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9:16 AM on 08.18.2010

My Top 15 Favourite Games

After seeing Trydan's Youtube video of his top ten games, I felt the need to make my own in reply. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing his favourite games of the last twenty years and so I show you my favourite 15.


Enjoy, I really liked making this and hope to maybe see others list or show theirs too. Here's why I love the games I chose so much:

Tekken 3

This was the first PS1 fighting game I played (after Streets of Rage) and me and my brother used to play it all day long. The backstory to each character intrigued me and I loved stringing together combos relatively simply. The controls were really well handled and it wasn't complicated to get a good grasp on (unless you're playing King).

Earthworm Jim 3D

This was my first Earthworm Jim game and I never played the 2D versions, however I loved the humour of Jim and the enemies as well as the way in which you could kill enemies (Lasergun, a boomerang axe, Chickengun etc.) and I found it extremely fun to play.

SSX Tricky

Out of all the Snowboarding games SSX stood out to me as unique as it was kind of how Tony Hawks 3 was to Skateboarding, it was a LOT of fun, wasn't too hard but allowed for a lot of repeat playthroughs and had an interesting range of characters (moreso than the previous SSX's), so Eddy was more technically skilled for tricks but slower, whereas Zoe was used for Speedruns with her slim, longer board.

I could play it for weeks and never get bored because I'd always be finding shortcuts, new tricks, unlockable content and new ways to get down a course. It was simply the peak of the SSX games in my opinion.


I'd grown up with Terry Pratchett's Discworld firmly planted in my head through the books my Dad introduced me to as a kid. I loved the lore and magical elements, the small details like Rincewind's stupidity but determination, the walking chest, a Death that is kind to people as well as funny, the concept of a secret organisation of wizards in an "Unseen" University that is enormous, the Black Arts and Guilds that were behind simple taverns, the world being held up by elephants on a tortoise etc. Each book provides insights into lots of peoples lives and the books are filled with comedy, irony and dark messages.

All these themes translated perfectly to the game and I played through it hundreds of times, noticing easter eggs and references to the books more and more. The gameplay was simple as I was very young at the time and I liked talking to a lot of the NPC's and collecting the items for the eventual ending. I think the item combinations were something that eventually led me to like Dark Chronicles on the PS2.


Again through family (my cousin) I became addicted to another game due to a Demo Disc he'd got from a magazine for Dreamcast (talk about old), Trickstyle. It was insanely addictive and I spent hours, days, MONTHS mastering the moves and combos to get as fast a time as possible in the speedruns and the highest scores in the trick competitions (the massive circular quarter pipe one was a bitch). My cousin thought I was insane at it as he could never beat the last race or beat my scores.

Anyway I found it really enjoyable because it had great music, a tight control scheme and I found a hoverboard game surreal but awesome (around the time Back to the Future came out) and I've been wanting another since. Airblade was good, but nowhere near the fun Trickstyle was. As a wannabe level designer I think looking back at it that's what made it even more amazing and a step above the rest.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

After playing the original on the SNES I felt it needed to be rebooted in 3D with a proper fight system. PoP: SoT was fantastic in that it ticked all the boxes for me. It involved freerunning slightly (which I love), had an interesting and unique story, a fluid combat system (although a tad repetitive), was intelligent in it's use of puzzles and was a very good length.

Jak and Daxter: The Precursors Legacy

This for me was the start of my love for silly and addictive 3D platform adventure games (as well as Ratchet and Clank). It just oozes humour at every turn with each villager having a anecdote to share, the people who help you along the way (Sage and Keira) and of course Daxters quips towards Jak's mistakes or other stupid people that you fought/talked to.

The scenery is really well designed with accompanying music (so going to various sections of the same level would trigger new music), the dialogue is witty and easy to follow with a relatively interesting story that kept me engaged.

Worms Armaggedon

After playing the original Worms on PC, I was addicted to Armageddon on the N64 with which I received Goldeneye too (for some reason it scared me) so my brother played the shooter, I played the platformer. A few things that kept me hooker was the increase in difficulty and finding new ways to win matches (locking yourself in with Girders, tunneling under enemies, locking OTHER people in with Girders, oh the rage that was had with no teleports left....), the challenges where the odds were stacked against you and of course the voices of the worms themselves. I even have "INCOMING! *rocket sound*" as my message tone.

