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2:26 PM on 01.18.2010

Top 5 video game music

Most of you wont agree with this list. Music comes down to personal taste and no list will be the same. Agree or disagree, here are my top 5 video game music choices.

#5: Dynasty Warriors, Straight ahead
I just love this song, just listen to it. When im playing DW and this song kicks in I really do feel like a god. Its just fantastic. There are few songs that I just absolutely love and this is one of them. Say what you will about the Dunasty Warrior games but one thing you can't say is that they have bad music.

#4: Final Fantasy Prelude Theme
Final Fantasy has all kinds of great music, every single game Final Fantasy game as music that deserves to be on a list like this, but what better song to put on the list then the one that's been in every Final Fantasy game. The music was absolutely perfect the first time you heard it in the first Final Fantasy but they managed to make it better and better as the years went by.

#3: Secret of Mana, Fear the heavens
Just listen to that, go on listen before you read any more. Do you hear that? What you hear is one of the best music pieces for a video game ever. I almost don't want to use this because it sounds very cliché but the music touches your soul. This piece is so masterful its shame its not as recognizable to people today like the Final Fantasy Prelude music is.

#2: Halo, Main theme
When I first played Halo back in 01 I was to young and didn't care about music as much. But even then I fell in love with this tune. Every time i turned on my xbox to play Halo I would hum this tune, even when I went into the game and was hearing different music. I love this song so much I can claim it as my own personal theme.

#1: Mega Man, Dr. Wily Stage
Jesus christ just listen to that! Now that is 8 bit music at its finest. Today for me there are few tunes that are as good as this. If you tell me your pulse didn't race while listening to this in game then you are not human. There are times where I will just go on youtube to listen to this song, It's THAT good. Capcom I bow down to you.

So there's my list, hope you all enjoyed them. Agree or disagree with me in the comments.   read

8:31 PM on 01.17.2010

Top 11 games I want RIGHT NOW! (in no order)

Do a really need a reason to include this on the list? Look at the video and tell me you do not want another Rouge Squadron. The original was amazing, and the ones on the Gamecube where fantastic so theirs no reason for me not to want another one. Factor 5 should of just made another Rouge Squadron game, but instead they made... Lair...

Neotokyo is right now one of my favorite mods. If you have never played the game *slaps you* its basically Ghost in the Shell but in FPS form. The mod is crazy fun but this game really needs a big publisher to back it and for them to make a retail game. Playing a full retail Single player multiplayer Neotokyo game would be absolutely amazing. A game of this caliber deserves nothing less.

After what Nintendo gave us on the Gamecube they owe it to there fans to bring back FOX.

When i first saw this trailer my jaw hit the floor. It is indeed a simple trailer but the possibility a C@C FPS bring are endless. Sure the first one didn't do so well BUT SERIOUSLY THE GAME LOOKS AWESOME!
Could not pass EA's high quality control standards? And G.I. Joe did? Bad EA, bad.

The only other game that I might of played more then rouge squadron on the N64 was perfect dark. The game was absolutely amazing. It had a fantastic single player, fantastic multiplayer the game was perfection. Sure we got a prequel on the 360 but you could tell It was a rush job. Comon rare, I know you guys are not known for amazing games now a days but bring back the old girl one more time, please? And if you do make sure its not rush....or I will find you....

Damnit blizzard I want this game RIGHT NOW! Seriously, LOOK AT THAT TRAILER! Right now i don't care if its "up to blizzard quality" just release the game at half price on steam or something and I would buy it without hesitation.

One of my favorite Zelda games ever is Majora's mask, The fact that you will die in 72 hours is today (to me) one of the most unique game play elements ever. The game is just so fantastic that I would kill for a equal, hell remake it for the Wii and I will take back everything I have ever said about you guys.

Rare, I know you don't make good games anymore. But after you make that new Perfect Dark game could you get around to making a conker 2? KTHXBAI!

Eat Lead the return of matt hazard had an amazing story, gameplay though fell through big time. Recently Matt Hazard got another chance at greatness in his side scroller XBLA/PSN release blood bath and beyond. But sadly the game FKING SUCKS! I want a matt Hazard game with a great humorous story and game play thats not made of fail. Is that to hard to ask?

NEW SHINING FORCE GAME! and or port to steam or xbla
I'm not much into 2D games, but one game I absolutely love is Shining Force. I still play the game to this day. Sega, I know you don't make good games anymore (there is a exception to every rule) but if you could bring this to XBLA or steam with an HD upgrade hell bring this game back as a franchise and I would throw money at you. Please?

(flame shield activate) I actually liked Phantasy Star Universe, I thought it had a great story and addicting gameplay but even I know i could of been better. Sega please for the love of GOD make another Phantasy Star game and PLEASE put more effort into it. I will give you a freakin kidney if you do that.

Well those are all I can think of atm, if you have any to add feel free to leave the game name in the comments.   read

1:52 AM on 11.30.2009

Simpler days...

When the N64 came out i got really into gaming. I was a young kid at the time and just being able to tap a button and have something happen on the screen amazed me. I would go to my local KB toys store and look at the video game shelf's behind the counter and just stare at the box art. I was not a informed consumer at the time, I would ask my mom to buy a game based off the box art. I really can't imagine doing that now though, in 2007 i really got into games. And by that i don't mean just playing them, I got into what i like to call the video game culture. I would read reviews, go to blog sites, forums, and everything like that and its then i started to notice that those simpler days where long gone.

The first game i was ever hyped for since joining the video game culture was Assassins Creed. It was the first game I ever actually went online and tried to get every bit of information for, its also the first game i ever read reviews for. When the game came out I loved it i really did, but half way through i started hearing on forums about how people hated the game and i saw some negative reviews and some time during my play through of the game it stopped being fun. Looking back on it I say this happened a lot and sadly it still is something i struggle with. Maybe I'm a bit naive but being in this culture, listening to other people, and just talking to them about games started shaping my views.

back in my younger years of playing on my N64 I never did play a bad game. I owned maybe 50 N53 games (rich grandparents are rich) and i played every game from clay fighter to Zelda and like i said before I never played a bad game. I remember playing Blood Harvest, Mega Man 64, Mission Impossible, hell even army men and having a great time playing them, and to this day i see people considering them some of the worst games on the 64.

maybe that's growing up, maybe my taste in games have changed. I just miss the days where i could just play a game and have fun with it.


So that was my first blog, please don't tear me apart i promise i will get better. The hardest part about writing this was just putting it into words. I have everything i want to say in my head and if I talk it out to a person it actually makes sense! I tried to put it into a format people can easily read but I know its messy and I want to put down 5 more paragraphs about how i fell but I don't know how to make it fit, this is blogging stuff is hard. I guess the first time is always the hardest.

Thanks for reading.   read

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