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Zero Cool is a gaming podcast featuring current and former Destructoid writers. Cast members include:

Sean Carey
Jordan Devore
Andrew Kauz
Darren Nakamura

We talk about games!
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Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!  We've got a new(ish) episode of Zero Cool ready for you, and in it, we see the return of the JohnnyViral Question, a former staple of the series.  Note that this was recorded before PAX Prime 2013, so some attitudes come up in response to a question about webcomics that were not informed by the most recent controversy.  We'll probably talk more about that during the next episode, which is recording today!  Here's what we talked about in this episode.

- Phil Fish and Fez II
- New StreetPass games
Pikmin 3
Borderlands 2
Papers, Please
Mars War Logs
Cloudberry Kingdom
The Walking Dead: 400 Days
BeatBuddy: Tale of the Guardians
- YouTube Missile Command
Charlie Murder
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
- Oculus Rift
- Listener questions!

So as usual, you can stream the show on our Podbean or download it here, and you should probably leave us some comments, and maybe ask us some questions for next time.

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