Pokemon Yellow

Can't really say much for this one but I just much preferred Pokemon before the Third Generation and it was my first Gameboy Colour game, I adore it and play through it every now and then.

Splinter Cell

This was the game that started my OBSESSION with stealth games (cue Metal Gear Solid post play). The music is incredible, which sets the atmosphere for anything you do, the story was deep and different compared to the PS2 games of the time, it involved taking alternate routes or methods to complete a mission and going an entire campaign or level without killing anyone and trying to avoid being seen is just insanely fun for me. The tenseness and rush you get from the games makes me enjoy it more than other Third Person Shooters as it creates a deeper sense of immersion through light play (shooting lights, hiding in shadows, flashbangs, cutting electricity, blowing out candles etc. etc.) whilst changing music depending on the enemies.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Oh boy...a big one for me, and one I literally did become obsessed with playing. Each day after High School I would just sit down in my chair, flip on my 13" TV, 2 Speaker Sound System and PS3, and play till I went to bed. Over 100 days worth of play this game took out of my life. I couldn't stop playing. Scrims/pugs, Clanbase, Gamebattles, friendlies and competitive, fun games (Mike Myers, Old School Hide and Seek), anything, I just played it in out in out all day.

What's odd is, I didn't even know about this game when it came out. I just saw it one day and my friend said it was quite good. It became my favourite game for a good two years and helped me overcome bullies and shit in life as it distracted me from bullshit, and helped me find an awesome group of friends on the Playstation Network that would just come home from School or Work and just play all day and talk shit and mess around. It was great and I'll never forget it.

It kind of stole a lot from me but I had fun each time I played it. The Singleplayer was something unseen (bar MGS) really even though it was very short. The story was just fascinating to me with real life references (SAS, troops in Afghanistan, Taliban, Russian secret organisations) and involved amazing cutscenes, FMV's and gameplay especially. The tactical element was really interesting to experience as it was something you couldn't just rush through with guns blazing (like Time Crisis, Black etc.), you needed people to cover you with the AI being quite good I found, using stuns/flashes to enter rooms, taking cover and making ground such as the last mission in the game near the missile silos, even more so on Expert.

Of course All Ghillied Up, the sniper mission in Ukraine was something everybody loved, if they were a fan of sniping/stealth/BALLS AWESOME KILLING.

The Multiplayer was what really kept me though. The physics were dead on, non of this "wavy gun, super realistic recoil and plain hard to see red dot", it was just damn fun to play. It helped I rocked at it to which made me come back for more. The skill ceiling was quite high it seemed and I learned the maps, guns and wallbangs (shooting through walls) like nobody I knew. If I wanted I could list each class and it's perks right now, all five I loved it that much. It was so well balanced (except noob tubes and Juggernaut) that the game could be played for days, months and years, and still is. Nothing was overpowered or underpowered and all had their disadvantage and advantages. M40A3, R700, M4, Ak47, Ak74u, MP5 with Bandolier, Stopping Power and Deep Impact/Iron lung/Dead Silence: all amazing.

As you can tell, I ADORED this game and made me fall in love with FPS'.

Final Fantasy 9

Again this was my first foray into the Final Fantasy series and RPG's, and even at a young age (nine) I was struck by the deep character plots and interweaving stories that hooked me from the get go. I loved the simplistic combat system and liked the steady increase in how aware you needed to be of enemies weaknesses, the difficulty and the need to have a Healer to support a powerful Physical/Magic Damage Output, a Summoner and an All Rounder as a backup and general asskicker (normally Amarant for me).

I really enjoyed the story (more so than FFVII) and did quite a few multiple playthroughs and each time making new discoveries about the story, characters or easter eggs in the game; which there were plenty of. Another fantastic characteristic of the game was the side games such as Tetra Master, the Mog letter quest, Chocobo Digging (zomg so fun) and more. Final Fantasy X was even better for this and I still haven't finished that one because of them.

P.S. Sorry about the audio being not synced at the end, Sony Vegas Rendering + Youtube meant it felt the need to mess up the audio tracks. Also, I'll update this later with more games.   read

10:41 AM on 06.04.2010

Prophunt, an Introduction and Invitiation

Prophunt is a hunter vs hunted type game-mode, and originated from Garry’s Mod, and has since been adapted to Team Fortress.

