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Just moved into Uni

Just moved into KCL for my 3 year Computer Science course. My gaming live is pretty much zilch because I'm being a fresherstard and going to ever event I can lay my vodka soaked, empty walleted mitts on. And Xbox Live doesn't...


Halo 3 Competition

Long story, read the full DToid CBlog craziness here thanks to iRaf I'm getting my hopes up. But it's currently 1am and I'm all hoped up on caffeine. But I'm like that when I buy a scratchcard, so I should probably get a hol...


Question to Puzzle Fighter players

Ok, after playing the game and remembering how awesome it is and it being one of the few games I like playing online, I need some help. Which character do I choose? I get the pattern return idea, and that Dan is a joke char...


Master Chief at Madam Tussauds

Halo fanboys should go and take a cold shower now. Leaked shots sent to the guys at GamerTagRadio suggest that a certain spartan may be arriving at Madam Tussauds some time soon. Apparently it's pretty much to scale and stands about 7ft tall. Probably will be unveiled in a fantastic explosion of marketing sometime soon. Read the original forum post


Am I a bad person?

Googled for a Bioshock image and got this. Nothing to do with my post :D Ok, I completed Bioshock early this afternoon (Don't worry, no spoilers) and I had a bit of a gaming moral point. Should I trade the game in? The ga...


I need friends

Like a coke-addict getting rid of hill billy heroin loving prossies, I emptied my Xbox Live friends list of Achievement boosters and the like. So now I only have a few friends. I need more. Direct link here lulz I'm up for any Super Puzzle Fighter and whatnot. ADD ME!


A momentous day!

10K Gamerscore, w00t w00t w00t! Finally managed to get over the 10000 points mark with a little help from Bioshock. Managed a nice 6 hours run, wearing nothing but my Guinesss underwear and surviving only on garlic bread a...


Some XBLA Prices halved for Labour day

For this weekend only a few games are getting 50% price cuts: Zuma, Small Arms, Dig Dug, and Gauntlet. So Zuma and Small Arms will be 400 points and Dig Dug and Gauntlet will be 200 points. Definatly nice news for me: Small ...


About ZigZagManone of us since 2:28 PM on 08.19.2007

Zigzagman is an 18 year old gamer, currently at Uni doing Computer Science and not enjoying the lack of Xbox Live.


Add me, I need friends :D

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