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6:55 AM on 04.25.2011

Pre E3 2011 Thoughts

Now ladies and gentlemen I am a schmuck and a internet newfag. I used to spend all my time trolling around the baron land of mediocrity known as youtube. I used to spend time stalking prey, acting like a smug bollocks, being a pathetic human being etc. Yeah well I'm done with that shit, I'm turning over a new leaf, and that starts with doing blogs here on Dtoid. I love this website, it has everything a gamer like me could possibly want. Its a great source for gaming news. It has great video content. An a fat bloke named Jim who bitches about everything. WHAT MOAR COULD YOU WANT!?!11

But srsly this blog is my first. So if it sucks to you, feel free to rape me.

E3 is one of my favorite times of the year as a gamer its that point in the year where a bunch of great games and systems can be announced.

An example would be castlevania lords of shadow. That game had a huge amount of hype behind it and in the end because of that hype I only enjoyed it more.

I suck at posting images

But this years E3 should like always be great so people I hope you enjoy this blog of my pre E3 2011 thoughts

Now this years E3 will probably be focused more on nintendo than anyone else because of project cafe.
Rumors have be going around the net like mad saying that the big N where planning a new console stronger than the current gen systems, it would have a backwards compatibility with the wii, it would have a controller with a touch screen? I don't know about that.

Other rumors has been saying that sony and microsoft are also planning their next generation of systems too. So who knows we may see dare I say it......The PS4 and Xbox 720 this year? (lol sarcasm) seriously though I do think something is in the works for them but I doubt they will have anything at E3 this year like that its just a hunch. (FYI my hunches suck)

Some of the games I'm personally looking forward to the most on hearing about are Asura's Wrath, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Last Guardian (Which got fucking DELAYED UNTIL LATE NEXT YEAR FFFFFFFFFFFFF) inSANE, Saints row 3, GTA 5, (Yes rockstar stop lying to us we know its coming just announce it already!) and finally Max Payne 3.

First off I'm a huge fan of action games and Asura's Wrath looks fucking awesome. The action in the trailers revealed so far has been nothing short of bonkers. It just looks like god of war on acid and that ain't a fucking bad thing!

That looked like it hurt......


Promising the return of near every single major Tekken character since pre Tekken 2
this game will have one of the largest fighting game rosters ever. Jun will be back.
True ogre will be back. I can't wait! Heres hoping my beloved Gon will make a return.......somehow.......

Right Harada-san. Now where is Doctor Geppetto Boskonovitch?

Not even gonna say a word on Last Guardian everyone is looking forward to it everyone loves Team Ico BLAH BLAH BLAH


Guillermo Del Toro is one of my favorite directors of all time. Heck I even enjoyed some of his dodgier work like Mimic.

inSANE will be a cool game. At least I think so.
Its meant to be the first part of trilogy from what I've heard, And it will be made by volition (The makers of Red faction and Saints row)

Honest opinion: Dunno what the heck to expect. I'm going into it blind.

And now for the last three games I'll clusterfuck two of them together.

Grand Theft Auto V and Saints Row The Third

I'm probably the only person alive you'll ever meet who enjoyed GTA IV and Saints Row 2 equally

I love open world games and these games will be the cream of the crop at E3 this year

I look forward to being butt naked with a traffic cone on my head, blowing peoples heads off then kicking them in the crotch.

Please be better than red dead redemption.....

THQ take my money right now. PLEASE!

And finally there is Max Payne 3 the series that nearly everyone has forgotten about in this gen of gaming. Thanks to series like Gears Of War and Uncharted. A time when games where less tactical and were just balls to the walls action.

Not to say those series are bad Its just been along time where I have not played a game that depended on a cover system. Its good to see the series make a return heres hoping there will be more info on the game at E3.

From what I've heard the game will pick up 12 years after the second. It will also have flashbacks to explain the gaps and also explain how Max ended up in Sao Paulo.

James McCaffrey has been confirmed as Max's voice in the game (Thank god no one can voice Max like McCaffrey can) and its set for release sometime next year and I can't wait.

So yeah thats me done everyone. There are some other games I'll mention but only quickly.

Btw these are my dreams that will likely not see the light of day (At least for now)

Timesplitters 4
Dante's inferno 2
Darksiders 2
An announcement of the next oddworld game
Half life 2 Episode 3
Condemned 3

Those things will never happen me thinks :(

Anyway thanks for looking at the crappy first blog!

Now here come the trolls to rape my ass for sucking :D

(Btw if there are any grammar errors please tell me because I suck at english and typing. What can I say? I'm a newfag)   read

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