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Zoel's blog

6:38 PM on 10.31.2009

Japan you disappoint me

Yeah, you. The guy who was just watching the trailer instead of buying Sin and Punishment 2 and playing it , I am totally disappoint in you all.

[PS3] Bayonetta (Sega) - 93k
[360] Bayonetta (Sega) - 45k
[PS3] Tekken 6 (Bandai Namco Games) - 79k
[360] Tekken 6 (Bandai Namco Games) - 22k
[NDS] Hikaru no 4 Senshi: Final Fantasy Gaiden (Square Enix) - 85k
[WII] Super Robot Taisen Neo (Bandai Namco Games) - 27k
[WII] Sin and Punishment 2 (Nintendo) - 5.6k
[NDS] Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (CyberFront) - 5.1k
[NDS] Umihara Kawase Shun: Second Edition Kanzenhan (Genterprise) - 4.2k

A total copy of unangbangkay's Persona blog .

Anyways just joking actually I am just writing my impression on Sin and Punishment 2 because its fucking amazing beyond words, and just want people to try the game once it's release on america.
The game doesn't start with any cool intro or anything like that. So anyways after the title screen the game lets us choose the protagonist to play with Isa (Boy) or Kachi (Girl). I end up using Kachi.

Story begins with your space ship being malfunction and a group of invaders and come attack your ship, and the bad guy wants the Kachi (girl) for some reason.

The first stage starts with a tutorial on controls while you're shooting everything in your path.
Controls in this game is totally top notch, it's pretty much switching the N64 controls into the wii controls, and it works perfect for this game.

(Random pick of Stage 3)

Nunchuck to Move
Wii Remote to Aim
B Button is Rapid shot and Melee Attack.
A Button is for Lock on shot (Like Taito's Ray (Raystorm, Raycrisis etc) series)
Z Button is Slide , also to when pushing up float
C Button to Jump

Also I end up trying the game on 2 players too, it sorta works like Lucky & Wild , where the first player have to move and shoot , while the 2nd player just having only a cursor and shoot.

The new feature in this game is the float option, i think its awesome addition to the game makes all the movement feel less limited. The game have a score mulitpler just like the original where it goes as you shoot more enemies, and only goes down when taken a hit.

Spoilers on Stage Design.

I thought the stage design is amazing, each landscape is totally different from the last, and the gameplay just make it totally intense.

And Spoilers for the stages for the first 5 stages

Stage 0 - Just inside your ship, nothing special.
Stage 1 - Ruin city (Most of the trailers are focus on this place)
Stage 2 - Water Stage - Kinda like shooting everything in an aquarium (Totally sweet Stage)
Stage 3 - Into a sky castle then to factory. (Really Difficult stage)
Stage 4 - Starts in Haunted Forest then into a grassfield that looks like the original S&P first stage.

I actually found the game to be a perfect balance of difficulty so far, its mostly trial and error. Because I simply got my ass handed down to me with a lot of the bosses, but manage to come back and learn their patterns and destory them.

But at least you know if you ever get a game over, the game lets you start back at the check point so it not punishing for beginners.

I would say this one of the best 3rd party titles on the wii, I can say from the first 3 stages , the game already out does the original S &P in many places (And defineity one Treasures better games). I highly recommend anyone not to pass your chance on playing this game. Well I am stilling going to laugh at the people that are missing this title.   read

2:37 PM on 05.26.2009

Happy Birthday Funktastic!

Guess who's birthday it is today? Well actually, the title !!! spoils it. But I am going to be stuck at work, so I couldn't be at your Bday party, Sorry Funky. But at least you know my spirit will be there.

But Happy 22.
and GO CASH CONVERTERS both Rune Factory for DS for 30$.   read

6:13 PM on 05.18.2009

Dtoid Project update.

I started a RPG project back a week ago and now made some minor updates to it. Although it's not much I provide you with some screens.
Anyways , I wanted to add some girls for the game, but I think their design are a little out of place for the game. Though I haven't created sprites for them yet, so I probably can make some new drawings.

Niero becomes the official Save point in this game from now on and maybe you get Jim Sterling as a Boss?

Also based on what the community said, I prefer not to have the name David Bowie , because we all know David Bowie is in every japanese game ever release. Take a look..

Then my last rant is that I find this program very limited, I mean if the program allow higher resolution for spirtes I probably would use these sprites instead. This is some of my very early sprite work, but they were too big for RPGmaker2003 standards.


