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Zombie Orwell avatar 4:24 PM on 04.29.2013  (server time)
Why mario and luigi brothers is the worst game ever made

Before you insert your sticky flesh into my throat, I am aware that the mario and luigi brothers franchise is very popular, so this can only be considered my opinion.

Year after year mario has games for filthy humans. With lack of enough sufficient time to produce great mario story, how can Bowser truly have motivation for kidnapping the pink dress woman? How good can it possibley be? A REAL VIDEOGAME SEQUEL REQUIRES TWO YEARS IDIOTS!!!

The game itself lacks any depth in terms of story or gravity. Not to mention the Polygon/Emotion Theory advanced by Davis Cage, professional auteur. Most people don't even care about marios emotional torment when the pink human is kidnapped. Instead, they just jump and collect coins like ugly morons.

Ugly morons.

Ugly morons.

Ugly morons.

I mean come on people. Do you honestly think mario is better than Persona Golden Symphony? Or Uncharted Devil Cry? Be honest mario can't bee that good a game.

I am a platforming fan but if your really want a platform with good story, check out Infinity Blade. Good graphics, smooth gameplay. AK-47? Really? I guess that's what people expect from mario.

It's astonishing how much publicity mario can acquire in the america. And now their gonna make a new mario and luigi brothers, great. They're gonna milk the franchise even more. People actually go to wal-mart at night to buy games, and MARIO AND LUIGI BROTHERS IS ONE OF THE OPTIONS!!!! That is ridiculous. No videogame franchise has ever done that.



No videogame franchise except mario has ever forced people to line up outside retail establishments at scary dark nighttime when zombies could be roaming the streets. Not even the rpg hit Persona 4!!!!!!!! CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THAT!! AND NOBODY LINES UP FOR DYNASTY WARRIORS EITHER WHAT THE FUCK. And when was the last time anybody lined up to buy the rpg hit Silver on Dreamcast?? Did anybody line up to buy Deadly Premonition? Mario idiots. Folks I have no desire to play mario and luigi brothers franchise, I played it once, and I never played it again.

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