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9:18 AM on 11.01.2012

Pokemon Ghould

As you may know last night was Halloween. A very spooky night where kids go out dressed as bumblebees and fast-food items, while adults sit at home and watch the Shining between handing out candies to said kids. But for me, since it was a Wednesday and no one has parties on Wednesdays, I was stuck in my apartment with seemingly nothing to do. Then things got all too spooky.


I opened my rom for Pokemon Gold, or as it will hereby be referred to, Pokemon Ghould. To have a good time and to wait a little while for The Shining which came on at 11pm.

It started out as innocently as any Pokemon game... Until the main protagonist was revealed to be Freddy Krueger! Of course, since Freddy died in a fire probably, the Pokemon he chose was the fire Pokemon, Cyndaquil which he then named Cerberus, after the hell dog what has 3 heads. Yes, you're right, it hadn't occurred to me that Cyndaquil is actually a porcupine, and that spooky reference doesn't really apply.

Freddy ran errands for a tree doctor or something, until he ran into his rival, ASH. The mysterious boy that steals Pokemon and has red hair like fire so it makes sense that he is Freddy's rival and also that his name is ASH. Freddy won their fight, because Freddy had a fire pokemon, and Ash had a water pokemon. Fire is strong against Water I think, because I had a fire once when I was cooking bacon in a frying pan. I tried to throw water on it, by the fire only got bigger.

My next goal was to get a bunch of bats to put in my PC. So that if anyone opened my PC a bunch of bats would fly out and scare them! So I caught six Zubats and named them: Alucard(so it's cool and cryptic and only goth kids know his true form), BelaLugosi, SkyDolphin, Bat Man, TeamEdward, and ImpalerVlad. I also caught a Spinarak named DrDreadful to fill my PC with cobwebs and such.

I didn't get much further, but I did manage to tackle the ghost tower. Which I immensely appreciated, somehow Nintendo knew I would do a Pokemon Ghould playthrough and they gave me an easily accessed haunted house. I caught a Gastly in there named "oOo A Ghost".

Then to top off my spooky party, I got myself a Mareep named WearWoolf. And cheated for an Aerodactly named Boo-Ridley.

So the moral of the story is, Pokemon isn't spooky. No matter how hard you try, you'll only look ridiculous.




8:34 AM on 10.27.2012

Probably My Favourite Game Ever

Damn right it's Happy Feet 2!

Happy Feet 2 is a game about dancing penguins that dance and solve puzzles. The main objective of most levels is to dance your way(by holding the square button) to an obstacle, then ground-pounding to solve said puzzle. Yes, all puzzles are solved by ground pounding. Sometimes there are other cool missions though, like a bobsled-style race into the ocean. Although, that race can be beaten without pressing any buttons. There are also cool quick time event dancing sequences where you have a dance off with some penguin who thinks he's tough shit! You'll never top my moves asshole!

Perhaps the only downfall of the game is, sadly, the story. As you may know, Happy Feet 2 takes place in Alaska. And as you should know, penguins don't live in Alaska, in fact they live on the opposite side of the world! In Antarctica! That's just lazy writing if you ask me, knowing the facts on the animals in your game is a must.

Aside from the lazy writing though, it does kinda make up for it in it's cutscenes. Cutscenes are done in this cool avant garde way, where it's not a video, it's just moving stills of penguins while they talk to each other about the hardship of being a penguin or something. I don't really remember because, if I'm being honest, I was high the whole time I played.

There is also co-op! The co-op makes the game twice as good, because then you're guaranteed to have at least TWO dancing penguins on screen at all times.

Which brings me to my next point. Along the way in each level you pick up more penguin friends on your journey. In fact it's mandatory to get your penguin buddies, because sometimes there is a minimum penguin limit to advance to the next stage of the level. I must say, having 5, 6, or 7 dancing penguins all in your troupe is a fucking good time.

