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Zombian's blog

3:17 PM on 04.17.2008

Soul Calibur 4 chooses once again to challenge our pronunciation skills.

the new character in the latest upcoming installment of Soul Calibur 4 is a woman. an aptly named women at that:
"[i] [Scheherazade is] a legendary Persian queen and the storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights.

The frame tale goes that every day Shahryar (Persian: شهريار or "king") would marry a new virgin, and every day he would send yesterday's wife to be beheaded. This was done in anger, having found out that his first wife was betraying him. He had killed three thousand such women by the time he was introduced to Scheherazade, the vizier's daughter."
apparently the original Scheherazade was a Persian queen, which is pretty bad ass in my opinion. (no not all Persians are black... in fact very few are, just ignore 300 for now ok?)
In my personal opinion she looks like she could possibly have a similar fighting style to that of Raphael's in the previous SC. her stance looks a bit like his. Hopefully this new character does not harness the amazing "cheap shot" that Raphael is famous for (for those of you who didn't play as raphael in the 2nd soul calibur, he basically has one of the cheapest moves in the game.)
Although I am totally stoked for that new Soul Calibur game, having skipped the 3rd one for no reason other than i was playing something else at the time and having the only memory i have of SC is SC2 and the many fond times in a room full of smoke and game cube controllers, i wish they would have been more creative with the design... it seems like we have enough chicks in knight uniforms with swords in this game (namely sophitia and that other really annoying chick). Although i am reeaaaalllly exited to play the 360 version... WHY?

fucking YODA! yesssss once again Namco comes out on top. it seems that the PS3 has been the dark side all along with the power of vader on their side. Yet, none surpass Yoda.

the end   read

4:39 AM on 04.13.2008

condemned 2: price drop is wtf awesome.

so if any of you havent already picked up the newest installment in the condemned series (even if you dont have the first its a great buy), now is the time to act. while depositing more money on my GTA4 reservation i noticed that a brand new copy of C2:BS was priced at... wait for it... 35$. i was amazed. i immediately bought it. and i must say, it is an amazing game, even the online multiplayer is damn good with the new first person fighting combos it can seem like the old Xbox game Breakdown....(if you havent played that already its really quite good). the story is wonderfully scary and it's character movements are fluid and realistic. when you fight anyone, it actually takes skill. i commend the creators of condemned.
but the catch is.... its only at gamecrazy... i have received word that the new sega games (sega tennis and viking) including condemned 2 are only at gamecrazy for 35 bucks. props to sega for proing how awesome they are even in the new gen.


2:09 AM on 03.24.2008

i succumed (haha that sounds sexual): the Playstation Portable

so i was flipping through an issue of EGM. (the most recent one with Niko from gta4 on the cover and inside the front cover it had an ad for God of War chains of olympus. now i liked the first god of war and everyone had been saying that it was amazing, but i didn't even have a psp, so meh, what the hell. then within the very next couple pages lay something amazing. an ad for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7. i reaaaaaallly enjoyed the first one. even if i was so young at the time i never got around to beating it completely, but something about the story, and the atmosphere just immersed me in joy. so i had to get one, and who better to sell me their virtually untouched PSP than my friend (who name is not to be mentioned without his permission on the internets). so i asked him. "i only have 25 bucks right now but i can pay you another 15 later on, wanna gimme that psp you never use? really? with GTA: Liberty cit stories too? wow what a great bud, i'll hook you up with some bud sometime :D. anyways, i bought it off of him, and tomorrow i am going to my local gamecrazy to procure a copy of CC:FFVII and i will then proceed to play the SHIT out of it. thank you for your time, and the real question here is: will CC:FFVII worth it? that is up to you readers to decide. on your own time. while i am playing it. :D.
p.s. don't gimme that "ohh your dumb CC:FFVII comes out tuesday" because i got me hookps alright? sheesh.   read

11:54 PM on 03.11.2008

Failcat fails again: Lost Odyssey edition

ok so. third boss on lost odyssey! that big fucking electrical snake bitch cock thing at grand staff. ok. THIS BITCH IS SO NOT FUCKING FUN AFTER THE 10th TIME! at first i decided to take this boss on at level 15, no can do sonny, why? because after you kill the first one, there is another! omg! except this time stronger. oh and the little grunt-lings (5 in total) feel that they can respond whenever the FUCK they want. ok, so i was all like fuck this after failing 3 times at 15 right? so when i died and went back to the save point right before the boss i was like, "imma lvl up all mah guuys to 16 and pwnz0r this crackwhore"
(yes if you say it outloud it does rhyme.) anyways, i did that. and STILL FAILED. after the 6th try it dawned on me. this guy's element is FIRE and what is better to kick fire's sorry ass than Jansen's Aqua spell? oh and why not get like 10 aqua bombs to accompany me for seth and kaim to use? good idea!
i went back. lvl 16, armed w/ aqua bombs, and kicked his sorry ass, then i kicked the 5 soldier's asses directly afterwards, i was king of the goddamn world. then, while i was being transported to the ship (players will know what im talking about) the worst happened, disc unreadable. i said ok. fine. i can do it again. so i did. then, again! disco unreadable.
finally i said fuck it and went to watch the daily show. to this day i have still not made it past that godforsaken boss, but after this, i will be the fucking master of him.   read

10:42 PM on 03.09.2008


so. i picked up Lost Odyssey a couple of days ago and i must say. i am in love. now love is a harsh thing. it can make you want more when all you really wanted in the first place is right in front of you. you can start to look for improvements in your life and faults in that in which your heart is with.
Realizing this harsh reality. i tried even harder to love tis game. but, one thing i couldn't get past was this: the music was damn good, but not good enough. this game had a sense of epic-ness to it like no other. so now. D-Toider's go forth. and play the beginning sequence of lost odyssey in which Kaim is fighting his way through the battlefield. turn down the sound. and play this video. play it with the volume up loud. [embed]74747:8998[/embed]
these guys have a CD out. They are called Judgement Day. i hope some big game exec stumbles across this san fran born crew and sticks their music into the right place. a place like Gears of War 2. or God Of War 3. something that deserves the true POWERRR! of JUDGEMENT DAY!

if you agree with me that this would make awesome game music. spead the word!   read

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