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Zeta Crossfire avatar 10:46 PM on 03.05.2010  (server time)
2 of the worst fanboys/trolls on Dtoid

Here are two of the worst fanboys/trolls on Dtoid and some of the comments they have made. I didn't dive as deep as I wanted to for quotes because of time, but I did grab a few that personifies trollness.


"Stop whining that you don't have a PS3... everyone knows that the XBox is the poor man's Playstation."

"Will I be allowed a LIVE profile called XBOXUSERSAREGAY?"

"Fuck off Halo and take your wierd alien pow pow zap zap guns with you. I'm sure millions of children are stoked though, they love that shit. I'll stick to MAG, Bad Company 2 and Heavy Rain myself."

"Hey Chaos, yeah I'm having a lazy afternoon at the office and you knows a troll's gotta troll. i'm just here for the lawlz."

"Surely everyone who wants a 360 has already got one? I mean they're cheap as chips now.
I'm pretty sure MS only make these bundles for people who've had 360's, they've RROD'd but need the lure of a big game like Splinter Cell to persuade them to replace it.
I suppose, little kids are turning 12 and becoming 360's main demographic everyday"

"Next time your Xbox RROD's, just try leaving it alone for 24 hours. I'm pretty sure that'll sort it out for you."


SexualChocolate has some pretty good troll quotes, but not as many as our next troll...


"Typical of their laziness. No PS3 version. Whatever. We have more than enough exclusives that are far better than this"

"LMAO! PC folks playing with a poor man's version of a PS3 exclusive"

"This scores better than Heavy Rain? What do you expect, its an Xbox game and look at the reviewer! "

"Realism in MAG >>>> Aliens and plasma nonsense in Halo. And can Halo do 256 players? No. Halo is crap. Always have and always been. Suck it Xbots"

"MAG owns this crap" (in reference to Halo)

"Not surprised garbage sells on the 3shitty"

"Its disgraceful how a highly rated game is being unfairly criticized due to one person's obvious console bias. This is why we never get innovative games. Because of morons complaining and nitpicking"

"M$ is holding back the industry and uses deplorable means to get a leg up. M$ employees can die for all i care."

"This will demolish anything on the 3shitty. Sony has won! Now and forever!!"

"ts fixed. I have my trophies back. The rest of you fanboys can stop crying because Sony has done what they promised to do, fix this problem. Unlike M$ who still HASN'T fixed the RROD problem. So stop being babies and thank Sony for their efficiency"

"Of course Xbots will be stupid enough to waste money on this. They've already bought the 360 to begin with...LMAO"

"Heavy Rain was a masterpiece and in NO way deserve to get outscored by a shitty $20 budget game on the xfail.
Jim gave Heavy Rain a 7 and Deadly Crap a 10?!! How is this not biased?!!"

"Fuck you! FUCK YOU! You pathetic loser piece of shit. You keep downplaying the year's most innovative and emotionally charged masterpiece because your ass is so far up in M$ head. You think this is funny? This is not, you loser. Sony has 2010 in its hand and it kills you to see it winning. This goes the same for your xbots. Sony is winning. Either get over it or kill yourselves!"

"Fat fuck bashing Heavy Rain yet fellating over a POS budget title on the 360. GTFO!"

"If the 360 can run Uncharted, then where is it? It can't even run MGS4 with all its glory without probably RRODing then blowing up because its a defective POS.
Only PS3 makes it possible. ^___^"

"M$ IS getting desperate. They have 0 worthy exclusives while Sony has been dishing out AAA exclusives like MAG, then Heavy Rain then GOW3. Even WKC is a better RPG and a REAL RPG game tham Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 2 is a glorified shooter where xbox nerds dream of scoring with alien women LOL."

Patriot has waaaaay to many good quotes and I just chose a few, seriously a few.

Sexualchocolate can make a intelligent post once in awhile but overall he is pretty bad. Patriot Snake is by far the worst Troll I have seen on Dtoid in my year of being here.

Seriously you two do you even read what you post? Where you beat as a child? Seriously how fucking stupid do you have to be to do what you do. Grow up, get a fucking life and GTFO off my Dtoids.

(Thanks Halidar for the pictures.)
^fuck this guy as well

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