There are two sides to play as, the Hunters and the Props. My reason for this post? To gain more awareness of this hilarious mod that I wish more people tried out. Running around shooting cups (a Prop) in a snowy landscape or running away from a gun wielding Half Life policemen (a Hunter) as a Snowman's Head is just a great gaming experience.

Anyway the premise of the game is for the Hunters to kill the Props. They start off with either a Half Life Shotgun or SMG, as well as a pistol. The SMG contains two grenades. Hunters start with 100HP, and for each object they shoot which is not a player as a prop, they lose 5HP. However if they use a grenade they can lose up to 45HP if a player is not hit.

Props start out as the character Doctor Kleiner (below) in the civilian pose, and can transform into many objects within a specified level. You can change the object to disguise as with the E key and you are able to change as many times as you like. The objects that players can disguise as are normally ones that can be affected by shooting/physics, and here is a small list of some of the things you can be:

Flower Pot, Signpost, Sign, Bucket, Telephone, Mug, Milk Carton, Paint Packet, a Dollar, a Wine bottle, Barrels (DO A BARREL ROLL, literally!), crates, wooden boxes or planks or even a PC monitor and MANY more.

This is the great thing about the game, it kind of teaches you to have a photographic memory. There have been many game maps where I just knew places of all the objects and if anything had been moved or was a replica or it simply was not meant to be there.

Now the unique properties of the item you choose vary. If you decide to go for a small but un-obvious item such as a keyboard, mouse, cup or shoe, you have between 1-10HP, but if you want more health you can be an office chair, desk or even a filing cabinet. The maximum health you can get as a Prop is 150hp

At the start of a round a Hunter (below) has to wait 30 seconds - 1 minute for the Props to hide, and they then have a prolonged period of time to hunt down the props and kill them. Only one Hunter starts off, but when he kills Props, they become Hunters for that round to hunt other players. You do not want to be caught first, as the first person caught becomes a Hunter next round (which is definitely fun still). The winner is determined if a single Prop survives or the Hunters kill all Props.

A clever idea to this game is that if you hide together, it provides advantages and disadvantages. One of the favourite methods is becoming a keyboard, with a friend or randomer being the mouse/monitor/office chair in combination with you which allows you to pull off a more creative disguise to fool the Hunters into not shooting you. However if one of you gets shot and becomes a Hunter, they will now know where you are unless you move.

Another idea is a conference table, with people being phones, chairs, filing boxes and plant pots to give it that real look. Anything you disguise as will appropriately give you the same physics as the object, allowing you to fit into corners or onto ledges/tables if you were a cup or phone. As a Prop you view the world in Third Person, as a Hunter you view the game in First Person.

A feature the developer put in that adds an extra bit of spice to the game is the various sound taunts the Props can activate whilst hiding (or simply running about). These range from short clips to drawn out ones for really teasing a Hunter low on health when he’s nearby or to help them if you’re feeling kind and its near the end of the round.

The rules are simple, hide if you're a prop and move if you get seen and if you're a Hunter, be careful what you shoot, try to memorise the areas and listen out for the taunts that are bound to help (or annoy) you.

I don’t think I can find my old Prophunt server unfortunately (as it had quite a cool community/group of people) but I have these IP Addresses for servers at the moment: (Possibly not online anymore)

I hope I see you around on the servers as I need to get back into the game myself, as it has been quite a few months since I played it. I know there have been quite a few updates since I last played but the premise should be the same. Don't worry about downloading externally, as when you join a Prophunt server it will download the appropriate maps and content you need to play.

P.S. Some examples of Prophunt. the taunts and the way it works:   read

1:17 PM on 05.26.2010

Half Life 2: now available Mac side [Shortblog]

If you haven't played it yet, get to it! Just thought I'd let people know if they hadn't seen it on Steam. The update for support was just released so grab it now.

Happy smashing Mac users!   read

4:23 PM on 03.03.2010

Good news Mac users [Shortblog]

I'm pretty sure you'll soon be getting support for it officially now. Pretty obvious after the OSX files were put into the steam folders. Here are the images and links.
Shacknews   read

2:12 PM on 11.24.2009

So, MGS: Risings' release date. [Shortblog]

I do believe it hasn't been announced yet. Well if HMV is to be trusted, that date will be the 26th of March, 2010. They could just have out that up there as a guess and not got word from Konami, but it's worth speculating if it really is in March, clashing with Final Fantasy XIII and a load of other games.

