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Zeta Crossfire avatar 6:04 PM on 06.29.2010  (server time)
Fanboy tuesday (start of a hopeful new series)

Fanboy Friday was one of my favorite series on Dtoid and since It's been gone I have been kicking back the idea of starting for up on the cblogs. Today I'm going to give it a shot trying to bring the series back to life. The reason I've chosen Tuesday over Friday is because It's the worst day of the week. Monday might be the day you head back to work/school, but Tuesday is when you realize you still have a week left. It will probably take awhile for me to get my rhythm with these so any feedback is appreciated. Here we go.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 came out awhile ago and has been getting rave reviews. It currently has a 98 on metacritics and has been the talk of Wii owns for awhile now. It seems everyone loves this game... Well not everyone...

"how does this game get a 10 for graphics? in my opinion if you dont have a HD system you cannot get a 10 in graphics. Are you telling me that Uncharted 2, MGS4 or are on the same level graphically than Super mario Galaxy2??!"

Your typing the comment why the heck do you have to say "in my opinion" Anyone else find that annoying?

"wh-wh-wh-WHAT?ign NOT being 360 fanboys? Whoa! What is this, it seems like the end of the world. N E way glad theres a nother good game on the Wii that's not a generic fps happy . Don't worry LBP2 and The last guardian will all get 10s as well. sad day for 360 owners"

Of course Mario Galaxy 2 is a sad day for 360 owns. Becuase this game got a 10 Microsoft has officially closed shop. "Because Mario Galaxy is so unbelievable awesome we give up." Microsoft also confirmed that they will still be charging people 50 dollars a year because they can.

"sigh another crappy mario game!"

Of course because mario games are sooooooooo bad.

"This review makes me laugh. I have been fine with all of the games IGN has given 10's to, but this review SCREAMS FANBOY!"

Obviously because a mario game got a 10 the reviewer is a FANBOY! Because everything mario obviously gets a 10.

"i don't even have to know anything about this game, to know that it's not a 10."

I can also foretell that Zelda will be horrible and Kirby is shit, and the 3ds is a conspiracy to make young American children sterile.

"Take THAT Grand Theft Auto IV!!! As much as that game was fantastic, it was NEVER a 10. A very high 9 but NEVER a 10. Glad to know this game got a perfect score. Truly deserving, congrats! "

My favorite part about SMG2 (which is obviously an open world game) Was when I hijacked that castle parked it behind a building and paided peach for sex. I then beat the shit out of here and got all my gold coins back. Love that game.

"You are right Rodriguer2000 a bunch of games and their developers do buy/bribe/intimidate their way to 10's. GTA4 is a prime example. MGS4 is another prime example."

They say pills and alcohol don't mix, but you could of fooled me.

"The first Mario game in the main series that doesn't seem to innovate gets a 10/10..."

See above comment

"firstly this is on the Wii which has the worst graphics of any current console and can't even support high resolution. Giving this a 10 is just crazy. Obviously paid under the table for this review."

I agree, Metal Gear Solid is like the worst game ever, I mean, it was made on the PS1 and those graphics are sooooo outdated I mean I can see the pixels. <insert rolly eyed emoticon here>

"doesnt deserve a 10. Hell how can it get a 10 in lasting appeal and graphics. The graphics seems like PS2 level."

because graphics obviously make the game.

"Kratos and Master Chief can suck each of Mario's balls."

The game on my favorite platform is obviously the best. All other games suck. I'M NOT LISTENING I CAN'T HEAR YOU LALALALALALA!

"bullshit. ok. red dead redeption get's 20/10 c'mon ign.. mario game over red dead redeption? do you see the mastery and the mountain of work that went into that game? mario is just some galexy 1 upgrade. obviously insane wii fan rated this game lol."

OMG! I heard a game I haven't playede got rated higher than a game I like! Something must be wrong! I must tell everyone about this extremely grievous error! TO THE INTERNETS!

If you see any fanboyism let it be a video or comments drop me a line and I'll be sure to include it in the future.

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