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Zombian avatar 2:09 AM on 03.24.2008  (server time)
i succumed (haha that sounds sexual): the Playstation Portable

so i was flipping through an issue of EGM. (the most recent one with Niko from gta4 on the cover and inside the front cover it had an ad for God of War chains of olympus. now i liked the first god of war and everyone had been saying that it was amazing, but i didn't even have a psp, so meh, what the hell. then within the very next couple pages lay something amazing. an ad for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7. i reaaaaaallly enjoyed the first one. even if i was so young at the time i never got around to beating it completely, but something about the story, and the atmosphere just immersed me in joy. so i had to get one, and who better to sell me their virtually untouched PSP than my friend (who name is not to be mentioned without his permission on the internets). so i asked him. "i only have 25 bucks right now but i can pay you another 15 later on, wanna gimme that psp you never use? really? with GTA: Liberty cit stories too? wow what a great bud, i'll hook you up with some bud sometime :D. anyways, i bought it off of him, and tomorrow i am going to my local gamecrazy to procure a copy of CC:FFVII and i will then proceed to play the SHIT out of it. thank you for your time, and the real question here is: will CC:FFVII worth it? that is up to you readers to decide. on your own time. while i am playing it. :D.
p.s. don't gimme that "ohh your dumb CC:FFVII comes out tuesday" because i got me hookps alright? sheesh.

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