I noticed this when looking for PSN cards as supposedly they have been released in the UK since September. News to me, can't find them anywhere.   read

11:49 AM on 11.23.2009

Attention all British people. Facepalm alert.

It's an annoying coincidence that this has popped up as I was about to write about how games have helped me through the tough times in life, but bloody Peter Mandelson and his Empire have struck again. YAAAAY Britain.....


This is exactly why I hate governments. For you sir, a facepalm.

P.S. I'll still be writing that blog soon though so look out for that :]   read

8:23 AM on 10.24.2009

Modern Warfare 2: The Sentry Gun

Just thought I'd throw this out there for anyone who hadn't seen it. I just noticed it a minute ago.

I spotted it on the Steam page after looking at the story about Infinity Ward using Steamworks.

Now I don't know what this entails, but it could turn out to be really good or just unbalance the whole game. It depends on what type they go for really. The Killzone type, the manned sentry, one like Team Fortress 2's, who knows? I can't wait to see what it looks like. Unless it's just a gun being able to mount onto walls like World at War.

I hope they get the balance right otherwise it could ruin the game. Not to overpowered, not to underpowered, just right. What would you guys like to see? A purely machine gun sentry or with rockets, or other properties? Shoot.

Edit: Ah here's some more details. I didn't even know it was sort of public knowledge. Well here's some copy and paste from the Wiki:

"Sentry Gun is a multiplayer kill streak reward in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. After achieving a 5-kill streak the player can call in a helicopter to drop down an automated turret. Any players with the Cold-Blooded perk will not be targeted by the turret."

Interesting....   read

4:56 AM on 10.15.2009

Nerdrage: Check [Shortblog]

What. The. Hell. Activision.

So today Activision decided to raise the price of Modern Warfare 2, on PC. Brilliant. Cheers Booby Koshit for being a greedy bastard. And don't blame it on the recession.

The price is now $60/£45 on PC.

In other news, Team Fortress 2 got a load of bug fixes in today's update, which is nice :)   read

2:21 PM on 10.03.2009

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

Wow. Long absence is long. Hey Destructoid, thought I'd give you all a heads up that you can get Operation Flashpoint [2]: Dragon Rising for a ridiculously cheap price from Amazon for PC.

I almost wrote Operation Flashpoint [2]: Dead Rising as I just watched that epic video of Nick playing it set to an American song :]

Anyway, the deal. It's £17.99 ($28) for PC from Amazon from the UK store. Unfortunately I just checked and it's $38 there. But it's still knocked down from it's original price on both sites.

UK Site

US Site

Hopefully I'll find something to write about as I miss thinking up blogs and replying to everyone's comments. I think this might be the first ever Monthly Musing I enter as well, fingers crossed. Sorry I wasn't at the PS3 FNF last night, I'm finding it harder and harder to stay up late after a week of college.

Till next time folks :)

Edit: I can't believe I actually did write it wrong first time :)   read

12:45 PM on 08.07.2009

NVGR [S-Blog]...unless you are a PC Gamer I guess

This blog is news about the chart Microsoft released for Windows 7. The chart shows how you will upgrade from Windows Vista OR XP to 7 depending on which bit version you have (so 32 and 64 bit) as well as which model (Home Basic/Premium, Business or Ultimate). If you are running certain models of Vista, you will get an In-Place upgrade, whatever that means. If you are running other models, you will have to do a custom install.

Now here's the issue. Anybody using XP has to do a custom install no matter what version or model. So this is actually one bonus to Vista for once instead of it being missed off for everything compatibility wise and being mentioned as shit all the time.

If you use XP, you have to "back up, wipe your drive, and reinstall a totally clean copy of 7". Well that's lame.

I'm not rubbing it into XP's users faces, just thought I'd let you know.

"This is seriously Microsoft's Windows 7 upgrade chart, and it's ridiculous. It manages to highlight the insanity of shipping multiple OS versions while totally minimizing the good news: most Vista users will be able to upgrade in place to the corresponding 32- or 64-bit version of 7. That should cover the vast majority of people running Vista, but if you're still on XP or you're trying to do anything out of the ordinary you'd better get ready for some pain: all those ominous blue boxes require you to back up, wipe your drive, and reinstall a totally clean copy of 7. You heard that right -- the Windows 7 installer won't even try to retain your data and programs if you're not updating from the corresponding version of Vista. Pretty lame move, considering Microsoft is currently selling millions of copies of XP on netbooks and will sell XP downgrades until 2011 -- sure, we get that most netbook owners aren't going to spring for 7, but it's insane that you can't just pop in a disc and upgrade. Of course, now that 7's been released to manufacturing and the final bits are available there's not much to be done, so let's all just take a moment to contemplate the fact that Ed Bott at ZDNet managed to totally outdo Redmond's infographics people with a much friendlier chart with "about an hour" of work -- check it below."