+ It's got penguins
+ It's got dancing
+ co-op
+ It's adorable

- Alaska

All in all I'd give the game 7.5 radical headbangs and a sticker that reads "Rockin'"


9:56 AM on 07.30.2012

When All You've Got is Animal Crossing

Back in 2003 a close friend of mine used to visit me very regularly. At that time I was pretty stupid and didn't really know how to entertain guests. Luckily for me she was seemingly fine with watching me play singleplayer video games and switching off every now and then. At this time I was big into a few relatively new releases, Animal Crossing and GTA: Vice City. Her favourite game was Animal Crossing, but when she came over all she wanted to do was play Vice City. I figured this was because her parents didn't let her play these rated M games and used me as a way to enjoy them, that or she just had great taste. It was great fun, as I'm sure you all know, killing people, shouting racial slurs at Cubans and Haitians, listening to A Flock Of Seagulls "I Ran", it sort of became our thing. However, one day I was invited to her house, the anti-Vice City house and we had to change our game plan.

So we were at her house just sitting and talking and looking at each other, y'know like regular human beings, when she mentions that she wishes she had Vice City so we could play some more. Then I had a momentary lapse of brilliance, I had thought of a way to bring the Vice City experience to Animal Crossing.

She had no idea what I was planning, but I promised her it would all be worthwhile. I created a town called Miami and began working for Tom Nook(Every kingpin has to start somewhere right?). Once I had paid off my debt I was ready to take over Miami. If you think about it, Animal Crossing and GTA are essentially identical. Both are about earning money and power and supporting friends while you take down your enemies. So, I head down to the tailor to create some designs for my gang, y'know, guns with bullets firing, a gang symbol so people recognize our turf, some police tape for crime scenes, the outline of a dead body, pretty standard Animal Crossing fare.

Now I'm sure you're wondering how I could turn this cutesy game into a GTA-style experience. Well let me explain how things worked in Miami. You became friends, or enemies with the animals in town based on the way they reacted to you and the way they treated you. You would do favours for your friends, and you would try to drive your enemies out of town. The most common way of finding a new enemy was based on the way your friends talked about them. For example, my best friend Cube didn't like Billy, because Billy was always borrowing stuff and not returning it. His nickname for Billy was "flaky" because he was always flaking around or something fucking stupid like that. It was then my job to retrieve the "stolen" item from Billy and proceed to force Billy out of town. This meant going to the acre billy lived in and putting up signs of gunshots pointing at his house, kinda like a drive by. As well as putting up my gang sign so people know who did it. I would then proceed to chop down all the trees and dig up all the flowers on his lot and drop garbage all over the place to make his area real ugly. Next I'd dig holes around Billy so he could not move anymore. Finally I would send him angry letters full of insults and obscenities, kinda like the comments I leave some of you idiots on this site.

Eventually Billy got fed up and ditched town. That is when I go in and place down the police tape, outline of a corpse, and gang signs. This was done to claim the turf as my own, and send a message to those who think of (animal)crossing me and my friends.

In the end, this new form of Animal Crossing became our favourite thing to do(only for a few days, it gets boring after a bit, there's only so many times you can do that...).

Animal Crossing is kinda like an art game almost. It's a game about nothing, but it's a game where you can do anything as long as you've got creativity.


12:03 AM on 06.27.2011


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6:17 PM on 05.31.2011

My Spirit Pokemon

You may be familiar with the concept of a spirit animal. It's some made up stuff to make people sound cool. Apparently, I have the honour of being a hippopotamus. Although, the test didn't seem very professional, I'm not sure if I trust those results...

Building on that, I thought it'd be interesting if I found my spirit Pokemon.

In this endeavor, the first Pokemon that came to mind was Charmander. Charmander was a childhood favourite of mine. However, if you surveyed the entire world, the majority of people would say charmander or charizard is the best Pokemon ever. And I'm not some conformist hipster, so this couldn't possibly be my spirit pokemon.