1:45 AM on 05.13.2009

Lunar Silver Star Story PSP ports Annouced

In the weekly Famitsu Scan, Gamearts have annouce a port of Lunar Silver Star Story Complete under the title of "Lunar : Harmony of Silver Star" at the price of 5040 Yen. Well actually more of a remake , but even though the news is a little late. But since the Lunar series is so great I got to spread the news. The PSP port will feature some enchancement such as new updated battle graphics and map graphics are also changed. All with a a brand new menu interface. And still keeping the original FMVs and score.

The map view has been completetly change. We now get a side overhead view now (Like Super Mario RPG)

As you can see the battle system uses new graphics.

The scan here saids you can use their's a special attack guage, so its kind of like the GBA version of lunar

Well kind of shame that we don't have Working Designs anymore but at least we get Lunar for PSP

Note* this picture is taken from Kotaku which took the scan from the weekly famitsu. Sorry for taking these scans.   read

1:41 AM on 05.12.2009

Starting a Dtoid Project....

Well not really.... I was bored, so I have decided to play with Rpgmaker 2003 and thought it was fun. So I guess summer is not really long away I guess I can make a game based on the Dtoid members. Since I am rather new I don't really know much of the community that well. Maybe some of the community can share their ideas?

On to the project itself , the game would be very simple since I am not that great with program. I just like to play around with it, So this whole idea would be a thing to get a kick out of it.

Now onto what it looks like.

Lousy work in progress

Call it beta in the works

(No colouring has been done, because I hate colouring)

Nameless Character in the works.

Or maybe I should just scrap this all together????   read

3:42 PM on 04.27.2009

My Gaming Setup & Game Collection Part 1

Well, I found it pretty common for Destructoid Community to share their gaming setup among others. Today I have decided to share mine. Because this is only part 1, it will only focus on my room. Part 2 will be based on the basement which won't be posted till summer.

As you can see, this is my room, its really small. It usually have 6 systems hook up to it, but now I only got 4 systems hook up. The TV is kind of crappy, but I am not willing to buy a new TV unless Canon release their so-called SED TV) Inside the cabinet is where I keep all my games, although it looks small it does manage to store a decent amount of games inside, which manage to complie a collection for several series that I been trying to collect.

The game that's running right now is Oboro Muramasa Using a SFC controller.
(Was thinking of selling my wii for a Japanese X360 but Muramasa stop me from doing that).

I have a small cabinet to store my games , in my room. Since I am out of space I have move some of the games to different rooms.

THE CABINET (The top is kind of Crop off)

And some of my video game collection. ( I prefer collecting games in Japanese. I actually finish about 85% of the game I own, unlike a collector who has awesome games he never plays and is a bastard . . . *cough* FUNKTASTIC *cough*). There's more games, but I am just going to post games have a series.

First I got the Lunar Series (Includes : Lunar: Silver Star (SCD), Lunar: Eternal Blue (SCD), Lunar :Silver Star Story (SS), Lunar Silver Star Story Complete, Lunar Eternal Blue (SS) and Lunar Magic School (SS) ** I love Working Designs work on Lunar, but their copies are usually pretty expensive.

Then here I got Sega's Nights (Includes : Saturn Version (JP & US) , Christmas Nights , PS2 Limited Edition and the Sequel on Wii * Which was a total disappointment)

Next I have the Tales of series, I got most of them on console , I brought my first Tales of game in 2002 which is Tales of Phantasia for PSX. Still one of my favourite games. ( I probably get rid of the Vesperia once the ps3 version is out)

Then here I got the Square Enix collection. Well just posting the square stuff first.

Then the Enix stuff. *Very small, I will buy more stuff later on.

Persona Collection. (Hmm, You know back when Funktastic won the T-Shirt contest ,
I was a little choked. He was only editing.... Anyways I do not carry the original Persona because I hate the localization. I'll get the PSP version when that's available.

And a statue of Aegis just for P3 fans.

Legend of Heroes Collection, Any of you have played Legend of Heroes on PSP? You probably think its a terrible game, but anyone would think so with the god awful translation from Bandai (And also gameplay engine has been changed). But here I present you the PC version.From 1 to 6
** LOH 4 = LOH 1 In US
LOH 3 = LOH 2 In US
LOH 5 = LOH 3 In US

LOH 6 SC & The 3rd probably has one of the sweetest boss theme you probably never heard of.

