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Dtoid-Retro-Advent-Calendar (unofficial), Dec. 3rd

Ooooooooh boy.That is basically a two word sentence that sums up my experience with this one. Though I noticed, why I remembered that game so fondly in the first place: -the story is complete bonkers, but in an X-Files-campy way- the combat system is freaking amazing and still one of the best I've ever seen.To be fair, however, it fell ultimately short of what it set out to be.


Dtoid-Retro-Advent-Calendar (unofficial), Dec. 1st

Hey everyone.Welcome to this first (of presumably quite numerous) posts from me during the month of December. Well, I could go on here, but as they say, a picture says more than a thousand words, so what do millions of pictures say? GIBBERISH!!!!!!Just wanted to give this awesome community something back. Luv y'all.....and sorry in advance. I really can't afford a better camera <.<


Zer0's Top 15 for '15

Yeahyeahyeah I know "2014 sucked SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard, 2015 can only be better" While I agree that the industry with its sheananigans and some internet trolls have been roughing things up a bit, 2014 wasn't a b...


Happy New Year Dtoid

Ohai guys, how ya doin'? Fine, I hope. So let's all welcome the new Year and hope for the best, video-game-related, but also in personal matters because let's face it: if the world is falling apart, it's just not the sa...


An open letter to #GamerGate

Hey Gamergaters,   yes you there. You know, I'm a rather laidback guy. I don't really care a lot about other people's opinion, as I don't see how this affects what I like, but today, I learned about Operation Colber...


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