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Zombian avatar 10:42 PM on 03.09.2008  (server time)

so. i picked up Lost Odyssey a couple of days ago and i must say. i am in love. now love is a harsh thing. it can make you want more when all you really wanted in the first place is right in front of you. you can start to look for improvements in your life and faults in that in which your heart is with.
Realizing this harsh reality. i tried even harder to love tis game. but, one thing i couldn't get past was this: the music was damn good, but not good enough. this game had a sense of epic-ness to it like no other. so now. D-Toider's go forth. and play the beginning sequence of lost odyssey in which Kaim is fighting his way through the battlefield. turn down the sound. and play this video. play it with the volume up loud.

these guys have a CD out. They are called Judgement Day. i hope some big game exec stumbles across this san fran born crew and sticks their music into the right place. a place like Gears of War 2. or God Of War 3. something that deserves the true POWERRR! of JUDGEMENT DAY!

if you agree with me that this would make awesome game music. spead the word!

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