My next thought, my true favourite pokemon: Gengar. As much as I like the design of Gengar, and think he's the best looking Pokemon ever, I simply couldn't be him. He's a ghost, implying that he's dead. I, on the other hand, am very much alive. To add to that, he also has a frightening appearance that is sure to scare some people off, unlike me, the most handsomest man ever(no pics means it's true).

Now I must delve deeper into my interests. Well, I am a psychologer in training, so maybe I'm more suited to a psychic pokemon. Alakazam? No, I couldn't rock a mustache, plus spoons are gross. Hypno? No, I don't believe in magic. Slowpoke? No, I'm not a retard(sorry). Jynx? No, I'm not bla-- I mean, I'm not a woman.

Perhaps my love of electronics would make me an electric type pokemon. First Pokemon to come to mind was Jolteon. I'm not really a Jolteon fan though, I much prefer Vaporeon, Espeon and Umbreon. Then I thought of the concept of Eevee. Eevee essentially symbolizes any middle-classed white person living in North America. Your options are limitless, you can be anything you'd like. This brings me back to my psychic point, I chose to be psychic. Perhaps my spirit Pokemon is Espeon.I pondered this for a moment, then it hit me, cats symbolize women! Once again, I'm not a woman.

Thinking back on my spirit animal now, I'm a hippopotamus. This narrows my search significantly. Perhaps I'm a hippopotas. No... No, I can't live in a desert it goes against my nature. That leaves only one option. I never thought this could be true...
\/ \/
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\/ \/

10:38 PM on 05.28.2011

Quick Update: Terrible Read

Hey guys I'm back again. I've been extra busy lately and decided to give you guys an update, before your memory of me completely disappeared.

I've been having troubles with bills and such, as two of my rommates moved out, because they got married(don't worry, they're a guy/girl, not that there's anything wrong with gay marriage >.>). So, to cover this months rent I had to sell my 3DS. Although, I'm sure to have it back by July, I am deeply saddened, even though it got very little use.

In other news, I got a job, which has been taking up a lot of my free time. I work at a bestbuy as the cashier guy, no big deal. On top of that, the summer program at school started on Tuesday, I have a 2 hour class every morning on the weekdays. It's a darn shame. That's 10 hours of my day dedicated to work. With my much needed 8 hours of sleep, I've only got 6 hours of gaming, eating, socializing, internetting and blogging. So, I had to eliminate one of these: blogging. Fret not, this stoppage isn't permanent, you'll get to see me embarrass myself with poor writing on a regular basis soon enough.

In terms of gaming, I've done my usual Summer schedule; Super Mario Sunshine and my backlog. Playing Super Mario Sunshine at the start of June has been a ritual of mine since 2004 and I must say, with all modesty, I've gotten pretty damn good. I started today, got 40 shines so far. The game is still as fun as ever. No matter what the haters say, Mario will always be my go to franchise for definite fun. The games all seem to be timeless(except SM64), sure their graphics can't keep up, but the gameplay can go head to head with any and all current platformers. I guess that doesn't say much though, the genre has diminished greatly over the past few years.

I also played through and completed LBP2 and Ratchet and Clacnk: Crack In Time. The former sucked and the latter was great. That is all.

In more recent gaming, I also got my hands on Portal 2. I found the singleplayer to be... lacking. Sure, chapters 3, 7 and 8 were great, but the rest felt just like filler to me. A lot of them didn't even have puzzles... On the other hand, I did really enjoy the humour of the game, and I was always entertained, so I'd give the single-played an 8/10. As for the multi-player, I thought it was terrific. Playing with a friend is fun enough on it's own, but rarely do you see co-op this well designed. There's no filler parts like in the singleplayer, it's just test upon test, upon test. It's one of the best gaming experiences to date it is very much Portal 2's saving grace, a perfect 10/10 from me.