Here's the more complicated version:   read

11:45 AM on 08.04.2009

Aborto's Ultimate Tag Team Contest: That SFII comic looks sexy

This will be my entry into the Contest to win the Comic Con swag offered up by aborto.

First up is the main man and vigilante of the team, Rorschach from the Watchmen graphic novel. I chose him as he is an excellent improviser and in any situation can think on his feet as well as being extremely strong and clever.

Rorschach doesn't carry weapons but due to his technical abilities he can conjure up pain in many forms. He fights dirty, just like the city he protects and I like that in a fighter. Add in the fact he's tactically brilliant not just in fights but in general and you would have one heck of a brawl if you were against him.

This man can handle multiple foes at a time and can deal with them swiftly and brutally, as shown if you've read the novel, played the game or watched the film. I do not want to be around when he dishes out the pain whether it be with just his fists, or his flipping pepper shaker.

Second in my line up is Fei Long, the tongue-in-cheek character from Street Fighter. As a mock up of Bruce Lee, but wielding great power in the right hands *cough* moi *cough* , Fei Long is a great adversary. He has the same attributes of Bruce Lee physically, aesthetically and mentally. He is not a superhero, he is an ordinary human trained to the peak of physical form.

Everyone reckons Chuck Norris is the strongest, most bad ass mother fucker on the planet. I don't think you'd be saying that so much after watching Way of the Dragon my friend, and considering Fei Long IS Bruce Lee (y'all just don't know he's back and funnier than ever), that makes him thee baddest mofocker here ladies and gentlemen. Now get on your knees!

This guy will snap your neck...upside down. How about that for a slice of fried gold?

I present to you, Sam Fisher, Splinter Cell's deadly lead character.

Sam would be great in pretty much any situation. He's great with any weapon, be it his great big, fat, meaty p---err knife, or his sniper-come-assault rifle, so you know he'll be good with it. He can either be the long range character, sitting at the back, dispensing his med kits, sniping people, or he can be up close and personal with his CQC (Close Quarters Combat) skills, laying the smackdown, holding people hostage or just breaking some poor guys and gals necks, poor sods.

Non of this stupid emo crap, whining about being a bit wet, not working for anybody but himself, using car mirrors for spying equipment. Oh no no, I'm talking the real deal boi. Modern Warfare 2 Night Vision Goggles, eat your heart out!

This is Sam Fisher, and he's outside your door aborto, coming to get that swag for me!

So that's my three man line up, Rorschach, Fei Long and Sam Fisher. I just noticed as well, that all these characters are great improvisers.

Hope you enjoyed the read :]   read

2:59 PM on 07.27.2009

My Advice for Sony

Long time no blog Dtoid. It's been nearly a month now since I last blogged as I've just been lazy and playing games, as well as having nothing that sparked my mind into creating something. I'm not sure how to start this so I'll just delve right in with a list on how Sony can improve the PS3 and it's popularity.

1) The XMB (Xross Media bar)

For those of you who don't know, the XMB is the vertical and horizontal navigating system with which you do all your tasks on the PS3. Personally, I think it looks gorgeous, and looks very nice. However, there are issues which are constantly trying to be improved by the Playstation team (I hope).

Loading Times

The first issue is Loading Times. Generally navigating around the PS3 is not an issue, however, loading up the profile should be instantaneous, unfortunately, it isn't, it's fast, just not Xbox fast. Another area that should be instantaneous is your friends list whilst in game. Do you know the main reason why it loads slowly? Because of the avatars. Every time you look at your friends list, it has to load each image. I'm all for the avatars, as they provide a personally touch to your name, but they should not be such a hog on a very powerful system.

Of course however, developers and Sony are always learning about the PS3's architecture (as with the Xbox and Wii I'm sure), and some of these issues may be wiped away eventually. But Sony need to get their act together and listen to the community.

