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Pokemon Ghould

As you may know last night was Halloween. A very spooky night where kids go out dressed as bumblebees and fast-food items, while adults sit at home and watch the Shining between handing out candies to said kids. But for me, s...


Probably My Favourite Game Ever

Damn right it's Happy Feet 2! Happy Feet 2 is a game about dancing penguins that dance and solve puzzles. The main objective of most levels is to dance your way(by holding the square button) to an obstacle, then ground-po...


When All You've Got is Animal Crossing

Back in 2003 a close friend of mine used to visit me very regularly. At that time I was pretty stupid and didn't really know how to entertain guests. Luckily for me she was seemingly fine with watching me play singleplayer vi...


My Spirit Pokemon

You may be familiar with the concept of a spirit animal. It's some made up stuff to make people sound cool. Apparently, I have the honour of being a hippopotamus. Although, the test didn't seem very professional, I'm not sure...


Quick Update: Terrible Read

Hey guys I'm back again. I've been extra busy lately and decided to give you guys an update, before your memory of me completely disappeared. I've been having troubles with bills and such, as two of my rommates moved out, be...


Atrophment Whore

Urban dictionary defines a trophy whore as: "When nerds repeatedly suck the living fun and essence out of playstation 3 games for the sole purpose of collecting trophies." I found myself playing through a terrific game this...


I Made an Oath

When I was just a wee lad in the first grade, I was assigned with making a life goal. Now, I didn't go with one of the usual goals; get rich, become the most smartest, become a better righter, or get married for money. No, I ...


It's Been a While

I moved out of my parents house three years ago. I had an interesting relationship with my parents, it certainly wasn't one you'd see on the teleovision. My parents were pretty cool and junk, and they'd occasionally share a g...


About ZephyrGamgeeone of us since 4:28 PM on 04.22.2011

I was born at a very young age. I am much older now.

You can find me on twitter: @zephyrgamgee

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