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8:41 PM on 12.23.2007

Current trend in gaming that bugs me...

I'm talking, of course about the mute main character.

Yes, this can be seen in such games like Bioshock, Half-Life series, and portal. Just a few of the games that have this. You've probably played a game that features that main character never uttering a word and maybe it bugged you as much as me?

Now, this doesn't mean I think the aforementioned games are bad. Quite the opposite, I love those games, but having a main character that says nothing (or next to nothing) the whole game is a big turnoff for me.

The main argument in defense of the practice that I always seem to come across is that having a mute character helps the gamer better connect with the game and get more involved because you feel like the character. Well, this may be true for most people, but for me when I go through a whole game and the character says nothing, only helps to take me away from the experience because It's incredibly unbelievable that a person would get anywhere (let alone save the earth) without saying a single word to anyone.   read

2:32 PM on 07.13.2007

Games I want.

These are the upcoming games i want in no particular order.

1.Left 4 Dead
If you couldn't already tell by my username, I love zombies. I also love zombies games so this one is a no brainer...just like zombies.

The spiritual successor to one of the scariest games iv ever played? Count me in! This ones guaranteed to be good and I'm already wetting my pants at the trailers.

3.Metal Gear Solid 4
I have been following the Metal Gear franchise since the PSone days, so I'm really looking forwards to this one. Playing as old man snake with nasty crack showing? What more could i ask for!

4.Halo 3
Thats right, you knew it be on the list. All halo haters aside you've got to admit this game looks good, and its probably going to be some fun so I'm buying it!

5.“the sequel to F.E.A.R.”
FEAR, was one of the best surprises of 2005, it manged to be fun and still scare me out of my dark basement gaming room...Hey! it makes weird noises down there! While i haven't sen anything yet I'm still putting it on the list simply because of the fact that its fear 2!

6.Too Human
I don't know what else to say about this game, it looks simply amazing and like a lot of fun to play!   read

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