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1:47 PM on 11.10.2011

First of all let me get out that I am in no way a "fan boy". I am first a gamer. I love all sorts of games from WoW to Starcraft to Oblivion to hardcore FPS like Halo or COD. I bought Battlefield 3 for PC hoping it would be awesome... lets just say the launch was, less than satisfactory. Spent most the time falling through the earth. That's another review though.

Now about Modern Warfare 3. This game I was skeptical about. I saw the trailers and how it looked just like Modern Warfare 2 and thought well jeez here is another COD update. I was wrong.

First the graphics. The graphics do look a lot like MW2 but they are very clean and enhanced. It brings back good MW2 memories with new gameplay aspects and enhancements. My main focus is always multiplayer. I hop right in and go. Today I hit my first prestige and chose the last Assault Rifle FAD as my weapon to keep. So far the game has been great. I have had no issues with the game so far. I have had so much fun playing and logging over 17 hours gameplay. Lots of dew and days off :).

The one hiccup they are having is Elite. Call of Duty Elite is the premiere online service they offer to enhance your game and get into all kinds of tournaments and clans. The only problem is when the game released so many people were trying to access it that the site bottlenecked and went down. They are working hard to bring it back and have constant updates on their status site here

Overall I love this game and I'm sure it will keep me playing for prestiges to come...

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