opinion my Phil Fish, but anyway I thought I would re-introduce myself to the Destructoid blogging community by telling you three things about me, you may find these interesting or not but hey you click on this post you might as well read it.

3. I can solve a Rubikís cube

Yes that annoying cube puzzle that makes you look smart if you can do it but in reality itís you just learned a set of moves that make the cube go back to itís original form, I still find it fun to do and my friends are always impressed but sadly girls donít find you more attractive if you can do it.

2. My best friend is a girl.

Her name is Tessa OíLeary, she is 22 and pretty awesome like Ramona Flowers awesome, I had seen her around my High School but it wasnít until I saw her at an arcade playing Street Fighter 2 that I actually went up and talked to her.

We started talking about video games, what we liked and what we didnít like and that sort of thing, it wasnít until I went to her house to find out that she really liked Fighting Games, in fact when she was 16 her speech for her English class what about the complexity Fighting Games.

She is a pretty cool chick she changes her hair color way to often though.

1. I donít like most Triple A games

As I have grown up I have started to think more critically about video games and a couple of years ago I came to the conclusion of that most games that come out these days really donít get me excited , the only two games that I am looking forward to this year a Killer is Dead and Saints Row 4, everything else I am really not interested in and still to this day I have not come up with a definitive as to why.

So three those things about me hope some of you find it interesting.

Okay so I havenít posted anything on here in a while I have been caught up with school and stuff, but there is no other avenue on the Internet that will let me express the opinion I have today with out having a character limit, So letís talk about Phil Fish cancelling Fez 2.

Now I know everyone has there opinion on Phil Fish, everyone saw him in Indie Game: The Movie and everyone then thought how much of an asshole he was when In reality I donít think he is an asshole. Fish worked on Fez for 5 years, that game was in development hell,and for that game to come out and do relatively well is pretty good; people had this misconception of him after watching IGTM and people thought that him getting depressed was stupid, and people thought it was funny when he had a melt down and that sort of thing, but put yourself in his shoes he worked on that game for so long and didnít know whether or not the game was going to come out.

He then at one point said that modern Japanese games suck to which I agree with him and Phil Fish stated, modern Japanese games bar the exception of a few mainly MGS and Dark Souls, hold you hand very tightly, and thatís what he was complaining about he wasnít out right saying all Japanese games suck he was just saying that modern Japanese games do and least we forget that Keiji Inafune the creator of Mega Man agreed with Phil Fish.

The Video above is from SourceFed's Meg Turney some one who I really like but has an uninformed†opinion on the situation on the matter to which a think some people have.

Now for what has happened recently I feel like Phil Fish just had enough, everyday for him was a constant barrage of hate, and like any other person there is a tipping point and I feel like after what Marcus Beer said Fishís tipping point was reached and he was just done. I do feel however he could have done it a bit better and may have just said that FEZ 2 would be his last game, but personally I donít blame him for what he as done, I have never met Phil Fish but I donít fault him for what he has done.
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My relationship with EB games has sort of been a love/ hate relationship, the love part being that they will always have what I want most of the time and the hate part being everything else. The last time I was at my local EB Games store was on the 5TH of March, it was my 21st birthday and so instead of an actual present my parents decided to give me money, which naturally would be spent on games.

That same day I went to my local EB Games store, I started to look around and being as though I can never just browse and find what I want for myself, a very happy sounding clerk comes up to me and says, ďDo you need any help?Ē I then look at him and say ďNo I am fine I am just browsingĒ he replies with a ďOkayĒ I then continue looking and I canít find what I want so I go to the clerk and ask him ďHave you got any copies of Saints Row 3?Ē he then starts tapping away on his computer and then while he is trying to find it on the computer he asks ďAre you sure you donít want Call of Duty instead?Ē

At this point I get really confused and two things come to mind, the first thing is that he canít find a copy of it and is to scared to say no because he might loose a sale even though I have a copy of SSX in my hand. The second thing that comes to mind is that he is too lazy to find it and just asks me if I want Call of Duty instead.

I reply with a ďnoĒ and he keeps on looking, he then proceeds to ask me ďwhat platform do you want it on?Ē I then say ďXbox 360Ē he then goes to the back of the store and then comes out and goes to the front of the store and then goes back and comes out again, and this happens for a few minutes and I start to think that I should just go somewhere else.

He eventually finds it but itís for the wrong platform so I say to him ďthis is the Playstation 3 Version I need it for Xbox 360Ē he then says to me ďOh we have got no copies for Xbox 360Ē. I then just put back SSX and leave with a bad taste in my mouth.

Why is it that EB Games or Game Stop as it is known in America is the only place where I hear of these sorts of stories happening? I have never heard a bad story about someone trying to buy a game at a general electronics store, I am pretty sure there are stories like that but those stories are just weighed down by the amount of bad stories against EB Games.

