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Zero Iscariot's blog

12:30 PM on 11.29.2009

Forza Motorsport 3: Ghosts of Bizarre's Baby

Update: My post on linking to this editorial was completely deleted and I am now not allowed to post new topics without them being moderated first, lol. I guess I hit too close to home with this articl...   read

3:32 PM on 09.22.2009

Halo 3: O(ld)DLC

The title is pretty self-explanatory I think, no? Say it 3 times fast then.   read

8:13 AM on 07.13.2007

Things just got re-interesting-er!

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's David Reeves stated that the 60GB PS3 is going the way of the 20GB model and being discontinued in late July in favor of the 80GB version, meaning that the console is still $599 American. ...   read

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