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ZeroCoolPodcast's blog

Zero Cool Episode 78: Autumn gaming with Kyle MacGregor
9:44 AM on 12.31.2013
Zero Cool Episode 77: Steam Machines and Grand Theft Auto V
9:56 AM on 10.07.2013
Zero Cool Episode 76: PAX Prime 2013
12:36 PM on 09.16.2013
Zero Cool Episode 75: The return of JohnnyViral Questions
2:03 PM on 09.08.2013
Zero Cool Episode 74: How many Pop Rocks could you buy for that?
4:38 PM on 08.20.2013
Zero Cool Episode 73: E3 2013 and other cons
12:42 PM on 07.07.2013

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Zero Cool is a gaming podcast featuring current and former Destructoid writers. Cast members include:

Sean Carey
Jordan Devore
Andrew Kauz
Darren Nakamura

We talk about games!
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Good day, ladies and gentlemen.  I know it's been a long time since our last one.  Several technical glitches and life got in the way.  Still, here's the episode, featuring the silky smooth awkwardness of Kyle MacGregor.  We talked about the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as if they weren't already out, because it was recorded when that was true.  Here's everything else.

- Current gen
Battlefield 4
Borderlands 2
Device 6
Pokémon X/Y
Saint's Row IV
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Killer is Dead
- Break! (Music: "Nodeland Memories/Sunrise Gathering" from Proteus)
The Stanley Parable HD
The Wolf Among Us
Marvel Puzzle Quest
The Last of Us
Plants vs. Zombies 2
Hyrule Historia
Beer Pong!
Dragon's Crown
Electronic Super Joy
Typing of the Dead: Overkill
Granny Smith
BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia

So as usual, you can stream the show on our Podbean, download it here. Leave a comment and let us know what you think, and we'll see you in the new year to discuss our favorite games of 2013.

Good day, ladies and gentlemen. We've got a new episode of the Zero Cool Podcast for your listening pleasure. This week, we welcome Brett Makedonski onto the show. His audio levels are a little low (we know), but we'll get that sorted out if he ends up as a recurring fixture. We talked about a sandwich of games between the bread of Valve announcements and Rockstar games.

- Valve announcements
- Fantastic Arcade
The Binding of Isaac
Dead Space 3
- The Art of Video Games exhibit
Gravity Ghost
Cookie Clicker
Legend of Dungeon
- Break! (Music: "I'll Follow the Shark" from the Frog Fractions soundtrack)
Time Surfer
Volgarr the Viking
Boson X
Magic: The Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014
Grand Theft Auto V
- Listener Questions!

So as usual, you can stream the show on our Podbean, or download it here.  Leave us a comment if that sounds like something you'd like to do!

Good day ladies and gentlemen! In an effort to get these out in a relatively reasonable amount of time, we have a new episode for you. This one was recorded only a week ago, and that was just a week after PAX Prime 2013. Darren and Jordan talked about the games they saw at PAX, while Sean stewed about staying home. Here's everything we talked about:

- Audiosurf 2
- Octodad: Dadliest Catch
- Crypt of the NecroDancer
- Pixeljunk Inc.
- Fantasia: Music Evolved
- Galak-Z
- Samurai Gunn
- Hotline Miami 2
- Aaron Linde in the Omegathon
- Secrets of Rætikon
- Owlboy
- Transistor
- More Omegathon stuff
- Break! (Music: "The Modern Things" by Björk)
- Gravity Rush
- Spelunky
- New Little King's Story
- Rymdkapsel
- Gone Home
- Saint's Row IV
- Steamworld Dig
- Black Bar
- Libertalia
- Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep
- Love Letter

So as usual, you can stream the show on our Podbean, download it here, and you should definitely probably leave us a comment. Did you see anything cool at PAX that we missed? Let us know!

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!  We've got a new(ish) episode of Zero Cool ready for you, and in it, we see the return of the JohnnyViral Question, a former staple of the series.  Note that this was recorded before PAX Prime 2013, so some attitudes come up in response to a question about webcomics that were not informed by the most recent controversy.  We'll probably talk more about that during the next episode, which is recording today!  Here's what we talked about in this episode.

- Phil Fish and Fez II
- New StreetPass games
Pikmin 3
Borderlands 2
Papers, Please
Mars War Logs
Cloudberry Kingdom
The Walking Dead: 400 Days
BeatBuddy: Tale of the Guardians
- YouTube Missile Command
Charlie Murder
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
- Oculus Rift
- Listener questions!

So as usual, you can stream the show on our Podbean or download it here, and you should probably leave us some comments, and maybe ask us some questions for next time.

Good day, ladies and gentlemen!  It's time for another slightly belated episode of the Zero Cool Podcast.  This one was recorded shortly after the Steam Summer Sale, so we had a lot of PC game talk this time.  What all did we talk about?  Find out below.

- Summer blockbusters
System Shock 2
- Steam trading cards
The Last of Us
Dust: an Elysian Tail
Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes
Magic: the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014
Super House of Dead Ninjas
Rogue Legacy
The Saboteur
Bit.Trip Presents: Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
The Swapper
FTL: Faster Than Light
Civilization V
Surgeon Simulator 2013
Tomb Raider
Space Alert
Pixel Defenders Puzzle
- Listener Question!

So pull up a chair and kick back, or listen to us while you work, or whatever!  Stream the show on our Podbean or download it here.  Leave a comment, too!  If you want, you can contact us on Twitter at @Dexter345, @dtoidjordan, @walk_your_path, and/or @kauza.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! Due to scheduling issues, as well as several conventions and expos, we haven't had a chance to record in a while. Here we are now, with show covering a pretty large amount of games. Which games? These games!

- Betrayal at House on the Hill
Tomb Raider
State of Decay
Little Inferno
Scurvy Scallywags
Formula D
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Warhammer Quest
Witcher 3
Call of Juarez: Gunslinger
LEGO Heroica
inFAMOUS: Second Son
Dead Ahead
Dungeons and Dragons
Super Mario 3D World
Pikmin 3
Tzolk'in: the Mayan Calendar
Mice and Mystics
Rush Bros.
Break! (Music: "Terra's Resolve" by Chad Seiter from Balance and Ruin: Final Fantasy VI OC ReMix)

So as usual, you can stream the show on our Podbean, or download it here! Let us know what you think in the comments.

Also, you should sign up for Teton Con 2014, probably.