My Ys collection. I like Ys quite a bit, but not enough to pick up the early computer and 8 bit versions. Though I do felt offended by for calling this series one of the most boring video games series (I was thinking of removing my P4 guide cause of that, but that just being immature). Anyways what I got here is the PC version and the PCE versions plus the soundtracks.

Heroine Anthem Collection, Somehow I lost the Box for the first game.

But it is a sweet chinese RPG for PC, Check out this youtube video to see what you're missing.

(The Sprites are about detailed as guility gear & the game is old as 2003)

and gameplay video againist a boss. " Againist Barkley"

No place for Hideo??? *Hideo Kojima Collection

Sakura Wars Collection (I don't want to buy any of the spinoffs, just 1 to 5)

Grandia collection ( This should be all the main titles)

Mushihimesama Collection , Cave Shump game. Everything you see here will cost more then $2000 all together.

Umihara Kawase Collection, This is probably the greatest platform game ever created besides Mario. But the game is quite expensive, but I assure you that its worth it. *Check on ebay and you'll know. (** Do not get the PSP version at all Cost, that game is filled with bugs and a screwed up physic engine *A CRAP PORT) (And I did lend the game to Funktastic once, but he hates the game cause he couldn't pass level 8 and quote " I hate this f****** fish game!!!!)

Phoenix Wright, or Ace Attorney if you prefer that.
(I buy the japanese version because it comes with both english and japanese setting, so I can enjoy the game in 2 different languages. ^_^;)

Other Namco RPG that aren't tales.

Langrisser I-5 , Have you ever heard of the game "Warsong" for the Sega Genesis? Warsong is actually the original Langrisser.

(I just like the Saturn versions. **I do not want Langrisser Millenium in anyway) (Langrisser 3 probably have the best character design of the series, too bad the game was crap , its a shame really.)

My Puyo Puyo collection, one of my favourite puzzle series. I am not a fan of their newer series from Sega (Fever). I also tried to do some minor translation for Puyo Puyo Sun on Windows.

Then not really part of the collection, just my latest purchase for the Shmup genre, with preorder items.There's the preorder bonus for Trigger Heart Exelica *Flying Exelica

Finally this is completely out of topic. But the greatest GBA RPG , you must be play this at all cost, rather illegally or legally. "MOTHER 3, or aka Earthbound 2

Yeah I even stay up 5 in the morning trying to convince a friend to play it (Like some preacher). (Funktastic too, but it has to be legal and english).   read

3:46 PM on 04.21.2009

Mushihimesama Futari 360 Annouced.

Anyone here enjoy shmup games? Today, Famitsu annouced that Cave is making a Mushihimesama Futari port for 360, (It's version 1.5, there is 3 versions of the game and each one plays different from each other)
No other information is known as of the moment. But at least you know a port is coming. If you're an hardcore shmup fan please pick up a copy. Its also going to be region locked, so you'll have to import a Japanese 360 in order to play.

A run down on the 3 versions of the game
There is 3 versions of the game available, I will cover what I know, when Cave first release the game, the game was quite incomplete, things such as Ultra Mode (Very Hard mode) is missing, and a proper scoring system is missing. Eventally a year later Cave release version 1.5 which included all the fix of version 1.0, this includes the weapons for each characters being tweaked and more balanced, Bosses having more dodgeable pattern, and fixed the scoring system (The Xbox version is based on 1.5). Then at the end of 2007, Cave release another version which is the Black Label version, Black Label made the 3 difficulty modes which play completely different from version 1.5 (It much easier from what I've Heard), the weapons modes are merged in Black Label, so your characters get twice the fire power. Also added a new True Last boss.

This game also got one of the hardest last boss in Shmup history


About two months ago, I posted a blog about my Mushihimesama Collection . Its an amazing series that I forced myself to buy an arcade machine just so I can play Mushihimesama Futari ( I got Black Label version so its still unique).   read

4:00 AM on 04.12.2009

Hands on Oboro Muramasa

Oboro Muramasa (AKA "Muramasa the Demon Blade" for US) is finally at my hands, so playing it first, I can give people an impression and what the overall game plays like.

Basic Gameplay details from me
The game starts off with Musou or Shura mode (I head there's one extra mode with 1 HP in battle from Japanese forums), which is pretty much Normal or Hard mode, then follow with the choice of either picking your character either Kisuke (Boy) or Momohime (Girl).