Well, yea, I'm still here. Sorry for an all time low in quality, but I'm very tired and didn't have much to say anyway. I'll get more active around E3.   read

8:50 AM on 05.09.2011

You're Doing It Wrong: Listening To Music

If you decided to read this blog, chances are the title applies to you. If you knew you were doing it right, you wouldn't waste time trying to learn how to do it properly, unless you're a moron, in which case, please read.

I'll try to make this as simple as possible, because I don't really know how ears work, so i can't get into the technical mumbo jumbo. However, there is a process to listening to music, and you've all got it wrong.

A Stereo
a pen or pencil
iTunes(or some other music downloading system)
Some form of MP3 player.

If you don't the required materials, I suggest you go stock up, don't worry, this blog will be here when you get back.

Ok, so you're going to want to begin with the radio. First off, format it in such a way that you get at least 5 different genres(make sure you've got some rock and roll on there, otherwise you'll be shunned by people with taste). Now listen to it for a week or so, hear some good songs hear and there, take a few mental notes, remember the songs you like. Write all the artists of said songs down, and come back here when your list is full.

Now, you still know what songs you wanted right? Right?! Ok, go through the list of songs, and mark off your top 3. Then, go find mommy's purse and take $50 from there. Bring that cash to the local music store, and buy the three albums the songs are on.

Now, I'm going to use the Weezer album, Pinkerton as an example(because those who have the aforementioned taste will have obtained this album). What you're going to want to do is load the CDs into your Stereo, and have a listen, you know, just to feel out the songs. After listening to the entire album, take a short break, you don't want to wear these songs out, maybe go replenish your fluids, or empty your bladder. Here's where the process get's tricky, make a list of all the songs on the album. Then, when you listen to it a second time, take note of the songs you enjoy. Before you listen though, make sure your stereo is at the correct level, not so loud that you can't hear anything around you, but loud enough to hear the bass line of a song. Because if you can't hear the bass, you're missing out on a lot. Have you ever heard the bass line in, "The Lemon Song" it's totally raunchy, John Paul Jones is an otherworldly demon.

1. Tired Of Sex
2. Getchoo
3. No Other One
4. Why Bother?
5. Across The Sea
6. The Good Life
7. El Scorcho
8. Pink Triangle
9. Falling For You
10. Butterfly

I want you now to cross out the songs you didn't love.

1. Tired Of Sex
2. Getchoo
6. The Good Life
7. El Scorcho
9. Falling For You

What you're leftover with are the songs that will be entering your database. To field the question, "Why did you get rid of great songs?" I'm making an example, normally when listening to Pinkerton, you keep every song on there.

Hold on big boy, you aren't done yet. You have to make a separate playlist, for those songs you really enjoy. So, on those days when you're feeling really special, you can listen to your elite class of music. You know, the day the pregnancy test came back negative, or when your welfare checks come in, or when you're about to sneak into the theatres to see the latest edition of Fast and Furious, or when you get invited into the neighbours house for popsicles. However, don't make the mistake not including these songs on your regular playlist, they must be on both.

Final Product:
1. Tired Of Sex
2. Getchoo
6. The Good Life
7. El Scorcho
9. Falling For You

You're now ready to indulge in the great invention known as music.

//this was a joke, even though I'm totally right!
//did yall enjoy it?   read

9:42 AM on 05.08.2011

Atrophment Whore

Urban dictionary defines a trophy whore as: "When nerds repeatedly suck the living fun and essence out of playstation 3 games for the sole purpose of collecting trophies."

I found myself playing through a terrific game this past week. You may be familiar with it, it's, Majin and The Forsaken Kingdom. I found myself doing something that I hadn't done in my 4 years of owning a PS3: trophy hunting. I sadly gave up on going for the coveted platinum trophy, and in that, realized why I don't trophy hunt and what might drive me to become a trophy hunter.

