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ZombieMuncher42 avatar 12:06 PM on 06.13.2010  (server time)
Dead Rising 2 Weapons in Scribblenauts! PT1. (Paddlesaw)

Hello all! I welcome you to what Dead Rising 2 weapons would be like in the world of Scribblenauts. Every weapon will be tested and throughized. Lets hope for the best! :D Each Weapon will be seperated into 4 categories.

C1: The Weapon appearance in the Scribblenaut's world.

C2: Can/How Max acts when he picks it up. And his physics in action and/or if it stays together.

C3: How it works against a single attacker.

C4: How it works against multiple.
Let's Start.

C1 Appearance:

This is the Paddlesaw in DR2. Nicely made if I do say so.
And this is it in the Scribblenauts world.

I got it as close as I could. The following materials were used.
Chainsaw (x2)
Tape (Tool X2)
Staff (Weapon)

Since i couldn't get a canoe paddle i had to settle with the staff straight out of Lord of the Rings.

The Two look almost alike, minus the big glop of tape sticking out, but that won't hurt it's rating.

Appearance : B+ = 90/100

C2: The Reaction.

As seen here,

One of the paddlesaw sides fly off and max jumps around as if he is an Australian gamer running from Michael Atkinson

Max can SOMETIMES sit still, but when he starts moving he loses it and goes crazy.

Reaction : D+ = 77

C3: Fending off a single Attacker.

Max somehow uses his Paddlesaw for air combat straight from Mortal Kombat 2. (The New one better not let down.) As seen here,

Max patiently waits while the zombie dies.

Single Attacker: A- = 93

C4: Multiple Attackers:

This is what category surprised me the most. When Max swipes his paddlesaw at a group gravity seems to lay down and die. Everyone is flying through the air and attack each other. Such a satisfying feeling.

The Chainsaw looks as if it fell off, however it didn't.

Multiple Attackers: A+ = 98

Final Score:

The Paddlesaw's movement is severely limited and will make annoyances in this universe. Moving around will give you a headache, however when fending off zombies this weapon is sure to win your heart.

Final Score: B = 88.[b]

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