(Selecting Diffculty)

As soon as you finish picking the character, it immediality puts your character into a battle tutorial, with no prolonge until you finish the map. The battle system works like Odin sphere only without slow downs, no pow gauge and a reliable guard command. In this game it plays a lot easier by relying on guard , and attacking senseless works much better then it did back on Odin sphere.

Anyways your character carries 3 weapons at a time, because your weapon breaks as you guard or when you perform ougi attacks from the sword. As your weapons breaks you can instantly switch the other 2 weapons that you are carrying, While the broken weapon will be repair by time or when you collect souls from defeating enemies.

The game also feature extremely large bosses that usually take out about 50% to 100% of the screen, and are really fun to fight , with good patterns and challenge.

When you get further into the game it will give you the option to forge weapons, which works like a Rouge Galaxy weapon or FFX sphere grid kind of thing. Weapons are forged by having Life and Soul collected. Soul is collected on the field and by defeating enemies, and Life can be gain by eating foods at resturants.

Impression so far
So far I am having a blast with the game, I could say I enjoy it much more then I did playing Odin Sphere. Slow down are now non-existant making the game much more enjoyable. The battles are also extremely fast paced , and your character can die within a few hits if you're not careful (But that's what the guard command is for). Although I wouldn't call it quite perfect yet, my main complain so far is that Kisuke and Momohime plays almost exactly identical besides a few status differences (kind of like SF2 Ryu and Ken differences). Shura mode is also not as hard as Odin Sphere's Hard mode, so far I have rarely die on random encounters the game is almost a breeze with the Guard command, other then that the game seems perfect a 2d action rpg game for the wii. Once this game is out on America, I highly recommend you to pick up a copy if you enjoy titles from Vanillaware such as Odin Sphere, Princess Crown , Etc...   read

9:57 PM on 02.09.2009

The Mushihimesama Collection

Let see, seeing my good friend Funktastic posting his collections on Destructoid, I have decided to post a blog on a game collection of mine based on Mushihimesama. (Of course he called me a f****** moron for buying this, but that won't stop me. ) Anyways because I like the first Mushihimesama quite alot, I have decided that no matter what, I must play the sequel. But when I heard its arcade only, I have forced myself to get a Candy Cab and brought the Arcade PCB board just to play the game. Also trying to collect much merchandise of this series as much as possible.

Brief History Lesson
Mushihimesama (literally , "Insect Princess") is an arcade shmup game made by Cave way back in 2003 and a sequel was followed in 2006 (Mushihimesama Futari). The series is quite popular overseas and carries a strong insect theme (Sorta like Darius with fishes).

A preview video for the first 2 levels. (This video belongs to TerryFuckwitt)


Mushihimesama (limited edition) for PS2. (Includes a Figurine "Child Reco & Kiniro")

Mushihimesama Futari Black Label (This cost me around 1500$ CAD)

And a photo of the game running on my Candy Cab.

Mushimesama Original Soundtrack (Includes a figurine "Adult Reco")

Brand New Mushihimesama Futari Original Soundtrack (There's suppose to be an art book and a key chain inside, but since I haven't open this , I can't confirm this)

(Still have an Arcana Hearts 2 poster. *** I Can give you the Arcana Hearts 2 Poster for free if you live in Calgary , since i don't really want it.)

a 40 x 27 (Inch) Poster of Mushihimesama Futari

a 27 x 40 (Inch) Poster of Mushihimesama Futari Black Label.

and as of Feb 28, I have acquire the Insanity DVD "Mushihimesama The Secret Lover"
(Man it looks like a hentai if you didn't know what the content is)

I also got the Max Factory Reco Figurine preordered, but since its not out till June, the product isn't really on my hands. But this is what it looks like.

Items needed
Mushihimesama Poster
Mushihimesama Futari 1.5
Mushihimesama INF 1/4 Scale Resin Kit (SECRET LOVER TYPE)
Mushihimesama INF 1/7 Scale Resin Kit
Mushihime TAMA

I am not exactly rich either, so I do not have an entire collection yet. But surely and slowly I will eventally collect every piece of Mushihimesama merchandise that exist on earth.

PS. If you're an Persona fan please check out my guide on Persona 4 on gamefaqs and leave me a feedback.   read

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