Playing through Majin I was able to pick up the very easy, completionist trophies. There was something very rewarding about the pleasant chime of earning a trophy. So, I made a point of getting as many trophies as I could've. Until I was faced with three trophies that were beyond my willpower. One was beating the game after obtaining every collectible in the game. One was killing 50 enemies via traps, in order to do that one I would've needed to start a new file. And finally, one that required me to collect all the "memory shards" in the game(memory shards only appear at night, half the time they're unavailable). Now, these aren't exactly challenging trophies to obtain, they're just mind-numbingly tedious. As far as trophy hunting goes, Majin is a very easy platinum.

Majin is an easy platinum, just imagine what another game would be. There are games that ask you to play through the game on 5 different difficulty settings. Others that ask you to bowl a turkey in the absolute worst bowling mini game of all time.Some that ask you to make $1,000,000 when you don't even need money to progress in the game. To me, this all seems menial and boring. I get that it adds incentive to the game, but at least include trophies that have relevance to what you're playing. Offering trophies for playing a game twice isn't replay value, it's just another reason to dislike the game. It seems to me as though trophies are a way of condescension. It's the developer saying, "You haven't enjoyed the game unless you've done all the things we've asked you to do". Or perhaps it's an excuse to say, I haven't fully enjoyed a game, because I haven't done all the nonsense I'm told to. Or perhaps I'm over-analyzing a "fun" reward system.

After reading the previous paragraph, you may have already deduced what draws me to trophies. Trophies handed out for completion. Trophies for obtaining all the power ups, playing through the story, doing sidequests, etc. Trophies that hold substance, things that give me reason to complete them. So what if it makes getting all the trophies/cheevos a lot easier, is the developer going to lose any of it's reputation for rewarding it's fans? Heck, I'd like a game even more if it gave me a ton of virtual rewards just for playing it. It'd seem like a way of thanking me for giving the game a shot. Plus, I wouldn't have to spend double the game's length trying to boost my digital ego.

There are some games I would trophy hunt, but sadly they don't have that capability. Those games are Nintendo games. I have 100% completion on every Mario platformer since Super Mario 64. I have 100% completion on every Zelda since ALttP. I would love yo be rewarded for this. These are games I love to log 50+ hours into looking for every nook and cranny in the game(animal crossing achievements? Yes please!). It's platformers and action/adventure games that make me want to play until I've gotten everything, something that is sadly almost non-existent on the PS3 and 360. Hopefully Project coco beans will bring in this capability, and I'll finally see the light.

I hope my rambling weren't too appalling.   read

10:33 AM on 05.07.2011

I Made an Oath

When I was just a wee lad in the first grade, I was assigned with making a life goal. Now, I didn't go with one of the usual goals; get rich, become the most smartest, become a better righter, or get married for money. No, I stuck to who I am as a person. It seemed, even as a snot-nosed 5 year old kid I still had my priorities straight. I drew a crude picture of me holding an uglier version of an N64 controller, and said "I want to become better at video games". This portrait has remained in my bedroom for the past 16 years, as a source of inspiration and a driving force in my gaming career.

This isn't the real deal, but it's a near duplicate. My camera phone wouldn't dare capture a laminated painting

So, a few days ago I cracked open my childhood favourite: Banjo Kazooie cartridge, and threw it in my N64. I looked at my childhood score. It was almost 17 hours to get just enough jiggies/notes to scrape by and defeat Grunty(I don't think I was able to, but I at least fought her). I took 4h:24m out of my uneventful Wednesday, and went for 100% completion of the game. It was done. Looking back at the oath I took, all I could say was, mission accomplished. However, this will be an ever-present goal, that will always be sought after. The best goals are goals that are never finished.

The reason I post this is because I haven't said much in the past few weeks, and wanted to show that I was still alive and well. I do find myself very busy trying to balance; sports, gaming, social outings, other interweb obligations and blogging, but I make a point of every day to spend at least 30 minutes reading your blogs. For the most part, you're all terrific writers(much better than myself), and I enjoy what you have to say. I'll try to start commenting on more blogs and whatnot, but I don't have much to add to a lot of these postings.

