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Zombie Orwell avatar 5:12 PM on 05.29.2013  (server time)
Prongles Badviews: Half Life 2

Insoeverasmuch as we shall perpetually become into contact with "teh vidjugarmes" it shall remain our solemn and sworn duty to protect their graphical faucets and assets from those who would commit spectacular wrongness against aforesaid "vidjugarmes."

However, we also necessarily face a double standard withwhence it becomes necessary to necessitate a rewrite of the collective script. Thusly our attention is brought to a product called Half Life 2.

It is the second in a series of hard-science-based platformer/shooters which are protagonized by an untalking human called Gordon Gecko Morgan Freeman. He murders various...

Do you get the point?

Dearest dearest dearest dearest readers, it is my most specious of pleasures to know that you have read my bloggings today. It is a hilarious and informative parody of another cblogger's usual and normative entries. I hope my sparkling prose has informed him (as well as your specious grandeur) in the correct usage of English As A Language. It is intensely important to use correct language whenceupon we scribe these musings here in my beloved Destructzord. Otherwayswise the entire foundation of our communicatings shall break down like a Harley Davidsman Motorbike. 

Follow me on Twitterzord. I am @zombieorwell.

Only together, dearest dearest comrades, can we bring human civilization to its bloody knees. 

Your leader,
Zombie Orwell.

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