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i am playing FFVII crisis core
i am playing Bully: Scholarship Edition
i am playing Team Fortress 2, Half Life 2
i am playing Lost Odyssey


i have a myfacespacebook, and i have been told im not ugly. :D
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ok so. third boss on lost odyssey! that big fucking electrical snake bitch cock thing at grand staff. ok. THIS BITCH IS SO NOT FUCKING FUN AFTER THE 10th TIME! at first i decided to take this boss on at level 15, no can do sonny, why? because after you kill the first one, there is another! omg! except this time stronger. oh and the little grunt-lings (5 in total) feel that they can respond whenever the FUCK they want. ok, so i was all like fuck this after failing 3 times at 15 right? so when i died and went back to the save point right before the boss i was like, "imma lvl up all mah guuys to 16 and pwnz0r this crackwhore"
(yes if you say it outloud it does rhyme.) anyways, i did that. and STILL FAILED. after the 6th try it dawned on me. this guy's element is FIRE and what is better to kick fire's sorry ass than Jansen's Aqua spell? oh and why not get like 10 aqua bombs to accompany me for seth and kaim to use? good idea!
i went back. lvl 16, armed w/ aqua bombs, and kicked his sorry ass, then i kicked the 5 soldier's asses directly afterwards, i was king of the goddamn world. then, while i was being transported to the ship (players will know what im talking about) the worst happened, disc unreadable. i said ok. fine. i can do it again. so i did. then, again! disco unreadable.
finally i said fuck it and went to watch the daily show. to this day i have still not made it past that godforsaken boss, but after this, i will be the fucking master of him.
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