Thanks for reading.   read

2:54 PM on 04.25.2011

It's Been a While

I moved out of my parents house three years ago. I had an interesting relationship with my parents, it certainly wasn't one you'd see on the teleovision. My parents were pretty cool and junk, and they'd occasionally share a gaming session with myself. They even set aside their Saturday mornings for a lengthy session of Dr Mario on the N64(without my supervision!).

My father is a child at heart, much like myself. He even wormed his way into one of my primary social circles(sort of). In the glorious years that were junior high, our summer schedule was run on routine. Come to my house, walk around, go home for dinner. Then, come back afterward and play a game of football or ball hockey. This is where my father comes in to play. He made quite an effort to get me into sports(and I thank him for that) and thus, he would play with my friends and I. The conversations held throughout the sporting events were generally just a string of sex jokes. And my father, being the experienced of the bunch, always had the best jokes. Thereby becoming almost friends with my friends. After copious amounts of physical activity, we'd all file into my abode for a glass of water and many rounds of Super Smash Bros. Melee, or Mario Kart Double Dash. My papa would always watch us play a few rounds, then leave. He wouldn't dare touch a controller, for fear of losing his "My friends' cool dad" status, as he is the type of gamer that leans into his turns on a racing game, or moves the controller up and down when jumping, or can't find the "x" button.

One day! I walked in on him watching porn... I mean, playing Mario Kart. He told me he was training so he could compete with my friends during our cool-down gaming sessions. I decided to keep his secret, and even help him become a better gamer, because it would've taken a lot of hours to get on the level that myself and my friends were on(500+ hours on one game is what winners do, amirite?). Now, as I may or may not have mentioned, I already had a good relationship with mon papa, this only furthered it. A few months later, he was ready to enter the realm of competitive gaming. Needless to say, he lost almost every game, almost every time.

Since then he has really jumped into gaming, perhaps not at the level some of us are, but at a notable level. When I moved out he bought a PS3 of his very own. He is more or less a frat gamer(a gamer that spends much of his time on sports games and call of duty). Logging most of his gaming time on Gran Turismo 5(he bought the wheel and all that fancy shit).

You might be wondering where I'm going with this. Well, on the weekend I made the obligatory Easter visit(mainly just to watch the hockeys games(go Habs go!)) and he surprised me with two copies of Portal 2! One for me, and the other for himself, so we could play together. See, my father also happens to be a very intelligent man(gee, I like to toot his horn, I guess I take after my mother(gross)) that loves puzzles and physics, so this game was perfect for himus. I guess I've been living under a rock for the past week, but I just got home today and much to my surprise, PSN is down! Oh joy! PS3 only does: Homwewrecking

12:18 PM on 04.23.2011

Square is Lying to us, the Fantasy is Never Final

Iíd like to take the time today to talk about a series Iíve become well-acquainted with. That series would be, Final Fantasy. Over the past 8 months Iíve completed 7, 8, 9, and 10 of the series. It was only my first playthrough of 10, the rest Iíd already spent a good amount of time with, but hadnít completed. The reason Iím sticking to these four is not because theyíre my favourite(the order for that would be 9, 12, 7, 10, 6, 4, 8) but because theyíre the ones that Iíve played recently enough to still have them in my memory.

Final Fantasy VII: arguably the most iconic of the series and the one that really resonates with most people. It was when the Final Fantasy franchise had really become a presence in the western market. An early PSone game, FF: VII took most by storm; with itís great character design, fun gameplay(rather dated by todayís standards thoughÖ) well-imagined world and terrific story made for one of the best games of all time.

I suppose FF: VII has a leg up on itís successors, because it laid out the formula that they would all subsequently follow. The main character: Cloud, the confused, distant lead man who is unsure of his past(see: Tidus, Squall, Zidane). Barret, the tough guy who is blinded by his passion and determination(See: Steiner, Wakka). Aeris, the love interest of the lead character, the healer of your party(See: Garnet/dagger, Yuna). Cait Sith, the jarjar binx of the game(see: Quina). Tifa, the hot girl with the nice tits(See: Lulu, Fran, Garnet). So, in the originality regard, FF:VII gets my props.

