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ZephyrGamgee avatar 9:18 AM on 11.01.2012  (server time)
Pokemon Ghould

As you may know last night was Halloween. A very spooky night where kids go out dressed as bumblebees and fast-food items, while adults sit at home and watch the Shining between handing out candies to said kids. But for me, since it was a Wednesday and no one has parties on Wednesdays, I was stuck in my apartment with seemingly nothing to do. Then things got all too spooky.


I opened my rom for Pokemon Gold, or as it will hereby be referred to, Pokemon Ghould. To have a good time and to wait a little while for The Shining which came on at 11pm.

It started out as innocently as any Pokemon game... Until the main protagonist was revealed to be Freddy Krueger! Of course, since Freddy died in a fire probably, the Pokemon he chose was the fire Pokemon, Cyndaquil which he then named Cerberus, after the hell dog what has 3 heads. Yes, you're right, it hadn't occurred to me that Cyndaquil is actually a porcupine, and that spooky reference doesn't really apply.

Freddy ran errands for a tree doctor or something, until he ran into his rival, ASH. The mysterious boy that steals Pokemon and has red hair like fire so it makes sense that he is Freddy's rival and also that his name is ASH. Freddy won their fight, because Freddy had a fire pokemon, and Ash had a water pokemon. Fire is strong against Water I think, because I had a fire once when I was cooking bacon in a frying pan. I tried to throw water on it, by the fire only got bigger.

My next goal was to get a bunch of bats to put in my PC. So that if anyone opened my PC a bunch of bats would fly out and scare them! So I caught six Zubats and named them: Alucard(so it's cool and cryptic and only goth kids know his true form), BelaLugosi, SkyDolphin, Bat Man, TeamEdward, and ImpalerVlad. I also caught a Spinarak named DrDreadful to fill my PC with cobwebs and such.

I didn't get much further, but I did manage to tackle the ghost tower. Which I immensely appreciated, somehow Nintendo knew I would do a Pokemon Ghould playthrough and they gave me an easily accessed haunted house. I caught a Gastly in there named "oOo A Ghost".

Then to top off my spooky party, I got myself a Mareep named WearWoolf. And cheated for an Aerodactly named Boo-Ridley.

So the moral of the story is, Pokemon isn't spooky. No matter how hard you try, you'll only look ridiculous.



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