I mean even on my way out he was trying to tell me to sing up to Game Informer and it just makes you think that you canít go into a game store anymore and just buy a game you always have to have them try and shove something else down your throat and if they continue to do that more and more people with just not go to a EB Games or a Game Stop.

So here is my plea to all of those people who work in game stores, please just let us buy games, please just let us look for ourselves and not be hounded by you guys every 10 minutes and if we need your help we will ask and also please stop being stupid and trying to sell me a game that I donít want.

So I know I am kind of late talking about this but I feel like I needed to do a post about it. I only just recently played Rayman Origins and I am staring to question myself about why I left it so late because this game is just pure fun and a joy to play, everything in this game is just amazing from the 2D artwork to the song that plays when you pick up a King Lum, everything in this game just works.

Each level there is a beat which you play to and as we know this isnít a rhythm game but you can distinctly hear the beat play but as your actions unfold in the game you can see that it is in time, now to me this made the game flow really nicely and it added and extra bit of fun towards the whole game.

What I liked most about this game where the side-scrolling, shoot-em-up stages where you ride a mosquito, the main reason why I liked theses stages so much where because they became incentives, I ended saying to myself ďLets just do one more world and get the next mosquito stageĒ these stages ended up serving to purposes, one purpose was that these they ended up being a nice change of pace every so often from the rest of the game and the other purpose was that these stages alone made me finish the game in one sitting.

But in all honesty this game brought me hope that we might see more games like this in the future, after playing this I started to imagine games taking the same route, it made me fell kind of nostalgic because I remember playing the first Rayman game on my Ps1 when I a kid and loving it so much so that then playing this brought back the memories of me and my sister waking up early before school just so we could play Rayman before we left.

So all in all I had a blast playing this game and it would be a game that I would play again and I know everyone has their annoyances and angers with Ubisoft but you canít fault them on this one, they did a really good job and I hope to the next Rayman game does the same thing.

So if you havenít played this game I would just like to ask you two things, the first being why the hell not and the second is me asking you if you even have a soul?

Happy new year everyone and welcome to the year were we all die supposedly and if not we will then know that the Mayans were full of crap and we can all go back to our video game playing lives and stop our new years resolutions that in reality we were never going to finished.

So letís talk about video games this year we see the release of the PSVita, which looks really good, and to be honest it does have a good line up of launch titles like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and a new wipeout game which I am really excited about and even though it has not done as well as predicted over in japan I feel like it could do even better over here in the west.

We then see the launch of Nintendoís Wii U coming out this year and also Nintendo finally bringing out there on online network called Nintendo Network, which just makes me think, who is Nintendo trying to aim their products because they have always seemed hit and miss with their products and to honest I donít think they even know what they are doing sometimes.

And this year we are giving a whole mess of new games from The Darkness 2 to Mass Effect 3 to Touch My Katamari for the Vita and then we have one of the games and I am personally looking forward to is Gotham City Imposters and thatís not all, as gamers we are very spoiled again this year and I feel like 2012 is going to be even better than 2011.

So if I have forgotten anything let me know and also hereís to another fantastic year of gaming, may your consoles never get cold and your thumbs never wear out. Yes I know itís cheesy but hey itís my first blog post for this year , give me a break.

3:27 AM on 12.22.2011

2011 Has been a fantastic year for the video game industry with the releases of games like Portal 2, Skyrim and to a lesser extent the retail releases of the Bit. Trip games on 3DS and Wii, but with these successes there has also been some downfalls like Nintendo rushing out the 3DS and then telling us all that the Wii U that we saw at E3 this year has been scrapped and that they are re-designing it.

But in all fairness the good things have out weighed the bad this year and we have been giving some awesome stuff, so letís look back at this year and see just how awesome it was.

We were giving a bevy of really awesome games this year from Portal 2 with itís awesome characters and writing to Skyrim with itís Dragon slaying and fishing and then Kirbyís Return to Dream Land which reminded me how awesome that guy really is, not to mention that we also got Super Mario 3D Land, Battlefield 3, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and then we were shown how over the top games can be with Saints Row: The Third.

But then we are reminded about EA and how they brought out their Origin service and how they tried to shove it down our throats and how their Browser System left some of us pulling out our hair over how atrocious it actually was.

But least we forget about the good things game companies have done for us this year, Valve put on their annual sales which left us with a low bank account but a bigger games library and even Nintendo apologized for the 3DS not being fully ready at launch.

So all in all I feel like 2011 was a great year for us gamers we were giving some good stuff and even though there was the bad things that happened this year I fell like good beat out the bad. So in the end I would just like to thank the games industry for giving us one of the best years in gaming.

On a more personal note I would like to thank the people who read my blog and welcomed me into the c-blog community, the people who come back every time I posted and left their opinion, itís nice to see that I am not the only one with these views, and also to the people who did not have the same views but still shared their opinion, I would like to thank you as well for giving me a different perspective an for helping me change and grow my own opinions. So thank you to all who read this and especially to the ones who have read my previous posts thank you and have an awesome holiday season.