The combat is a bit dry if you try to go back to it, but back then it was sufficient. It was the standard melee or magic formula that most JRPGs use and didn't do much to really engage the audience. Sure, it had some interesting cinematics, but when a game is that ugly it doesn't really bring the player in.

The ever present story never ceases to entertain me. Itís hard to sustain a story for 40+ hours, and the FF: VII story did get a bit wonky at times, but all in all I was pleased. The first 25 hours of the game were enthralling, however, after that it lost me and only regained my interest near the end. This is fine though, as much as I would prefer the story be good throughout the whole game, a lacking story isnít going to make me stop something Iíve invested 25 hours into.

Itís certainly not perfect, and is dwarfed in comparison to games that release nowadays, but it holds a special place in my heart and earns itís spot as my third favourite FF of all time.

Final Fantasy VIII: I donít have much to say about numero eighto. It never sat well with me. Perhaps itís because it felt like the entire game was just a graphically smoother Final Fantasy VII. Although, this time around there were no memorable characters, and a much worse story(I donít even remember it, and Iím playing through it right now!!!). Maybe it was the, ďbringing a knife to a gun fight and still winningĒness of the game that threw me off. Or maybe it's because it felt like a combination of every other final fantasy, but a very conservative combination. It seemed afraid to go there. I didnít even like the game, how could it be anywhere but the bottom of my list?

There was one thing about the game that I did enjoy, oddly enough. It was level grinding. The battle system didnít do much to set itself apart from the rest of the crowd, but I could sit for hours and grind. Perhaps it was the bonus damage hits given from quick time events that kept me so engaged, but I could just lose myself in endless random encounters.

Final Fantasy IX: Closing out a very memorable era for Final Fantasy, the PSone era. FF9 had a lot to live up to. Both 7 and 8 were very well received from critics and fans alike, and rightfully so. This time around Square went with a new direction, a direction I prefer. They chose a steampunk setting(seemingly futuristic world, but runs on steam). Match this incredible setting with my favourite cast of the franchise, and it makes for one helluva game.

All the characters felt real this time around. Whether or not I liked the characters, they all fit and ultimately helped the story. There is a difference between a well done character and a character you like. A character you like can be someone totally irrelevant to the plot(i.e: Tingle from the Zelda series), but a good character is someone who adds to the story, and has real substance. For example, I hated Eiko, but she was essential in FF9, she helped Garnet and Zidaneís relationship flourish, she gave Garnet confidence, she made the whole outer-continent experience seem plausible and she fit in well with the other characters. Steiner was another terrific character. In the beginning he's just a hardass, kissass servant of the Queen. He'll do anything to foil your plan and bring the Princess home. Then something special happens. Steiner sees Queen Brahne and Alexandria for what it has become, and has a moral epiphany. He then begins to rebel, and see the other side of things. He even gets the girl in the end! How could you not fall in love with Steiner?! He's so cool!

Vivi. That is all.

The combat is the same old, same old. However, the boss fights can get pretty intense, because these guys are insanely hard. You better come with two leprechauns and all the shiny pennies youíve been saving, because there arenít many better times to use them than hereÖ Okay, maybe not that hard, but theyíll definitely give you a run for your money. Theyíre also thrown in quite often, which gives the game a little more ďoomphĒ, so to speak.