Trophies and Syncing

Trophies also used to be an issue, but Sony fixed their loading times fairly well. They could be a tad faster in game, but it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be. There is one thing that bothers me, Syncing.

Say you are playing Street Fighter IV, you check your Trophies, then switch to Dead Space. If you check your Trophies again, you will have to do a short Syncing process which shows a progress bar from 0-100%. It doesn't take long, but the point is, it shouldn't be there in the first place. Sony need to get on with research into how to get rid of that process. Changing game should not mean "Syncing" the trophies every time you do. If anything, this process if it cannot be removed, should be done in the background (like PC's do and possibly Xbox's do) either whilst the game is loading or as the game is being played.

Make Vidzone more noticeable.

I'm note saying "Force it in our faces Sony", but make the default top XMB symbol on the Music category like on the image above. This is just a minor annoyance as the service is a really good one at that. It lets you browse pretty much ANY music video that's ever existed, free of charge, with reasonably good video quality, extremely good audio quality and a great streaming loop.

By default, the default music XMB symbol is Playlists. Now I know that's only one down from Vidzone, but it just raises the awareness and usage of the product if it's the normal symbol. I would understand if the reasoning for not putting it at the top is because then people might constantly keep loading it when they just want to play normal music tracks, but i don't think that's how Sony thought about it.

System Settings

Allow System Settings (or at least some) to be changed whilst in game. Now I'm no PS3 software engineer, but I know for certain that some of the settings could be changed whilst in game. I won't list them as their are too many little options that should be adjustable.


Reduce the RAM usage, or fix the XMB to work in the way a PC works, with background processes going on so that nothing needs to load. At the moment the PS3 uses 74 MB of RAM, whereas the Xbox only uses a tiny 32MB, half of that of the PS3. Did you know the XMB reserves 48MB of RAM AT ALL TIMES? That is atrocious and is more than the Xbox alone.

If you don't know, having a lower RAM footprint is better :) Now it seems in the last mystery PS3 2.80 update, they improved it's RAM usage slightly, but not enough and it needs to be made even smaller.$1314390.htm

2) Home

There are three main issues with Home at the moment.

Game launching.

There are simply not enough games that support it. This isn't Sony's fault, as shown here:

But they should be contacting the game developers to make Home spaces and to include the Game Launching ability when they release a game or as an added patch. Instead they are relying on us, the community, to do it ourselves. Doing it this way takes much longer and is not a guaranteed method. All Sony have to do is implement one rule. This rule is to force developers to include Game Launching, just like they did with Trophies, therefore making any game release after 2009 to include Trophies.

Making Trophies takes a lot longer than creating a simple code to start up a game from a Invite or Request, so I believe it is just Sony's laziness that is the cause of this.


If there's something strange, in your neighbourhood. Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

Just....just....get rid of them Sony. Make the clothing and face features less resource hungry on your internet connection and the PS3.

Trophy Rooms.

THIS. This is what Home needs more than anything I think. At first I thought these rooms might not be practical, but they are damn cool! But these spaces would provide a few purposes. You can talk about the game in hand to people in the room. 90% of the people there would be there because they want to talk about the game, want to pick up the game and find out more about it, to Game Launch from that area, to compare trophies, to browse around and see what trophies they are missing or want or that just look good or to just socialize.

Sony, if you ever see this blog, there are about 10 reasons that I will give you for free as to why to implement Trophy Rooms/game spaces as a priority and as a mandatory rule to game developers. Surely Sony has some people sitting around brainstorming somewhere, and if they don't, hire me and people here with great ideas god dammit!

3) Adverts.

Since I've owned a PS3, guess how many adverts I've seen for it? FOUR.

Four adverts. In 3 years. That is ABMISSMAL. Sony, how do expect people to notice your product, when they've never even seen it before? The four adverts I have seen are two This Is Living adverts, one being the grenade one, and the other being the crazy puppet circus/latex-fest combined with fluffy dogs advert, and the game Transformers and Harry Potter.

This Is Living adverts were a complete waist of time, and did not get across the message that the PS3 is a game and media machine combined. And the two games adverts weren't exactly good or popular games. They need to advertise in Europe more like they do in America or Japan, such as these:


The thing is, I've never seen these adverts in Europe, I had to go on Youtube to look them up in the past, and I only found two. That's pretty bad. These below are not the way to advertise a console:


I'd buy this game Sony.

Just some tips Sony, take 'em or....lose your market share :]   read

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