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Games I want.

These are the upcoming games i want in no particular order. 1.Left 4 Dead If you couldn't already tell by my username, I love zombies. I also love zombies games so this one is a no brainer...just like zombies. 2.BioShock Th...


About ZombieLifeTakerone of us since 7:34 PM on 06.03.2007

Info: Found this website awhile ago, realized it was composed of win and anti-fail, so I made this profile to attack the game industry for massive damage!

Systems I got: Ps2, Xbox 360, pc, psp, gamecube

Stuff i dig: Scrubs, Videogames, Naked women, The DailyShow, Mountain Dew, High-Definition TV, Pizza Hut

Stuff that is fail: Yahoo.com, Sony, Bush, Diet-food, Trains

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