Final Fantasy X: The one that made the most sense. Final Fantasy ten didnít really make sense, but it did moreso than the others. It was able to stick with the original plot throughout the entire game. Thatís not to say I was entirely satisfied with the story. One thing that really bugged me, was the lack of a main character. Was the story based on Tidus and Jecht, or Yuna and Seymour, or Tidus and Seymour, or Tidus and Auron, or Oíaka and Lulu? With no one really assuming a definite role, it was hard to be rooting for someone. Sure, I could be rooting against Seymour and Sin, but whoís to say that I donít prefer them over Tidus and Yuna, and should just stop playing so that I donít have to defeat them? Another thing is, thereís so much build up. Yes, it did have a great story, but the story didnít truly unfurl until 20 hours had elapsed. This is a very dangerous move, it could either pay off really well, or fall flat. I wasnít really invested in the characters as I previously mentioned, so it didnít do that much for me. SO, although I did enjoy the plot, it didnít work to itís fullest extent.

There is one thing that really impressed me, that both FF9 and 10 did. This was the mass destruction sequences. For example, Burmecia and the tree from FF9 and KIlika, and the crusaders battle from FF:X. To see total destruction in a matter of seconds is both shocking and entertaining. Itís the road less travelled in gaming, but itís a truly great road and these small glimpses of it is truly a spectacle.

One last thing about the story. Itís an idea I enjoyed, but it was poorly executed. This relates once again to the lack of a main character. About half way through the game, the world seemingly turns on Yuna and her guardians. The Maesters trying to prosecute Yuna, Seymour on a relentless mission to capture Yuna and destroy everything in his path, their friend, Isaaru turning on them, the Al Bhed ambushing them, etc. This creates a sense of desperation. Desperation is a very good way to go when tell a story of a hero. However, when there is no hero to root for the desperation is lost under a sea of apathy. Add to that the lack of a goal, sure everyone was against them, but it just seemed like they were running from the law. They werenít fighting for themselves, or trying to end a corrupt system, or even trying to fight the people whoíve turned on them. They just say, ďwelp, nothing to do but kill sin now, weíll deal with all these problems some other time.Ē

Final Fantasy 10 broke the barrier with itís gameplay. It finally fixed the one thing that had plagued the series prior. The ability to switch characters mid-battle made the game much more entertaining, fast-paced and better for giving out experience. Each character had itís own unique ability, which meant they could specialize in specific enemies. This added a very evident and easy layer of strategy, but still enough to change it up a bit. This made the required grinding seem less like a chore and more like a game. One of the best battle systems ever in a turn-based RPG.

The excellent battle system keeps the game respectable, despite a very disappointing story.[/size]   read

4:57 PM on 04.22.2011

It Took Me A While To Find The "Post A Blog" Button

Seriously, I spent a good five minutes looking for it.

So, uh, I'm a new guy here. I'm assuming it's free to join, but if not, I'm willing to perform sexual favours. I guess an introduction is in order...

If you can find my bio you will see very much about myself, so I guess it takes away from the need to write a blog about who I am. However, I will add to what is already there(in the form of a list, because I'm feeling lazy).

- I own a; Sega Genesis, NES, SNES, PSone, N64, Sega Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS2, Xbox, Wii, Ps3, Gameboy, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Advance SP, DS lite and 3DS

- My favourite game of all time is: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

- My favourite game series is Zelda

- My favourite movie is Fight Club

- My favourite band is Led Zeppelin

- my favourite TV show is Seinfeld

- The only books I've ever read, other than ones required for school, is the LotR series

- I am by no means a good writer, but I'll try my best!

- I have a Nintendo Power collection that dates back to the late 90s.(I'll try to get pictures of them up, I don't know how to get them from my phone to my computer)

- I have 5 kids and I'm twice divorced. Are you going to believe that?

- I attend university at the moment, majoring in... ?

- I have blogged before, it was a decent experience.

- I'm currently catching up on classics, as money's tighter than an Asian vagina and always has been for me.

- Playing through FF:X, FF: VII and FF: tictacs. I'm on a bit of a Final Fantasy binge ;)

- I look like a tree, only, not really...

- I have a rather peculiar sense of humour, and I will laugh at almost anything.

- I'm out of ideas, ask me anything you'd like to know. I may not answer all questions though.   read

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